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i Call Screen Dialer 6S Theme

Caller screen like iPhone style for android app User.If you bored with old Call screen theme then you have to try our Caller screen for sure.You can now set your own Caller Id for Incoming Calling Screen and Outgoing Dialer Screen with OS9 i Theme 6S.Dialer is important part of the any type of smart phone or mobiles. If your dialer keypad or whole incoming caller pad and outgoing caller pad is nice and beautiful looks and attractive look then every body will think once about your color and unique caller dialer screen. Best design theme forOS9 i caller dialer screen. No need for purchase high range smart phone just use this type of dialer screen which will make your smart phone like realhigh range smart phone. All types of secret features available regarding callers and receivers. You can set your contact person photo also along withname and mobile number. Works all incoming calls and outgoing calls.
This i Call Screen Dialer 6S Theme App include ::

Search List ::
- Add your favorite contact to favorite list. You can also edit, delete, Update favorite contact.

Recent List ::
- All recent incoming and outgoing call log see in Recent List. You can also edit, delete, Update Recent call log contact.
- View time for call log, is it missed call or incoming or outgoing, all detail see in Recent contact list.
- You can add Unknown contact add to your contact list via Recent call log.

Contact List ::
- All contact show in Contact List. You can Search contact via search box, Alphabetic or scroll down. You can add new contact directly.

OS9 Dialer Keypad ::
- We give you rich OS9 i caller dialer keypad screen.
- Our dialer screen support dual sim card. You can select either of you favorite sim card.

Settings ::

- You can Choose Full Screen Incoming Calling Screen
- You can Set Full Screen Outgoing Dialer Screen
- We give you Option to Select either both or any of the given calling screen.
- Select default background or set your own photo as calling screen background.
- We Give you best HD OS9 Theme background.
- Displays contact saved photos on both incoming and outgoing calling screen.
- Full Screen HD display for both incoming and outgoing caller id.
- You can set reminder sms. When any call arrive, you just reject call via your schedule sms.
- In Outgoing Caller screen, you can loud speaker your call, enable dialer keypad, view your contact list.
- Easy to use and beautiful design.

Have any troubles ? New ideas to complement the app ? E-mail us.If you like this Caller screen dialer app then share with your friends and family member.Rate us and give your comment for better App development.A fun way to send a gift card! Keeping in touch.

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Reviews (26)

A. G. u. Nov 24, 2018     

It is quite good apart from 1 thing it couldn't make me receive my phonecalls

A. G. u. Dec 10, 2018     

Good but need more than this

A. G. u. Nov 3, 2018     

I dont think i would like it

Lin. S. Nov 12, 2018     

I love it.

Tom. G. Aug 16, 2018     

App looks great. However, after dialing initial phone number, keypad doesn't recognize inputs to automated phone menus. Also doesn't show call notifications. (Galaxy Note 3/Android OS 5.0)

167. S. Apr 29, 2017     

Its ok but id didnt look like iphone's callpad bcoz that is vry fast nd it is very slow

A. G. u. Oct 18, 2016     

I hate tthis app it wont even let me call anyone but it is called the phone app

Tif. G. May 25, 2017     

I hate it I can't call or text anyone.

May. May 13, 2017     

all who are saying it is bad are out of their minds.

Yes. P. Jul 27, 2017     

I haven't seen it in action so

rj2. Nov 4, 2016     

You pretty much had a iphone call hing

Ros. I. Oct 19, 2016     

See u guys should improve ok since one is going pls do it for in n out going calls

Dan. Sep 30, 2017     


She. V. Apr 22, 2017     

out going call not reject

Raj. S. Jun 16, 2017     

I can't recive the calls

A. G. u. Jul 27, 2017     

I went to call someone and i was in contacts and it had each name 2 times

Mic. G. Feb 27, 2018     

Ridiculous ads all over it

Ken. B. Dec 24, 2017     


Jos. M. Dec 13, 2016     

Incoming call screen without working buttons?

A. G. u. Feb 3, 2017     

I love it so much

Raj. A. Jul 20, 2017     

Its a good app

Man. E. Jan 5, 2017     

Nice one to use

A. G. u. May 25, 2017     

I loved it

A. G. u. Jan 7, 2017     

The best

Mma. W. Jun 10, 2017     

Love it

Den. D. Jun 2, 2017     

Love it