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IMPORTANT: this application requires access to iSolved HCM, the incredibly powerful and fully integrated human capital management product provided by Infinisource. Contact your payroll administrator regarding use of this application.
iSolved Go is the solution for employees who are on-the-go. The mobile application is ideal for customers that employ carpenters, electricians, landscapers, caterers, home care nurses, drivers and other mobile workers. With an improved easy-to-use interface, employees can clock in wherever they are. Employees can also review their most recent pay information and update personal information. Supervisors can track and enforce attendance policies easier than ever before.

Employees can clock in individually, or crew leaders can clock in an entire group of employees. Either way, there is no need to worry about being out of cell service
- iSolved Go offers true offline capability for time and attendance clock in operations.

iSolved Go has been designed to quickly capture attendance data while not getting in the way of your employees or supervisors.

Features include:
• Mobile Punch. Your time clock in a pocket. Employees can quickly punch In and Out for work as well as for meals and breaks. o Quick Punch option – Punch with a single touch. o Working with iSolved Time the system can be configured to enforce minimum meal and break times. o Employees can transfer between departments, jobs and tasks ensuring accurate allocation of labor hours and costs.
• Employees can view their timecard
• Group Punch. Via a single transaction your supervisors can create punches for members of a work crew.
• iSolved Go allows users to log in and create a punch while “off-line”. Punches will be automatically transmitted to iSolved once a signal is available.
• GPS Location: If available the GPS coordinates of the phone is captured and attached to the punch. You can then view the punch location within our products using Google Maps.
• Access the iSolved HCM platform
• View paystubs
• Update address/phone number• Update tax information• View and approve Time off Requests• Create Time off Requests
• Revised application user interface
• Approve Time Cards

This version requires iSolved HCM.

Category : Business

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Reviews (25)

Dan. V. Mar 4, 2022     

Gets caught in a verification loop, it's obnoxious. The app says it needs to text or email you a temporary code, and it does, but when you enter the code, it doesn't work and let you back into the app, it just presents you with the screen to send another code. No amount of clearing the cache, force quit etc fixes this and the only option is to reinstall. Incredibly stupid bc I'm sure it's a completely easy fix but it never gets fixed.

Eri. B. Jan 6, 2022     

Convenient when it works. There are features that are only available from a PC, such as updating insurance info. This is highly inconvenient for folks who need to fill this out in their free time. Today for example, I needed to be able to download forms from home but was continuously getting a service error. I've had no problem with my cellular service, so it had to be an app issue.

Mat. T. Jun 8, 2020     

Works great... sometimes. The app registers punches fast and easy. However, it regularly stops allowing me (and other users) to log in at all. I suspect because of under-tested updates making it lose functionality. From talking with friends, this is only an issue on the Android version of the app.

ale. m. Aug 13, 2020     

Honestly complete trash. It seems like every other day I cant log in, or can't connect to server, or heres a new one "no data connectio" when im trying to reset my password when im using my company's wifi. Please just make your app work the way it was designed to. Its beyond frustrating to have to make a separate call or trip into the office to punch in when I should just be able to take care of it right from this. FIX IT!

Dee. E. May 20, 2020     

It used to work well and i liked being able to check my hours and accept my hours on my days off. Last 2 or 3 weeks it will not let me in via the app. The error message says its unable to connect to the server. I have tried every single thing our payroll dept suggested and its still not working. Im very frustated. I find that using a computer for this is very difficult as the set up is so different and more complicated where as the app was so easy to navigate.

Kev. C. Jan 11, 2022     

This is the 3rd account app that I have had to use at my employer's discretion. It is hands down the absolute worst. Even if you eat too get logged in properly the app itself is not intuitive. It gives you notices that are absolutely no help whatsoever when you're trying to navigate the site or when you can't properly log in. Definitely not a fan.

Tat. S. Jun 8, 2020     

It works pretty well, but there are quirks. Exactly every 30 days I have to clear all app data and re-login so the app/server will send me a new two-step authentication code. This is annoying. There should be some option to force this without having to clear all the data and have to re-enter it. PLEASE FIX THIS! This is now the third month in a row.

Per. W. Dec 11, 2020     

When saving your "punch", it brings up a confirmation screen. Who thought that was a good idea?!! The chances of someone not wanting to save the data when they press "save" is maybe 1/1000. So everyone has to confirm that they wanted to actually save their data for that one person in literally a thousand who accidentally hit "save", but didn't want to! Seriously... The "save" button is clear at the bottom of the screen. Get rid of the stupid confirmation popup to get a better rating.

Cor. R. Aug 30, 2020     

When it works it's great. It was working amazing for awhile, then after the update it want even let me in no more. I can get in to it on a computer or a tablet through the main web page. I can never use this app on my phone anymore. I done reinstall it. Changed my password. Still nothing work. When it was working I loved it.

Han. T. Sep 14, 2020     

I used this for 2 years with no issue, the last 6 months have been nothing but problems. It's a major inconvenience for me, and a ton of extra paperwork I have to fill out weekly for the HR department. The rep who assists my company is really nice but unfortunately, none of his suggestions work and I have to keep un-installing and reinstalling the app just to get into my profile. It eats up a ton of my time.

Aar. R. Feb 23, 2020     

When the app works it's pretty decent. But it doesnt really work that often. I get the error "unknown problem occurred" every time I try to log in. I've spoken to my company's IT guru and all they have to say is it's the app and I'm not the only one who's been reporting the same issue. It would be great if this app would work more consistently I'm behind on my time card approvals because I can't log in which means I'm not getting paid. NOT GOOD FOR ME!

Tim. T. Jul 11, 2020     

Great app. Easy to use and clean/organized UPDATE: after using the app with no issues for like two weeks. The app started bugging out. Ever since, I've had trouble with this app. Often times the app won't even let me log in. And many times the app says there are issues with my login credentials even when I'm 100% positive that I typed everything in correctly (confirmed with the website). And now when I can manage to log in, IT WON'T EVEN LET ME CLOCK IN OR CLOCK OUT!! FIX THIS STUPID APP PLEASE!

Ste. D. Dec 11, 2021     

It is pretty confusing to navigate and get to what you are actually looking for, redundant information in tabs, one entire section states it'll be coming soon and I've had the app for about a year so I'm not quite sure what soon means to them, and I haven't been able to print off documents but, that might be me.

Jer. Jan 12, 2021     

Next to worthless. It takes minutes to load anything and crashes atleast once a week. I constantly have to close out of it and reopen it just to get a punch to register and even then, it sometimes takes minutes just for my punch to go through. On top of that I constantly have to delete and then reupload the app because it suddenly cant identify my work id. What a joke. How hard is it to get something to perform the most basic functions?

Tee. O. Jun 18, 2019     

This app worked perfect for a year. Not sure what happened though. Was able to see my time cards, clock ins and outs, view pay stubbs, to a screen that says no employee assigned even though i can still log in i cant see or navigate anywhere with in. Im really bummed out as someone messed with a perfectly good app. Stopped showing pay stubs, to show vaction and pto accrued, and time card to nothing working. Uninstalling and re-installing did not work one bit!

Gre. Aug 20, 2020     

Not worth it. I have people at work with IPhones that have never had an issue with this app. Android users seem to have issues constantly. I've never been able to use it consistently without running into error messages and finding out it's useless. Then I tried using on my browser and now there is issues with that.

Chr. G. Mar 11, 2022     

Has worked most of the time, but lately it wont let me clock in or out. My phone has been updsted, do its not that, Ive uninstalled and reinstalled, no change, still getting the message "cant connect with the server" that was a year ago, it has improved since, I added another star🤩

Ron. S. Oct 2, 2020     

This is absolutely the worst functioning app I have ever used. I highly encourage employers to not use this app for their employees. The punch in/punch out function constantly crashes. The server has disconnected multiple times, and the only way to fix it is to uninstall the app and reinstall. This has caused so much frustration and is something that could easily be fixed, but clearly based on previous reviews, the company is negligent.

Kea. P. Apr 28, 2019     

Like being able to clock in and out on my phone, just wish it was a little more clear if you're punching in or out, because it's difficult to tell when using the quick punch feature. edit** now that they've changed the punch in and out feature, I have absolutely no complaints & am adding a star to my review!!

C. m. Dec 2, 2021     

Clunky app, needs attention. Tech support has no idea what they are doing. Features inside of the app do not work on andriod. Specifically the ability to download a copy of your pay stub. The process fails on their server side. This has been going on for over 3 months (12/2/21 today) as other users have stated. Talking to tech support you find how incompetent the service is because they direct you to use the website on your phone with a shortcut instead of addressing the problems with the app.

Chr. P. Apr 5, 2022     

4/5 Most apps are improved over time, this one gets progressively worse. It takes upwards of 15 minutes just to deal with it freezing, clear the cache, restart and punch in, EVERY DAY!! FIX YOUR DAMN APP!!

Ter. M. May 27, 2020     

Haven't been able to use the app for almost a month now. Getting the same error message. Yes I have reached out and no one seems to be able to help. Well my app worked for about a week and now back to getting the same error message. Very frustrating. Getting the same run around as last time when it took almost 3 weeks to get it working.

Gia. M. Dec 31, 2021     

This app and website is complete garbage. I have had my password reset multiple times and it never remembers it nor my username. Even tho my username has never changed. The website decides if it wants to log you in or not. Would not recommend. This system needs an overhaul or to be permanently deleted.

Rio. Aug 25, 2020     

Been using this App for quite some time now. Easy functions, does require a good wifi connection to work properly, If You do run into the issues of "unable to connect to the server Or other frustrating problems. Just simply Uninstall the App & Reinstall it you shouldn't have an issue after that.

Vic. M. Jan 14, 2022     

App registers my punches in random time zones resulting in lost time. This morning the app won't acknowledge my punch-in at all. The online UX is not intuitive; in fact it is counter-intuitive. Their so-called University is impossible to search and navigate. If you want more tech headaches, get iSolved.