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Hitwe - meet people for free

Hitwe is the first social discovery where you can easily find perfect matches and chat with people you like.
Hitwe is a completely FREE app to meet new people, discover who is interested in you and who likes you.

It's so easy to get acquainted with someone you find interesting and attractive.

Here is the list of main advantages of our great Hitwe app:

- No restrictions!
- Free to sign up!
- Free to explore people around the globe!
- Free to meet millions of singles!
- Free to discover your matches!
- Free to chat with people you like!
- Free to know people who are interested in you!
- Free to meet people anywhere you want!
- Free to send stickers to express your emotions!
- No spam, no scam, only great user experience!

Hitwe app is really simple and easy to use. Just simply like the person you find attractive to let one know about your intentions, start a conversation and express your emotions with lot of stickers. Meeting people and communication never was so easy and fun.

Hitwe is not a dating application, it's a social discovery, that has no limits for communication among women and men.

Discover thousands of single people with hitwe. Meet people, talk, make friends and start relationships!

Try it now. Join us and become a part of our great Hitwe community!

Category : Dating

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Reviews (18)

O.. G. Jun 25, 2019     

I used to enjoy this site,until recently. When you open account,they block it in 2 days without any notice. I opened another account,now I can't upload a picture. Another thing,when you log out,they don't allow you to log back in. This is really annoying.

Phi. M. Oct 26, 2020     

Couldn't name my profile. Just kept saying incorrect format. Didn't have an example or anything. Tried all sorts of letters and numbers and smiley's and nothing. I was very generous with my rating. Obviously someone managed to use the piece of trash.

Day. A. Sep 21, 2020     

I used to use this app, not as nice as advertised but it was manageable, slightly boring, but then I had to uninstall and reinstall only to meet this new error message saying "app not set up" whenever I try to sign in with Facebook. The app just went from mildly annoying to extremely annoying. Is there an uninstall forever option?

Sof. C. Sep 4, 2020     

Cheer 💘 anyone tested this app? Why there is such a problem with a bunch of ads and a lot of bots? 😓 App is not very interesting, as far as I caught, this is just a unfinished copy of the popular site likevirt ⚫️ com , only likevirt has a bunch of real profiles , bonuses for newbies and also there is weight gifts 💝🔝. Just for the interest register, see the profiles, photos! If you appreciated keep liking it! 👍💪

oke. o. Jun 1, 2020     

I would have love to give it 5 star but just 2... Here are my reasons why!!!!!!!!!!!! Have been using this app for sometime now n during that time it work perfectly but now it doesnt show if my friends are online or not n plus the app sometimes refuses to show my unread message.... Another problem is that until yesterday i was able to log in n out but i cant !!!! So plz solve this problem

Afo. O. Apr 8, 2020     

The reason for the two stars was because I have been enjoying it and all of a sudden I decided to log out for the first time and when I signed in I found my profile useless, all my pending messages was automatically removed including my photos & can't get messages & upload photos anymore..

Ste. O. Jan 28, 2020     

App worked fine for 4 days after installation.Then in the middle of a chat prompts me to validate my account by sms .I type in my mobile number and they never send any code.Afterwards it just crashes ....and i cant launch or log in again.I see from the other comments that its full of issues but the creates don't care to fix . Don't waste your time with it.

Muh. H. A. Nov 15, 2020     

I install and uninstall this this again and again but it's not working in my phone since last 3 months i mailed many times to developers but no response when i open this app and log in with my Facebook account it shows that this app is still in development mode and you don't have access to it and contact developers what happened with this Please review it and fix problem Thanks

Tay. R. Jan 4, 2020     

It's a good app till yesterday to me although many community chat features are absent there. But the matter is today suddenly I can't login, it's saying me to unlock by pressing unlock button, although I'm pressing it but no response or progression. That's really disgusting 😞😡

Roh. G. Feb 1, 2020     

This app has some major bug. It shows me a notification as someone liked you and when i open notification tab it says empty... What the hell is that? Developer you must fix it

Ekp. J. Jun 6, 2020     

Well, from the comments i have read here shows the internet connection lost i have with the app isn't spectacular to just me... I just can't login again but i receive messages from people i can't open. Fix it

Gok. K. Apr 25, 2019     

Reported problem with this app one week back. still waiting for reply. the app crashes everytime. I tried reinstalling, updating and all. no luck.

Kap. Apr 5, 2020     

Another application which ask for sign up for premium version to proceed on any profile. Also certain times, this application hang-up and doesn't work. I uninstalled it on 3rd time login.

A. G. u. Sep 14, 2018     

It was working perfectly before but, almost three months it's just silent and I didn't receive any notification of my profile visitors, I didn't receive any replies to my messages from different contacts, it's just waste of time you know....🤔

Sar. M. W. Mar 29, 2020     

I can't receive messages and notifications anymore. For the past few days now. Please fix it. I can't receive messages or any notification. Pls help me ASAP

Car. Z. Dec 26, 2019     

Keeps crashing! Only logged in once, the app wouldn't open since then. I can't read my messages or see who has liked me.

Nad. S. Sep 6, 2019     

I cannot log in to my profile. It keeps forcing start somehow. Can someone please fix this issue? My device is samsung galaxy A7 2018. I used to love this app. 😭

GOP. V. Oct 25, 2019     

First when I installed it was great but after some weeks when I open the app it gets closed automatically. If u can fix the issue I can give a higher rating