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LINE Cookie Run

Over 40 million downloads! The whole world's running now!The new update brings the "New World", introducing all kinds of brand new additions to the game! Cookie Run, presented by the free chat and calls app LINE.
BE A COOKIE HEROEscape the wicked witch before she slams you in the oven and has you for her supper.

EXHILARATING ACTIONRun, jump, and slide your way to freedom! Control your character either with touch screen gestures or virtual buttons.

ENTER FEVER MODEGobble up letters scattered though the game to trigger Fever Mode and grab even more coins!

PLAY WITH FRIENDSComplete against your friends to see who can get the best scores. Invite friends to play and unlock special items.

UNIQUE CHARACTERSUnique cookies and pets galore! They don’t just look different; they all have different skills and abilities, too.

Category : Arcade

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Reviews (30)

Jas. E. Mar 7, 2021     

This game was quite literally one of the best mobile games of my childhood. Me and my little cousins would play it all the time and they absolutely loved taking turns on it. We'd play it for hours and really bonded as we ran the Cookies, enjoying the beautiful graphics and non-competitive nature of LINE cookie run. Few years later, I discover that a sequel has been released and that this version is no longer in the works. Such a loss for such an amazing game. Do consider bringing it back.

zac. s. Aug 21, 2020     

It was great while it lasted, but the developers, Devsisters, will probably never re-release this as a legacy title standalone from LINE. A shame too, this game has a fair enough sequel, but it'll never stand up to LINE Cookie Run's faster-paced gameplay and generally less competitive and more relaxed nature. Didn't even get a rerelease on the original Ovenbreak's 10th anniversary...

Ony. H. Sep 16, 2018     

Cookie run is and will always be a delightful game. I will miss it dearly when it is withdrawn completely. Much love for all the fun runs, Cookie Run, be safe!

And. K. Sep 17, 2018     

This game was great it was my favorite game but y'all got rid of it this game has freaking 50mil downloads why the hell would y'all get rid of it and it also has 4.4 rating what was the point of y'all getting rid of it.. well I guess I will never be Able to have a fun game again.

Kri. B. Dec 25, 2021     

I have been growing up with this game, first playing it with my best friend more than 8 years ago. It's been my favorite game since.

Kev. F. Jan 23, 2021     

games with lots of memories,verry memorable game.

Reg. Nov 23, 2019     

Pls this my favorite game give back pls me need play pls line me wanna play again!

gin. p. Jul 22, 2020     

I realy love this game its so sad that its now gone r.i.p lcr you will be missed

Jay. J. Jun 3, 2019     

bring it back miss this game

͔. Aug 27, 2021     

I miss this game.

Far. H. Jan 31, 2020     

update this game plsss

พลพ. ผ. Feb 29, 2020     

Always in my memories 😌

Her. C. Jul 4, 2020     

We need it back!

Gyo. Jan 17, 2019     

please comeback old friend(T_T)

Han. H. May 24, 2018     

Been playing this game since the beginning. Upgrade has its ups n downs but overall the game has improved a lot. Sad to hear that it'll be discontinued, the cookies has been great n fun. Won't download the ovenbreak tho, I've invested a lot of time in this version n has reached high ranks, wouldn't want to start over.

Moc. A. H. Apr 14, 2018     

I have read this game going to close in 5 june 2018. what the freak!, i have been playing this since you first week launch and still but you guys decided to do this to us? Imagine how many people has spend money for this game, including me. You guys are rude. June is my birthday btw, and i hope you can still keep this game. Dont ruin it.

T. T. Apr 25, 2018     

Please don't abandon this game, it's awesome! At least make the game offline playable. If you have to shut down the servers at least we can still play it, just without online rankings. Ovenbreak just isn't as good! Don't go cookie run 😭😭😭

Kel. May 29, 2018     

Im back bcs i missed this game. I think there will be an amazing update in ths game and it will be more interesting. But i see nothing at all :") pls update bcs i love this game. tq

feb. c. Apr 19, 2018     

I love u cookies 🍪💞 I've been playing this cookie run since 2014 and it really helped me go through bad times .. u were my dear friend cookie 😢 sorry to know that no longer downloads would be available but I'll always keep u on my tab and mob 💔 I'll keep playing u and the new ovenbreak version as well 😄🙏 R.I.P Cookie run on play store 😇

Lui. B. Jun 5, 2018     

Excelent game, had it since its first version, very sad ita not going to be available, hope you bring it back someday!

Gov. L. Jun 4, 2018     

It's been a long time since i play this, but when i open the app it said that this app will close on 5 June, and it's freaking tomorrow!!!

Eli. V. May 20, 2018     


Way. Feb 23, 2021     

I really hope that you will bring back this game! The reason I can still write this review is due to the fact that I did not delete your game since it was discontinued. Please, sometime in the future, bring this game back and all the player's progress!

Dap. T. May 11, 2018     

Pls dont close the game.. Although it crashed sometimes.. But it is fun

Nat. M. Aug 19, 2019     

Please devsisters i need you to please i spent money on this im begging you

ลำใ. ม. Apr 13, 2018     

I will very love Cookierun if it have a update

Sal. Apr 18, 2018     

It's Addictive And Fun! So Nice and Sweet Game! I like it at all! 😍👍❤

nag. May 11, 2018     

Great game, sad to see it go.

mag. v. May 26, 2018     

Please more gift to coin and diamond

Elk. Apr 18, 2018     

great and addictivr game so far. thanks