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Jealousy Test & CBT Self-Help

Is irrational jealousy causing problems in your relationship?
Not For Entertainment--For Self-Help and Self-Improvement (See Terms of Use Below)

***Are you overly suspicious of your partner?***Do you question your partner excessively?***Do you check up on your partner?***Do you need frequent reassurance?***Does your jealousy cause anger directed at your partner?***Is your relationship being harmed by these issues?***Is your jealousy not based on evidence?***Is it, in fact, contrary to the evidence?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this app uses the methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to teach you how to address the irrational jealousy that interferes with your relationship.

IMPORTANT: This app is for IRRATIONAL jealousy (due to an imagined event). It does not apply to DELUSIONAL jealousy (due to a psychosis) or to RATIONAL jealousy (due to an actual event.

This app contains:***ARTICLES***A number of articles written by Monica A. Frank, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy, help you understand irrational jealousy and CBT.

***WHY ARE YOU JEALOUS TEST?***Evaluates the reasons WHY you have jealousy if you have already shown that you have a problem. However, does not determine IF you have a problem. Provides information about fears that cause irrational jealousy: Fear of Inadequacy, Fear of Feeling Bad, Fear of Loss of Ego, Fear of Loss, Fear of Being Hurt, & Fear of Vulnerability.

***AUDIOS***Links to audios to help you challenge the irrational thinking, to retrain your emotional response, and to learn to calm yourself. Audios can also be downloaded at ExcelAtLife.com.

***JEALOUSY COGNITIVE DIARY***The Jealousy Cognitive Diary helps you to determine some ways to challenge the irrational thinking. Once you have done that, it is important to read the rational challenges frequently until they automatically come to mind rather than the irrational thinking.

The app provides a simple way of doing this by reviewing the history of your recorded events.

Also includes password protection and editing of your previous responses.


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Reviews (28)

A. G. u. Sep 9, 2019     

Audio is useless. Developers should consider more resolution subcategories too. Overall it's a great app if you are seeking to self improve by changing your perspective in your relationship. It helped me understand things in a different way.

Lys. V. Sep 12, 2020     

Sooooo fricken helpful! What a gift to have all this explained so clearly! This app makes it possible to get down to the very core of the issues, can explain why, AND describes exactly how to step out of the disasters we create and construct. AMAZING!!

A. G. u. Sep 27, 2019     

This app really helped me to see things about myself that I wouldn't have been able to see or identify before. Its given me the tools to guide myself and to help me manage my emotions. It definitely will take time, but I believe this app helps.

A. G. u. Mar 19, 2020     

Could be improved but excellent. Only jealousy cognitive behavioral therapy application I have found

A. G. u. Oct 10, 2018     

I can't express to you how thankful and grateful I am for this app. I'm just getting started but I'm very hopeful and already feeling better just knowing that I'm not the only one having these issues and that there is hope for me. Thanks again!!

A. G. u. Dec 26, 2019     

I l9ve the way it organizes what what you said ir marked. It help a great deal.

Ash. K. Sep 11, 2020     

This is app is oddly extremely helpful. I like the way the developer explains things.

All. K. Nov 4, 2020     

As with all their apps ..professional and work

A. G. u. Jan 13, 2019     

so helpful and informative best app I ever downloaded

Eli. C. Feb 19, 2021     

Maybe I'll try again. I'm trying a few other apps now, but this didn't work right for me.

A. G. u. Mar 8, 2020     

The test resulted were fairly accurate.

A. G. u. Apr 12, 2020     

Really good to be aware.

Chr. M. Sep 24, 2020     

It wasn't quite what I was looking for

Eat. G. Aug 10, 2020     

Very accurate lov it

Kim. B. Jul 15, 2020     

True to the thoughts of one persons mind !!!!🚎🚥🍉🍀🗽

Jen. P. Sep 28, 2020     

Just started using

A. G. u. Oct 30, 2016     

I read myself in there

A. G. u. Sep 8, 2016     

Best self help app.

A. G. u. Apr 5, 2018     

Really helpful to gaining some insight.

A. G. u. Jun 3, 2017     

Good information & learning tools.

A. G. u. Feb 5, 2017     

The worst app on ever

A. G. u. Jan 8, 2017     

Couldn't do anything on it

A. G. u. May 31, 2014     

I can't say this enough.. this has a journal to write what u messed up on or need to work on as a reminder. Private as ever, and personal for u and ur self. The audios are amazing for once i can fall asleep to these and clears my head. The audios are really helpful in reminding me jealousy doesn't have to win. And the quotes stick to me reminding me. Its so helpful. I really like it.

A. G. u. Oct 28, 2014     

So thankful to Monica A. Frank for freely sharing her expertise with the world. Excel at Life has changed mine, exponentially, for the better. Every app is so beneficial. May you be blessed, may you receive all that is good in life, may you be healthy in body-mind-spirit, may you be wealthy in lovingkindness, may you continue to gain wisdom through the endeavors in your life. And through you, may all these fall upon your family, and those you care about and for.

A. G. u. May 2, 2014     

I've been looking for explanations like this for over 2 years. I suggest everyone take the test that's offered by this app. I have a sense of relief I haven't felt in months. Thank you for this app!

A. G. u. Jun 12, 2015     

This was life changing.

A. G. u. Oct 28, 2015     

This app is very very good

A. G. u. Jun 11, 2014     

Jealousy test.....hope more people knew about this app.....honestly believe an eye opener ....gives one heads up....perhaps even help prevent tragedy