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Lonely Girl wallpapers: sad,alone,unhappy

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You're cool and your phone (or tablet) should reflect that! Lonely Girl Wallpapers features a lot of handpicked amoled images and dark pictures perfect for making your device look even cooler!

All of us feel loneliness at some point in spite of the presence of a large number of people, whether friends or family or relatives or even colleagues in the work, but nevertheless we feel lonely and we are alone in life as the feeling of Balons does not depend on the number of people as much as depends on The influence of each of them in our lives, unity is not measured by the people in each of our lives so that we can judge whether this individual alone or not measured by the impact of these in our lives and what they provide us when we need them so as not to feel that we are alone in life.

No one likes to be isolated from the world, but this happens against us when we do not find anyone who understands us and when different views with whom we meet, we find ourselves and without knowing we withdraw to another world where there is no other and it is not a favorite for us, but a choice forced us to implement.

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Life inevitably lonely, transient, a strange environment, will be solitary; see the lean Kansui mountains, listening to the cold, wet, will be alone; frustrated, the most inevitably arise alone. A person sitting quietly, listening to music, as once, finishing the next clue. In physical and mental health, in spiritual independence, he should always enjoy what a person in the world enjoys in solitude.

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