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Hungry Shark Evolution

Take control of a very Hungry Shark in this action packed aquatic adventure.Survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way!
Many different sharks to collect and evolve, including the Hammerhead, Great White and Megalodon!

Features:+ Console quality, 3D graphics+ 14 Shark types to unlock+ A huge free-roaming world to explore!+ Intuitive touch or tilt controls+ 15 sunken Bonus Objects to discover+ Over 75 missions to complete+ Equip your sharks with special gadgets and items+ Unlock Baby Sharks to boost your predatory powers+ Combo bonuses and Gold Rush to beat your hi-score+ Facebook social features+ Use Google+ cloud saving to synchronise your game across your Android mobile devices+Tune in for our regular events to get your hands on limited time prizes!

Hungry Shark Evolution is regularly updated with new features, content and challenges to keep you coming back for more!

Play as much as you like!
- no arbitrary time loops or energy mechanics!

***Game of the Year 2013! (TIGA Awards)***

This app contains In-App Purchases which allow you to buy Gems and Coin currency which can be spent on upgrades and accessories. Gems and Coins can also be collected in game without requiring purchase, or by watching video advertisements from the Treasure screen.

This game contains advertising. Advertising is disabled if you make any purchase.

Category : Arcade

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Reviews (25)

Eri. T. Apr 1, 2022     

Really like the game . But i had a problem with the game play . When you're out of stamina you should return for rewards collection from the game stage , but can't . It just hang on the screen , you can't move , can't return to main page , can't exit , can't do anything , yet the time on the screen is still running ! No AUTO SAVE features and if press out to phone screen directly and re-enter the game , all your previous play rewards are gone . Please assist . Thank you .

Dan. K. Mar 8, 2022     

Definitely one of the best mobile games I've played. A classic I played back in high school. The only complaint I could have is that the bigger sharks you run into seem a bit unfair at times... But the gold rush can turn the tides in your favor, making a high risk high reward situation that I enjoy. And the no ads purchase was definitely worth it. Doubling all my golf gains, it's extremely generous. Would rate 10 stars if I could!

rab. d. May 1, 2022     

I love this game alot but to be honest we have not much to explore . The map is the same every time and sometimes iys just very boring to explore the same map.with my experience i suggest you to make new maps and treasures for people to explore and the maps should be something we unlock ..it would be great to see such update. Best of luck! 😁

Ken. A. Apr 3, 2022     

I gotta be honest this is a great game. The only flaw I see is that they have to do something about the map. When your a beginner, sure it's a new map and your exploring it but when u start to play more u will realize that it's pretty boring and small. I just think u should maybe add more realms or different oceans to make it more interesting still providing u with that thrill of exploration along with munching up swimmers. Don't be scared to make a city map or do something creative.

Ahh. Mar 21, 2022     

Great game. Loved it for ages. It's the og Hungry for me. If I had to nitpick though. Top prize for events is way too hard to get sometimes. Especially if it's a "for the duration of the event" type and not just based on one game combined with needing to be in the top one percent. Also there are A LOT pf pets and they range from 300-900 gems which is around $29.85-$89.99 worth. Most of them are the higher price. $90 bucks for a pet.😬

Hun. P. May 15, 2022     

You can choose to watch an ads and double your rewards, which is great. However, they still force you to watch another ads after that. Update: I've just figured out you can pay a small price to remove all ads. My only complaint left is the the map is too small.

Kri. T. May 22, 2022     

Horrible game. You get stuck everywhere, glitches make you not able to continue, you can fly offscreen and be unable to return and die. The zoom camera in the shop doesnt work. And Luminite is absolute trash. Having to stall before every charge completely kills the jetpack and accuracy trying to swim. Plus they took away special sharks, planes, and boats giving gems just to be greedy. I used to be able to get 50+ gems a game and now I rarely get 5+. Keep destroying the game! You're doing great.

Ant. H. May 16, 2022     

always lag or “hungry shark has stopped” itself .die and count points, coins and lag or blah-blah AFTER I press the “continue” button..cause ads can't pop out or what?? so I always open the app from scratch again. I think because adv. Why? FREE 2 revive can be obtained after viewing the adv. But I only get 1 after viewing adv. After a second die and I want to revive again ALWAYS says something: "sorry there's no adv". please this is annoying me. Bug or my system handphone or else??? Fix, dev

Mic. c. F. Mar 15, 2022     

I've been playing daily on my phone and my alexis enabled smart tv! It's really fun but a little binding due to the fact that you can really only get to a certain shark unless you pay for upgrades...they should allow the way to achieve this with how good you've played and not from how much money I've spent to upgrade! Mikey

Pha. G. G. May 22, 2022     

I like this game and I enjoy it but my problem is sometimes the ad is stuck up or black screen and the coins you can get in ad is very low. Please give some more coins/gems in the ads and fix the ads and the issues.

cod. k. May 24, 2022     

it has awsome graphics and sharks. better than shark world. But theres a problem now. Ever since i have been using the kraken its not working right. Like when i die theres no option to come back to life nor for it toget me back to the menu. So then all that i work for disappears

ATA. _. May 1, 2022     

I love the game but there is this one glitch where when i get an ad, it deletes my current progress. I just got a high- score and watched an ad to revive and my progress all went. Please fix this...

Red. V. Apr 11, 2022     

I would rate this game 5 stars, but I am so mad right now. I logged into this game with Cloud-Save, but not all my data was saved. I realized that at first when I saw that my hammer-head-shark couldn't get used. It costed money. Later on, I saw that my electro-shark was gone as well. I was extremely annoyed when I saw that. I really want my sharks back, as well as their accessories. That's basically everything I have to report. I hope this issue gets fixed. Overall, this game is still good.

Abr. M. Mar 20, 2022     

This game is awesome but there's a big bug. sometimes the cage than has people's in it bugs out and start spinning all over the place. once I got hit so hard that I went under the map and died please fix it . except that this game is awesome.

Sar. L. P. Apr 14, 2022     

Its best to play on some free time after work and stuff... I wold like to suggest to add more place in the map like extensions deep under the water up to the core of the earth and add some new kind of marine animals and ancient traps to make the game more enjoyable.... looking forward to the next update thanksss😊😊

Jus. W. Mar 21, 2022     

I got a new phone and loaded from my save file which had almost every shark through Alan Destroyer of Worlds and most of the baby sharks and accessories...many of which were from limited crossover collaborations from other games. When it loaded my save it completely reset my progress back to the first shark. 5 years worth of playing this game gone. Deleting this game and will never invest another second on this BS.

Gab. C. Apr 14, 2022     

This game needs a new map update, Ive been playing for alteast 4 years now and it's just dull. NOW don't get me wrong here I don't want it to turn into HSW but some new colors would be nice. And after 4 years the game gets kinda boring maybe add a new boss or some secrets also maybe add more parts of the map it's very small for someone whose been playing for 4 years. Maybe add a King shark like you did with the crab? Or add another Easter egg like the kempy bass. Overall no flaws keep chompin!

Fel. Y. Apr 6, 2022     

Ever since this game has gone through numerous updates, I have faced the following issues: 1) inability to jetpack from the ground 2)some sharks (esp. evolved and special types) cannot eat food properly and die rather easily 3) camera perspective rather inconsistent (for some sharks perfectly normal, but for others terribly zoomed in) 4)boost runs out quicker than it should (particularly for bigger sharks) May I ask why this game has been downgraded heavily in terms of functionality?

M. F. May 1, 2022     

Its good to fill your time but can get reaaly annoying with the position of the map and mission button the same place with the controller. Really troublesome for mobile player even the controller is not in fixed position but theres not enough screen

Cat. n. Mar 20, 2022     

So, I enjoy the gameplay. The controls are a bit spastic but not unusable, though I think I personally prefer the shark to go where I poke rather than the touchpad joystick. My primary problem is how pushy it is with the microtransactions. "Oh you died again? Buy this mega shark!" Event going on: "This shark 50% BUY NOW!" SHUSH UP AND LET ME CONSUME THE OCEAN ALREADY! I came to play games not go shark shopping. Damn.

Gut. M. Apr 27, 2022     

Really good game. But the Sharkjira shark has 1 mission of stomping on 300 bystanders, which is impossible to complete. Please reduce it to 100 bystanders or less, or better change it to eat more number of something else. I'm stuck due to this mission. Please help.

Jam. B. May 23, 2022     

I would rate this a nine out of 10 star, but I just git the game on my phone but it's been on my tablet pelretty long. The problem is that if I leave it alone and don't play it for long enough, it will lose progress. Like u used to have the big daddy shark. And I came back to it yesterday to find that I now only have the tiger shark.

Ben. E. Mar 9, 2022     

I love this game! But there is a minor problem with the new season.Its really difficult to change your name.I think players should be able to change there name by clicking a button easily but its not.Pls fix this.Anyway awsome game!Keep up the good work.

Gen. A. Apr 20, 2022     

Been playing 3 years now and have got everyshark and havent paid for any of them .yo uhh just have to play it alot but thats easy to do cus its so addictive. Didnt like it when you had to start winning pearls for the last 3 sharks .wish they would have a new world to explore cus starting to get a bit boring for me now ive played all these hours

Ruk. K. Apr 17, 2022     

You have to do many changes in this game. I like this game this is so awesome but the sharks die so fast and collecting coins is very hard after that there are so many jellyfishes and very few creatures you have add more aquatic animals like dolphins, seahorse, octopus,and many more and the sea is very short you should make a huge sea for the sharks so that they can survive a long and visits such a new places make this game a better one and next time i will surely give 5 stars to this game