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Read latest Fatafat Hindi News from different Hindi Newspaper and News Channels on your android phone. The smart algorithm of फटाफट समाचार App bring latest & live news from many newspapers & channels. The smart algorithm fetches only the Live Trending News based upon your behaviour. Read offline India news, best android application for free download.
Fatafat Samachar algorithms would never let you miss important stories related to you no matter the news are from your interests or your surroundings. This App is the best way to keep in touch from latest happenings around the world to your local city at one place.

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (29)

Rav. P. May 10, 2022     

Really very Happy by downloading this app.All contents are very Nice. Thank you and all the Best Team..

Sun. K. Apr 30, 2022     

Very good and informative app.

BR. S. Feb 21, 2022     

A news portal that provides latest news which includes not only the current happenings but news/reading material of many other tastes as well,such as astrology,national and international chapters,interesting news,jokes, Poetry et all. A nice reading indeed.

dwi. l. R. Nov 5, 2021     

I get the latest news, thank you for the same. I am satisfied with the contents as you show those contents also which are not covered by the national channels. Nothing new to say, I am addicted to फटाफट समाचार, throughout the day atleast 3 to 4 times, I go through it. I still stik to my earlier review and I am regularly going through the app Thank you 😊 5 star means you are perfect, but nobody is perfect, hence 4 star 👍🏻

Gur. S. A. May 11, 2020     

I was reading dainik bhasker online from last 4 years....old news moves on it continuously a month long Latest news nowhere...not even after 24 or 48 hours after...fed up of this fortunately find this app Fatafat News.. Great app for latest news... Dont go on its desi name...its a great app for all stuff for a hungry person for news like me... Its only a start for me... I feel lucky to find such app...

TC. M. May 24, 2020     

Rating awarded is 4star and not five, because some of the news are found incomplete. Moreover, the headline and the contents do not match, many times.

T.. M. Aug 21, 2020     

Best App for news. Crisp and clear. Special Thank you for in between short summary sessions on current affairs and personalities, with highend graphics. specialy for greetings message and jokes..

Har. S. Oct 30, 2021     

Owesome app with each and every news across the world.. I must say this news app is many more time better then daily hunt and other apps in comparison to true and investigative news...thanks for making such a good app. My request is to all that please install this app......

aft. k. Jan 14, 2020     

Very prompt, reliable & impartial reporting of news, covering almost all the relevant events.

Pra. K. Jun 30, 2019     

The app is best app for Hindi News. However the app is unfit for quick sharing of news as the news titles are not copied for share. Only link gets copied for share.

Dee. K. Jan 11, 2021     

Pathetic app.. a lot of ads are disturbing and causes interruption in the flow of reading. Changed rating from 5 to 1 due to this bad experience.

The. G. N. Oct 15, 2020     

Hey developer I like the app but there should be a news saving option, so I can save the news for reading in future. Hope you will add this feature soon.

Aad. Jun 15, 2020     

Very quick & reliable. The most efficient way to remain in touch wid current world sceanerio.

R.S. R. Apr 25, 2022     

Very nice app. Please increase the font size as I am 72ys old.

Anu. T. Dec 17, 2018     

What is the video quality for live tv ? Is any setting for change it ? No response? Updated very late

Har. M. Sep 6, 2019     

There is a very good app, just put a search option in it so that the news I want to see can be easily seen,👌👌

ब्र. M. S. Feb 23, 2019     

Fatafat Samachar is the best way to get update Samachar . yes we get update Samachar within easy way and without any problems. I rate here four star for Fatafat Samachar.

Cha. Y. Feb 28, 2022     

I am use this app last two year it's amazing and very interesting app Good help for latest news Thank you

Gau. M. Feb 21, 2022     

Very very nice application.its features is very good. I like every function of this application.

rak. a. Jan 14, 2022     

A lot of adds starts contains songs etc before opening of News which should be removed so that unwanted noice should not disturb us and public

Gha. B. Mar 29, 2020     

I have given 4 star instead of 5 bcoz it needs one more important 'settings' feature thereby one can customise any feature as per need.

VIS. G. Apr 22, 2022     

Very good news app for updated news

har. s. May 7, 2021     

This is an excellent app as alerts news of hindi . Latest important news are receiving daily in fatafat samaachaar so I like this app.Thanks to sampaadak & management of fataafat samaachaar.

BIO. W. O. May 4, 2021     

To much ads Not only the ads, some ads have bold content. It's not good for the family news

Sur. K. Jan 22, 2020     

Fresh and latest news available, and no repetation .i have seen all apps of news but best of all is this app.

Adi. S. May 6, 2021     

Too many Inappropriate ads from ott platforms and others. It feels so uncomfortable.

ana. k. Oct 25, 2018     

A very useful app. It covers all the important news in details covering all the topics

Sur. K. S. Oct 31, 2020     

Good app for latest news.Fully satisfied. Does not stuck. Good performance.

pra. d. Dec 15, 2020     

Since recently many long ads are disturbing to read so very upset If it doesn't stop i have to uninstall it showing on twitter and others Pls don t make your app like others 🙏🙏🙏🙏