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iSolved Timeforce

IMPORTANT: this application requires access to iSolved HCM, iSolved Timeforce and Timeforce, the incredibly powerful and fully integrated human capital management products provided by Infinisource. Contact your payroll administrator regarding use of this application.
iSolved Timeforce is the solution for employees who are on-the-go. The mobile application is ideal for customers that employ carpenters, electricians, landscapers, caterers, home care nurses, drivers and other mobile workers. With an improved easy-to-use interface, employees can clock in wherever they are. Employees can also review their most recent pay information and update personal information. Supervisors can track and enforce attendance policies easier than ever before.

Employees can clock in individually, or crew leaders can clock in an entire group of employees. Either way, there is no need to worry about being out of cell service
- iSolved Timeforce offers true offline capability for time and attendance clock in operations.

iSolved Timeforce has been designed to quickly capture attendance data while not getting in the way of your employees or supervisors.

Features include:
• Mobile Punch. Your time clock in a pocket. Employees can quickly punch In and Out for work as well as for meals and breaks. o Quick Punch option – Punch with a single touch. o Working with Timeforce the system can be configured to enforce minimum meal and break times. o Employees can transfer between departments, jobs and tasks ensuring accurate allocation of labor hours and costs.
• Employees can view their assigned work schedule
• Group Punch. Via a single transaction your supervisors can create punches for members of a work crew.
• iSolved Timeforce allows users to log in and create a punch while “off-line”. Punches will be automatically transmitted to iSolved once a signal is available.
• GPS Location: If available the GPS coordinates of the phone is captured and attached to the punch. You can then view the location of the punch from within iSolved Time using Google Maps.
• Access the iSolved HCM platform
• View most recent paystub
• Update address/phone number
• Revised application user interface

This version requires iSolved HCM, iSolved TimeForce V4.0, or TimeForce V3.11.12.

Category : Business

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Reviews (28)

Jef. B. Jan 26, 2020     

Does what is supposed to and is very handy for clocking in and out while on the road. Would give it 5 stars, but picking jobs is unnecessarily difficult because of the tiny icons. This app could really benefit from jobs favorites list.

T. T. Apr 22, 2020     

It used to work GREAT. For at least 6 months now, I have not been able to log on without some type of issue. When I go to website, I'm able to get in with NO PROBLEM. PLEASE FIX THIS!

vel. l. Mar 24, 2019     

log in credentials not working, using same credentials on web browser and log in without any issue.

Cal. I. Jan 30, 2020     

Not allowing me to download or install into my phone . This is giving me big issues with the company I work for

M. C. Nov 1, 2018     

Installed but username info doesn't work.

Rim. J. Sep 4, 2019     

Login Credentials not working

Dap. M. Nov 18, 2021     

This is not the same app not able to see my time 😕 😒 🙃

J.. B. W. Aug 16, 2017     

Always having problems clocking in. If my company didn't make me use it I would uninstall this crappy appy.

Gre. M. Jan 4, 2018     

So far so good. I have not had any issues with this app.

Ron. L. B. J. Jul 7, 2017     

My coworkers and I haven't been able to clock in for over two weeks. It's really becoming a hassle.

Rob. W. Jun 19, 2017     

Login works on laptop but not on android phone. Just keep authenticating then invalid entry. Complete waste of time!! Stick to pen and paper. Definitely not ready!!!

Cri. T. Jun 27, 2017     

Invalid credentials that's all it says after a few days of working properly.

Tar. O. Dec 15, 2016     

I have all the right info and it tells me invalid credentials.

Liz. S. Nov 9, 2016     

I liked it when it worked, but now I keep getting an error that the app is unable to communicate with the server and it won't log me or my co-workers in.

Sun. P. Jan 29, 2017     

I have all the right info and it tells me invalid credentials

Eli. R. Jul 13, 2016     

I like the update! You no longer have to enter your password every time you clock in on Android phones. Still I'm only giving 2 stars because you still can't tell if you clocked in or not. A history or status icon would be great. Also, make the list of things into large icons. We usually clock in and out as we're driving to and from job sites more than 1/2 hour from home. I've almost crashed looking at the list to make sure I'm selecting the right thing.

Tho. C. Aug 29, 2016     

Never remembers me have to key in password every time. Can't tell if I'm logged in or out. Simply garbage. As a fellow app developer I must say you are doing poorly!

Lau. O. Aug 6, 2016     

This app is the worst I absolutely can not figure out why I can't log in. I give up!!! I have no issues on my computer but this app doesn't work at all. Don't even waste ur time.

Lei. B. Aug 8, 2016     

Amazon courier

Jin. T. Sep 13, 2016     

Refer to the title, enough said, but if I have to say more then when I can sign in i can't clock in and half the time the mobile website doesn't even work either... get your 💩 together

nic. s. May 14, 2016     

The main feature I was looking for was to check my schedule, but it asks me to login in a second time and it says invalid login. Huge flaw! Checking pay stubs or requesting time off is not nearly as vital.

Sar. May 25, 2016     

I'm able to log in from my laptop and from the browser on my phone but can't log in with the same username and password on the app. The app is useless if I can't log in

Dan. S. Mar 17, 2016     

This app can communicate with it's server to log in, but throws out the error, "unable to communicate with server" no matter what I try to do after that.

Dan. S. May 19, 2016     

You can't see your timecard..I have no way of verifying my punch time..needs a lot of work to be usable for mobile workers

Sel. G. Mar 29, 2016     

Easy to use and intuitive. Love being able to enter time off request while on the go! Be sure you have code for setup from your employer or their iSolved provider.

Pau. K. Apr 22, 2016     

Can Only see the last/current pay check stub. Why can't we be able to see the last few weeks or months of pay stubs from our employer?

Kev. G. Feb 18, 2016     

Show incorrect times when I punch in or out, I'm on east coast time and its about 4 hrs behind only had me working 1hr when I worked 5.

Jul. B. Jan 29, 2016     

It would be nice if it didn't log me out because of inactivity. Just keep me logged in. Put the punch in/out on the first screen. It's way to complicated for something that's simple.