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Linux Command Library

The app delivers you thousands of manual pages of Linux terminal commands, a bunch of useful one-line scripts, general terminal tips and a Linux quiz.
If there is any command you miss, let me know and the next update will fix it. You are also absolutely free to contribute to the project. The source code is available on Github.

This app was developed as a part of the Home Remote Control(available on Google Play).

Github: https://github.com/SimonSchubert/LinuxCommandBibliotheca .

Example of commands:shutdown, reboot, lock/unlock screen, print external/internal ip, print cpu/battery usage, take screenshot/webcame photo, play text to speech, play sound file...

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (28)

Jef. H. Apr 30, 2022     

Could be a bit more robust with the commands it lists, and a better search function, but this app is fast, and simple to use. The buttons work when you want to expand each section in a man page, and offers (sometimes) quick access to a Linux tool/command that I needed to learn about. Nice to have on a separate device while using up all my screen real estate with other tasks. Thanks for making this!

Fra. S. Jan 8, 2021     

I'm a new user of this app. The UI is very intuitive. I like the command hierarchy of the "Basic" mode. I would like to see a little more content on navigation, maybe having its own subsection. The subsection "One-liners" seems large enough to break into multiple related subsections. All things considered, it's a good app. The sharing feature is very useful for those lengthy commands needed when interfacing to external apps and websites.

Tim. W. Dec 6, 2019     

This is a good attempt, and the author's heart is clearly in the right place, but this is one of those things that really does need collaboration. The tips section needs work, and the program references are inconsistent in whether or not they have any text formatting. Many references link to tl;dr rather than having any content, which defeats the purpose of an offline reference. All in all, it's a good example of too large of a scope too soon.

Ale. L. Dec 6, 2021     

I learned Linux for the first time from this library. Kept it for long enough to find replacement for further learning. Good point is very comprehensive information and usages with all commands. Very helpful! Difficult point is, the font is really too small for learners, and no magnifying tool? And font type too, of the size, is very tiring to read. The other is the contents have no paragraphing? not even proper punctuations? Noticed it is from Russian writers. Should improve these !

Har. H. Nov 17, 2019     

Super app! But since the last two updates something isn't readable. E.g when I open the help to the 'ls' command (and also some others) all options start with '" "10' instead of the letter of the option. Very strange and not recognizable. When this bug is fixed I will give 5 stars.

Tom. M. Jan 19, 2022     

This is EXACTLY the app I need as being a new user to Ubuntu/Mint ive already overwhelmed my bookmark folders and made quite a mess of all the useful commands ive inventoried over the months....I even began a simple text file (another mess of an attempt) to just store the terminal commands I use most often....this app eliminates endless Google searches, bookmark recollecting, forum digging, messy word docs and is a total lifesaver to anyone new to Linux! Thank you to the developer for this!!

The. M. C. Dec 21, 2021     

Very useful reference for Linux commands, however some commands are missing information such as options. An example is the rm command. It is missing important information, the description of each option is there but the actual option is not listed (describes forcing yes to all questions but doesn't tell you that it is -f). That could lead to a cli newbie becoming a victim of rm -rf /.

Ase. K. Sep 27, 2018     

UI is far better and tweaked than the other apps. Missing some contents but I think it was manageable. The options section of commands very jammed up, may listed or tabbed would help a lot. Thanks and please keep it up!

C. S. Dec 19, 2019     

I really appreciate there are no adds. A cool thing might be to have an income on this work so you will continue working on the app.Free version to have what you have now, and a premium version to include examples, preferably explicit very ones .you will keep free user happy, and premium one will become experts.

A. G. u. Feb 15, 2019     

Provides nice, quick access whenever I need it as I transition to Linux while I eagerly prepare to entirely abandon Windows and Apple. (No huge loss on the latter, since I've ALWAYS despised it.) Many thanks to exceptional devs!

Joh. P. Apr 3, 2019     

The app is a man page database, but many of the pages show the options listing as one huge block of text while the man page itself on a pc is properly formatted. It is unreadable.

Whi. H. Mar 13, 2022     

This app is an absolute god send! For someone who is still learning Linux and the commands, this is so simple to read and understand what each command does. The way its all set out is great. I love the tips section too 👌. Keep up the good work 😊

Swa. Y. Apr 10, 2020     

There's so many it's tough to say, 'this is the best of the group' but of the dozens of similar apps I've no problem saying it's the best. Love if the devs did an equally impressive one on python, perl, sed/awk, & maybe a networking version. I could list endless topics I'd like to see. 'Getting Started w/Bash', is the only other similar app that is at this level. Been using *nix(mostly deb, deb based, or Arch) for over a decade but if cli tools aren't used daily, I need a refresher

Jos. D. May 24, 2022     

It's truly a great app, I'm a beginner trying to learn code, I've been dev/'ed every witch way but loose. don't know why???? the hits just keep on coming. anyway, Thanks guys. 🕊🌿.

Big. K. Nov 3, 2020     

I have been using Linux since 1996, but I still cannot remember ALL the terminal commands and options for them. This is an excellent resource! I am impressed with the way the data is set up, as well. It is easy to use for a professional like myself or someone who is building their first Linux distribution. They have done a great job!

Sim. B. Sep 14, 2019     

I don't review anything. I avoid giving reviews like coders avoid the gym, but this is the most convenient, thorough, and useful app I have ever experienced in my life.

Ghu. M. Nov 23, 2020     

App is giving "Unfortunately Linux Command Library has stopped" Errors. This happens when opening basic tab and then select any category. Sometimes categories open but if we scroll down to the bottom then it again shows the same error. I'm using kitkat 4.4.2

Kru. Oct 28, 2019     

Plz add examples for the command in manuals. Plz stand out as a library and don't just copy them man pages. I want an explanation of how they work or what command does what with an example. I know it's a huge job but you need not to add it to every command. Only the most important ones like CHMOD, nmap, sudo, DD, etc

Odi. D. Aug 28, 2019     

Well organized, large amount of information, easy to navigate. Very handy to have it on a phone. Also very terrific to link commands to sending them. Thank you!

A. G. u. Dec 8, 2018     

Its not completely perfect, but it IS very useful, AND its free to use. If you want more than that from the world you're : a) destined for many disappointments and b) probably not a good person.

Xim. Nov 14, 2018     

The UI design is practical and easy to use. Also has a variety of commands. Is a fairly complete application. Congratulations.

Win. S. Mar 1, 2020     

As a new Limux student, I find this app very helpful. It helps me find and leatn the right syntax and new commands. I would recommend it to all, both new and experienced programmers.

JDA. W. Aug 25, 2020     

Keeps crashing while scrolling in the basic section. A boatload of useful info if you can access it without it crashing.

Gre. Sep 25, 2021     

Awesome 😎 Linux/Unix reference manual WITH examples. Not just for reference but learning as well. Gives you copy and paste ability, works great on Android phone and Chromebook.

Gab. Z. Feb 24, 2022     

I love how much information is available, but I wish the content was formatted in an easier to read manner. There is a level of text overload.

Fil. S. Mar 6, 2020     

Formatting broken, it's very hard to read through the man pages when the formatting is just everywhere for parameter arguments. It's a shame as the app is very well made.

Yar. P. Jan 8, 2022     

Really useful and informative so far. I'm learning Linux and programming right now and I actually use this app more as a way to explore new things when I'm getting bored and want to mess around.

Dir. W. Aug 1, 2019     

Well written and informative. It saved me alot of time with the concise synopsis' offered and the added help and writing ideas made my transition much easier. Worth your time.