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JusTalk Kids - Safe Video Chat and Messenger

JusTalk Kids and JusTalk are both professional calling & texting apps. We design the video chat tool especially for young children and anyone who want a simple and secure phone call app!

【Reviews From Parents】
★★★★★★We love having this app. We let our daughter download it on her tablet and now she can talk to mom when shes at dads and Visa versa. Quality is always great! We love how the safety features allow parents to control who can add our child.——Sarah H

【Reviews From Kids】
★★★★★★ I was so happy that I got this app I talk my friends , parents and relationship. This app is helpful! ——Minu Gupta

NOTE to Parents: After sign up, you need to help your kids purchase a subscription plan first in order to gain access to JusTalk Kids app and enjoy all features. All subscriptions offer a 3-day free trial.

● Designed for 3+ children with a simpler interface
● Provide secure internet environment for kids
● Make audio and video calls without time limits and send text messages
● Enjoy HD video call over WiFi or 3G/4G data networks*
● Support all models of smartphones & tablets

Designed for Kids & Family
- Totally safe. No ads.
- Easy-to-use, safe and educational tool for children.
- Quickly send simple messages with family members and have a fun chat.
- Simpler style brings a pleasant chat experience, makes communicating faster and more fun.

Phone Calls and Kids Chat
- Kids can make fast video calls with classmates anytime and anywhere to talk about the latest cartoon, music or game together and enjoy childhood moments. Like a fun video walkie talkie.
- Record both video and audio calls, save childhood memories!
- Low Data Usage, you can save 40-90% of the VoIP or vowifi network traffic during real-time video call with 720P HD quality.

Safer Contacts
- Parental Control - Guardians can control kids’ access to all social features by setting a passcode for them.
- NO harassment from strangers - Kids will not receive friend requests, messages, or calls from strangers unless adding the parents-approved person first.
- NO phone number is needed - Just help your kids create a JusTalk Kids account by setting a JusTalk ID through the bottom of the signup page.
- Parents can block or remove any contact at any time.

Fun Interactive Features
This tool can help children make better learning of the allocation of time.
- Doodles, play casual games, photo sharing… add emoticons or stickers. All these help kids creatively express themselves and learn new good things during video calls!
- Start a live video chat to help kids share their favorite moments with loved ones in voice calls. Recording voice and video to save memorable childhood forever!
- Send and receive interest photos, instant video messages, voice messages, stickers, emoji...Play fun and interactive game while calling with parents or close friends.

Works with JusTalk
- Your child uses JusTalk Kids to video call and message over Wi-Fi or on-the-go (EDGE/2G/3G/4G)*.
- Parents and other family members chat with kids through existing JusTalk app.

Private and Secure
Children (and all users’) personal information (including calling and messaging data) is end-to-end encrypted. It's split into multiple random paths which ensures it can’t be monitored or saved by servers. Moreover, all personal data is never shared with any third party.
JusTalk Kids offers a 3-day free trial when you purchase a subscription plan. Cancel at any time before the trial period ends, and you won’t be charged until after the trial period. After your free trial, subscriptions start at just $3.99 per month to gain access to our app and use all features. Your subscription will automatically continue as long as you choose to remain a subscriber.

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Reviews (28)

Sar. M. May 28, 2022     

Absolutely terrible. I paid for premium, no changes to the app. Keeps telling me that I need to buy premium. I have emailed the app and nothing back. I have the receipt for the purchase. Plus it will not stay logged in on my child's device, it logs out after a minute or two. No ability to change functions, it's an absolute waste of $30 that I don't have to spare 🤬

Fai. O. May 11, 2022     

I love this app so much because it's a safe but amazing. It can be cute or grown up by changing the theme. So much cool ring tones and features to play around with. The ' parent code ' makes it safe for the younger kids and it is very easy to set up. I love the games and doodles that you can entertain your self with on a boring call. But I do wish that you could comment on the moments and add a bio to your account for others to see. Despite this , it deserves a five star rating.

Lai. K. May 16, 2022     

I don't want to give a single star, but i needed y'all to know what i think about this so called app. So, DO NOT DOENLOAD IT. its utterly useless. It takes long time to connect, it is annoying, we cannot call for a long time cuz then the app starts to show its true colors, i have really bad experiences with it. But if u still download it ... Ugh i forgot what was i about to say.

Cin. C. May 10, 2022     

Much better than other means to talk to young kids. You can play or share images and draw on top whilst talking to them since young ones find it difficult to just have a long conversation. Would greatly benefit with more games. There too few options.

Ann. B. May 9, 2022     

This app is excellent and easy to use. I can contact my cousin easily and it it straight forward. My only problem is only being able to access through one device. I constantly change throughout my devices, and when i sometimes try to talk to her, i cannot due to being logged in on another phone. Please make it possible to be logged into the account through multiple devices. It may also benefit parents trying to see what the child is saying.

Bre. S. Apr 11, 2022     

I just have the free part as of yet and me and my 6 year old adore this app! It's got a little section to make posts but they can ONLY be seen by her friends. She can't add friends without me typing her code. Even if people add her, there's not even a notification on her end, I have to add them regardless, before they can talk to her or see anything about her. It has all the messaging features for friends and family and is completely parent controlled and safe.

Shi. L. Apr 9, 2022     

I use this app to chat to my best friends privately without people joining our calls on my other messaging apps. But, when I call her, I can hear her messages about 10 seconds after she has said them. I don't get vibrations, even though they are turned on, and I am overall disappointed. I don't know if it is just because I have a tablet, but when she shares her screen on her phone, I have to turn my tablet the other way round to even see it! Please fix this.

Joa. R. Mar 20, 2022     

An excellent app for young children who have a phone, but only a WiFi connection. They can message and chat to parents and selected friends in safety. The connection is always crystal clear, has video and voice calls. Plus my children and I play games together on the app and draw messages to each other. Really lovely family app. A+

A.. W. Apr 27, 2022     

Updated review: we love the app! I had a problem with the purchase and the dev reached out immediately and fixed my problem!! Helped me by explaining how it works, and was kind!!! I didn't even know that was possible these days! 5 stars because: Excellent customer service and kindness is a gem. Also, I love the app and so do my kids, just wish there was a very clear explanation of services, even if it costed a bit more. Overall we love it though! ❤️ 🥰👍

Gih. P. Mar 28, 2022     

just talk kids is a good app but when the connection is fast it says slow conection and i will really like if we can also use laptops and computers to communicate with people because sometimes your phone or tablet doesn't work you know you can use your laptop/computer to communicate it will be even better and when i want to send a picture to someone all the new pictures i want to send is full black it only shows old pictures even the same with videos i would also like when we send voice notes its even longer that 60 seconds maybe no limit on it and if we could send music to each other but otherwise everything is fine

Aar. S. Mar 31, 2022     

I use this to try to talk to my son and yet he doesn't get notified when I'm trying to call unless he's got the app opened and the same goes for me. The app recognizes that this is a problem and even gives a "troubleshooting" solution but it still doesn't fix anything. I am about to change apps.

kin. g. Mar 9, 2022     

I love the app it's very easy for my daughter to use only thing I don't like that I have to pay for certain features, it looks alot like what's app only in a child form bit it's a very good app for parents and kids to communicate with each other

dal. s. May 9, 2022     

It's good but I don't know how to accept requests and thank you justalkids for responding I am trying to add my cousin but I can't I don't know how to accept request and she doesn't know either because when we choose and wallpaper /theme it locks you out from the home screen I don't know why? Do you know how to fix this issue? PLS try if it's not possible it's ok

MR.. X. May 4, 2022     

Very helpful username powered messaging app. The issue is trying to friend people. I kept searching up their name but their was only a random account.

Whe. K. Apr 6, 2022     

I really love this app. It just freezes up sometimes and i have to find my friends contacts all over again. This only happens once every three months-ish.

Jes. M. May 15, 2022     

I think this is a great app for kids,it is safe as well as that my brother uses it to call me when he is out with his friends and it's great! I love how on the call you can doodle in it and play games! I suggest that all kids should have this! Five stars for me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A. G. u. May 20, 2022     

Its great! I can call with my mom and its kid friendly, I'm 11 yrs old and it's a great app for kids. So I defenetly recommend it for you're kids at home. If they feel lonely and you're at work, they can just call you. When you call you can play games and doodle! So it's very fun. So if you download this app I'll recommend it to put it on you're kids tablet or iPad so they can call you. Lots of fun! Download it now!

Mad. C. May 25, 2022     

It is so helpful for your kids, it is very, very, very easy to keep them occupied on that you can make friends up to like a like 100, so I give this a 100 out of 100 it's an entertaining game for you kids and safe.

LaC. R. May 28, 2022     

Love being able to text/chat with my grandkids no matter where we are or how far apart! They can always get hold of Nana, without having to use mom's or dad's phone! Very cool!

Rac. May 26, 2022     

This is the BEST APP EVER. You can call and play games that come with the app and it is really safe. It has a parent code so only your parents can allow you to add more friends or open links that your friend might have sent you. You should definitely buy this app if you want your child to be able to contact you safely.

Isr. A. Apr 10, 2022     

Tried this out, only used video call feature and its really good. Also the writing on the screen is really cool, infact could be used for teaching illustrations. Great App

Cel. F. May 18, 2022     

Application is amazing I love you but I just wish you would people use it was give you 100 start you did that it's really cool the old ways that night the morning and after school that you can make that so cool

Ed. R. Apr 19, 2022     

My five year old son is experiencing separation anxiety at night. Now he can message is whenever and he's so much happier. He had a super nights sleep lastnight as a result! Brilliant!

mog. a. May 14, 2022     

This is a very good app I can even I add my school 5/5 I can't believe this app so good it is even safe but make sure your child do no add people from YouTube they should add people they know I really love this a lot 😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩such a good app I am using for a age ❤ 😀 of 7 keep it up am already 8 now and this app is awesome

Sha. T. May 26, 2022     

This app is easy to use and my son loves playing games with me on it especially the doodle feature. Please include more emoji's.

The. Y. H. May 14, 2022     

I used to love it but now I've forgotten the code and I've been trying to get in it settings to delete my account to make a new one but I can't, so please fix it I've updated and everything

qcl. May 8, 2022     

I really like this app(i am using my mom's ipad btw),since me and my friend see eachother once a week , i can easily communicate with her and my mother.I also love the fact that we can play games when we call.No more boring time!

Dar. May 28, 2022     

Awsome and you can chat with. Family and friends I think this game is fun it's like if your a grown up with phone but you can use your tablet or phone ethis game is excellent for kids