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Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft, an elaborate and addictive card game

Connoisseurs will be glad to find a game baser on Warcraft universe and the neophytes will discover a very complete and absorbing universe. The principle is simple, face your enemies in a turn-based battles, thanks to your cards. Choose a character among nine kind : magician, priest, hunter, shaman, warrior, thief, etc. Each kind will bring its own advantages and cards. It is up to you to choose your favorite.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft  strong points

- simple concept but allows players to create a real strategy
- help system for beginners
- possible to train yourself against the AI, perfect to not lose any card
- neat graphics and sound effects
- no two battles are the same
- several play mode
- leveling up is rewarded
- possible to buy new cards to progress in the game
- no mandatory purchase to grow stronger

A simple but not simplistic battle system

The gameplay is a simple tour-based battle, the first player being drawn by lot. But the strength of the game is its real strategic potential. Each player has 30 cards, it is up to you to create a balanced combination between defense and attack to empty your enemy life gauge. You dispose of creature cards, allowing to defend you or to attack your opponent and his own creatures. Your character’s category gives you a special power to use in battle.
Each game will be different from the previous one., depending on your cards, your opponents but also your respective strategic choices. Fight different enemies, train yourself and improve your deck of cards.

A game that everyone can afford

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft has the particularity to be entirely free-of charge, even in battle mode. You only have to pay 150 gold coins to use the arena mode. However, you do not have to pay anything to progress in the game or to obtain new cards. If you want to improve your deck faster, the shop is open (8,99 € for 7 packs of 5 cards).
Free of charge or paid, improve your game and your strategy !

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Reviews (21)

A.. B. Jan 22, 2020     

The game itself is good, hs is the best card game imo. But the problem is the app. Disconnecting, not connecting, lot of bugs, sometimes stuck in the pre start loading screen sometimes stuck in the menu, every 2 weeks 1go update. I have a one plus 7, i can run everything perfectly but for what is it, a simple online card game and from one of the biggest studio of the industry this app is not well optimized at all.

And. P. May 17, 2022     

In the last few months this game has become unplayable on my phone. Is not an old phone, I have plenty of RAM and storage. My WiFi signal is great. But I can't play for more than a few minutes without it dropping the connection. Over and over again. No other app has this problem. Even the ones where I stream video to my TV. But Hearthstone seems to lack the ability to stay connected to the game.

Mik. B. May 12, 2022     

The game was fun and made me come back everyday for almost a year. Then the matchmaking started putting me up against players with mega-effective cards and I would lose almost 10 games in a row before the put me up against a beginner again. Also, i haven't been able to play in a week due to it always updating. It never finishes. I've done all necessary steps even reinstalling. Don't waste money on in-game purchases.

Chr. K. May 13, 2022     

When it works it's great. The app stuggles to load most of the time. It's trying to download data that isn't "available" also, I've uninstalled and reinstalled this several times trying to make it work and none of the suggested fixes seem to work. FYI there are way too many players that try to force you into conceding by letting the timer run on every single turn. There should be some kind of option to report users for this kind of behavior. Definitely NOT FTP.

And. M. May 11, 2022     

An overall enjoyable game, but: Hate it when companies release a build without giving it proper QA/testing attention — broken interface, gameplay bugs, reconnection issues, and so on. I also didn't particularly like what they did with the Naga update for battlegrounds. IMO, it takes the already messed up balance in the game further down the spiral. Some heroes and even entire minion types become significantly weaker than the other, or, what's worse, absolutely useless without their "buddies."

Nic. R. May 11, 2022     

The app is absolute worst, especially the annoying prompts of switching to play store and back to pre download. The game has become extremely slow when it comes to playing animations(not sure if intentional on design to prevent server crashes?) Many times the game freezes, crashes on loading screens(or opponent matchmaking lobby), failing to reconnect and having to lose progress(especially aggravating in duels mode).

Joc. N. May 2, 2022     

Reinstalled after years. Game crashes every time you win. Blizzard acknowledges it's a bug in the achievement system. You can't claim all. So if I want to get rid of the bug their idea is me clicking through animations for several hours/days. This issue seems to have been around for a year at least, how can there be such a big oversight in game design?

Dav. Z. May 24, 2022     

I wish I was actually able to play this game instead of having an infinite loading screen during queue, get kicked from the game and come back to see I lost my previous game due to a disconnection. This happens about 95% of the time. I would give a 0 star, but at least the 5% of the time I do get to play is fun, so I'm giving this a 1 star instead :)

Dav. A. Mar 19, 2022     

Long time player. Mostly lost interest thanks to an annoying trend: making new set cards so powerful, that decks that don't include them become obsolete. I used to be able to remain competitive after a new set release, if I already had a strong deck. Not anymore. This gimmick to try to force you to have to buy new sets has had the opposite effect on me. Used to spend a lot on the app, now I will not spend a penny. Edit: Upped stars because of additional Modes. Battlegrounds and Duels are fun!

Zac. T. Apr 16, 2022     

Update: this game has gotten extremely slow. It takes forever to load from menu to menu, sometimes locking up and I have to restart. It also has to download new updates every time I open the app which takes time and slows it down even more. Once you actually get into game play, it works fine, but getting there can take forever or never make it at all. ... Just a great game. So many different ways to play and challenge your brain while also telling an expansive story.

Ada. P. Apr 22, 2022     

Great game... when it loads. The app only loads about 20% of the time on my mobile devices and about 60% on my laptop. I've tried all the suggested fixes and it doesn't improve anything. Easily a 4 star if the app worked consistently. Edit: if you want FTP then the fun is gone the day a new season starts. Also, too many players that try to frustrate you into conceding by either letting the timer run on every single turn or not attacking your hero. There needs to be a type of control over this.

Nei. Y. May 21, 2022     

Just so many crashes, not just mid game, just randomly. I have unlimited data a new phone and so on but still annoying. And when it crashes you can't get back into the game without restarting your phone. Currently I have an issue where it has signed me out and has signed me in an a "trial", I can't find an option anywhere for me to log in. So afraid I'll be removing it from my phone now. I'll stick to playing it on my PC.

TJ. E. Mar 19, 2022     

I've played enough of Battlegrounds on PC to know that this can be fast paced for late game, and some strategies just cannot be fully realized or completed in the allotted time frame; any way to find out how get more time is almost necessary. Moving into the mobile version of the game, it's slower and buggier, and, for me, a total let down. I can't even log in half the time, in fact, I'm not able to log in now after being booted. EDIT: Game is better; battlegrounds is painfully slow mobile.

And. C. N. May 12, 2022     

To many random game crashes to do slight drop in the connection. Also a Hard drive Hog. Better off playing on a Tablet or PC. Initial 50mb turns into 6gb. The game has been out for years but the Developer says it's still in Beta.... Just fix the damn game 🤣😂. And in all honesty I am a huge Blizzard Fanboy, bit this is ridiculous that you get a D.C in live matches and paid matches to the point where you basically paid to lose.

Joe. May 21, 2022     

Game is fun. My favorite part is how if you play, you're constantly being disconnected and reconnected. The waiting game has so much suspense! Will you finish your turn? Will you forfeit because you didn't reconnect fast enough? Such thrills! Also, you love playing unbalanced games? This is the epitome of unbalanced. Blizzard, fix your connection issues. It's unbearable. I've played since the game came out.

Jim. A. May 23, 2022     

Instead of focusing on future cards and game modes, you should focus on making the game playable. For example I have a problem where I get kicked out randomly or when I queue I get kicked out saying wait a few minutes. After a few months my hunter deck still doesn't work and says "wait a few minutes..." I hope they will fix it but it most likely won't.

Bob. G. Mar 18, 2022     

The game has improved on many aspects in the monetization department, and you can easily get yourself going without spending much. If you are willing to spend a fair amount of money and truly enjoy the game play, it will probably be you're favorite game. The gameplay itself is a unique experience and is a fantastic time. The only thing holding this game back fully is it's price to get most of the cards/content.

Ale. M. Mar 23, 2022     

For a free card game (outside of ranked) with lots of strategy, fun, and randomness it is pretty good. There is so many different modes added over the years there is bound to be a mode for somebody. Give it a try, won't cost you anything if you keep it casual and don't get angry at getting screwed or lucky at the worst possible RNG, it is part of the fun. However I wish the game client on phone was more stable, getting disconnected and the game making you lose a match is pretty frustrating.

Sta. B. Mar 22, 2022     

I've been meaning to rate this game for a while and just never got around to it. Until 4 or 5 months ago I would have given it 5 stars. I can't now even though I love the game and wish I could but it's extremely frustrating that whenever an update or a little tweak is released I have to uninstall the game and re-download at least 2GB which takes a fair amount of time. If I don't reinstall it I get a message saying it failed to update and to check my connection then I am kicked out of the app.

Dum. N. May 11, 2022     

Love this game, haven't put it down since I downloaded it at the beginning of this year, especially battlegrounds. However the latest patch had been really buggy and any progress I make in my rating drops because it I have to either concede it exit game because of bugs. Well put back to to 5 stars once fixed. Update all issues resolved

Tal. B. Mar 24, 2022     

>The app ALWAYS has to update. Then after it updates, you have to go to the store anyways so sometimes it's quicker to uninstall and reinstall. >The in-game store menu doesn't work so well as it's a port from the PC version. >Certain sounds don't load, which is common around updates. It's not a deal breaker, but it is weird. >You'll hit that rope pretty often if the opponent takes a long turn, especially if you draw extra cards. > The time limit thing is especially true in battlegrounds. >China