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Maki: Facebook and Messenger in one awesome app

Category : Social

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Reviews (29)

ra. t. Jan 17, 2020     

Wow. Just downloaded to give it a try and this has to be one of the worst FB alternative apps. The settings "hamburger" keeps disappearing and the blue bar usually at the top is replaced by a white one at the bottom which has the usually icons except settings. It also hangs, spins, and crashes. I had to exit a few times and go back in to get it to work. I'll play with it a bit more but it looks like I'll be chucking this.

Sov. M. Oct 1, 2020     

Great app with good features. But there are lots of problem. If you guys want to take it to a strong position, need to fix it with updates. Most irritating is, when I use Facebook, there in any group search anything and go details on one option and when I come back most of the time it back to homepage instead of the search page. And there are few issues with scrolling. Anyway, well done, keep it up.πŸ‘

Jen. N. Mar 16, 2019     

Edit: Still a great concept and beautiful interface. Issues are, for example, if I'm on Twitter and I view the comments on a tweet, tapping the back button sends me to the top of my feed instead of where the tweet was, same thing with the other social medias. Another issue: I can no longer view Pinterest photos without the app crashing, I have to view them on my browser instead.

Dai. C. Jun 30, 2020     

The reason that I am giving this app 4 stars is just because of a few small details. This app should really have a FREE dark mode. I would love to see that. When I send messages on the Messenger part of the app, some of the messages I send do not appear completely. For example, when I send "I'm sorry", only the "I'm" portion is visible. If this could be corrected, I think it would be almost perfect. Thos is my first day using it, so I might find some more things. It's a GREAT app, though! ❀

Jus. B. Jan 18, 2019     

Really wanted to like this because it's convenient for my purposes and thought about buying, but each time I try to scroll through a page if I'm not careful with pressing my back button it takes you all the way back to the main page. Same deal with pressing the back arrow on the top left. Huge gripes for me having to find my place repeatedly and wait for it to load again and all comments don't always load either. Will keep an eye on this but was hoping for a friendlier polished UI experience.

Meg. S. Oct 10, 2018     

I've been searching for the longest time for an easy to use, clean and simple design, user friendly app that fluidly switches between social media apps without losing any functions and utilizes app format (not just takes me to the social medias webpage). This is the first and only app that meets all my needs and has customizable settings to personalize it. This app is so simple to use. It opens to your FB page automatically and with a touch of menu button in left upper corner it brings a list of social media apps supported and you sign in the first time then can switch between them however you please. It doesn't support direct messaging in Instagram yet but I don't need that. Otherwise this app does everything the individual apps does plus frees up so much space on my phone. You can change the background color, tweak settings for notification and in app options. Plus for less than two dollars I bought the ad free version. Last night i deleted Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram apps from my phone for first time in years. Today using only this app, I tried doing everything I normally do I'm them and I can so I am glad I bought this app (to get rid of ads but if you are fine with ads free version is great too, I just prefer ad free plus it supports the developers and we all should do so if we really like an app) this app has made me so happy so give it a try

Sha. M. May 23, 2020     

The interface is intuitive and easy on the eyes. It offers levels of customization that Facebook refuses to. How it unifies all social media accounts into a single app is revolutionary. Instagram is beautiful, and Twitter is great. If you do a ton of messaging with friends/family via Facebook Messenger, you should give it a spin and check to see if notifications work as immediately as you'd like (my Google Pixel XL wasn't receiving notifications for up to 10 minutes).

Kei. R. May 5, 2021     

works well for me, clean screen layout makes it easy to interface with. I bought the paid variant but haven't really seen any major differences ,maybe less ads but there weren't many anyway. Happy to support the developers of apps I regularly use. I Recommend this app. 5 MAY 2021 - I've been asked why I rated the app with only 3 stars, I've upgraded to 4 stars as I believe there is always room for improvement and I can't think of any life changing issues. Use it more than my browser.

Enr. S. Jul 26, 2021     

It is good replacement for the Facebook app, once you got it setup right. The messenger tools have small issues that can get annoying after a while. Like when you press on a notification and the app opens in a different conversation. Or when you type a message and the last word gets cut when sending it.

Mar. S. Oct 27, 2019     

Great App!! The user interface is beautifully done, with many personal options to set. Excellent app to replace the official Fb app, and I'll keep using it. β—ΎOne hugely important thing needs fixing in the messenger... the notifications don't *Sound*. I have to keep looking at my phone to see if my sons have messaged me, I can't rely on being notified by sound. That is extremely important. Other than that, excellent job on this app. Looking forward to improvement, then 5 stars!! 😁🌻🌷

Lit. E. Jan 3, 2021     

It's alright. The messager app crashes whenever I try to take a photo and send it. I have to use my camera then save photo attach it then send it. Is there a way on my news feed to upload multiple pictures instead of one at a time. Otherwise I like it. So far, but not gonna pay for something that keeps crashing on me for using my camera. Please fix. Thank you.

Cor. M. Dec 26, 2020     

This app is having all sorts of problems now. You can't download videos anymore. It says "URL is invalid" for some reason. Whenever you go back after viewing a post or picture it jumps you up to the top of the feed, which can get annoying when you're just trying to browse. Seems this might have to get uninstalled soon as all of these apps start to have their problems build up overtime. Even picture quality on chained posts starts to take a hit.

Son. Feb 15, 2020     

I've been using the app for a week now and I bought the full version to ged rid of ads on Facebook. Absolutely amazing!! No more unwanted stuff in my timeline, extremely well-made interface. The only thing I would have liked is to have the groups button somewhere in the main window. But hey... just two taps and there they are, so... that's not too bad. ;) Wholeheartedly recommended app. I will never use the normal Facebook app again anymore. Thank you, devs!!

Mou. Aug 2, 2020     

I love this app! So much better than facebook, smaller size, dark mode!!!!, all social media in one app, and cuts out all the filler! However, videos have been uploading weird. I upload a video to post and sometimes it wont upload, or if it does upload and I post it, I can't play it. I don't know if other people can watch it, but I can't. Just wondering if this is a me problem or a you problem. Thank you!

Mat. G. Aug 10, 2020     

Got the paid version, it is good but I have 2 small complaints: 1) Fix Facebook LIVE - it does not display on this app at all, one of the major reasons to have FB is live. 2) Pinterest got super screwed up since update and does not work properly. It's basically impossible to get to your albums due to the notifications bar that keeps disappearing, and when you finally click it, it doesn't load :( -- everything else works well. Just fix those 2 things (maybe disable ads on Pinterest somehow)

Gar. R. Apr 20, 2019     

I'm not really one for leaving reviews for apps but had to with this one. All the features and functions of the official Facebook app but with the added offering of 2 very important features; Dark Mode (paid version) and a Recents that actually works. Brilliant on battery life as well which comes a very close second. Had an issue recently where, in a panic, uninstalled and reinstalled the app only to find that I'd lost the paid version; 48h later after msging the dev and it's all sorted πŸ‘πŸ»

Kei. T. Aug 15, 2020     

I wanted to rate this higher but I keep having to download Facebook Messenger whenever I want to send a video. Very frustrating. There's a lot of bugs in an otherwise good app. Haven't found much in the way of app support either. Edit: while it SAYS it supports video sending, I haven't once been able to get it to do so.

Nor. A. May 22, 2019     

Has great potential but notifications have issues. Tapping a notification does not always take you to the feed. Sometimes you are sent to the group banner leaving you to hunt and peck for the relevant information and other times nothing happens other than the highlighting being removed. The other issue I have run into in this FB app and others is that I get notified when I have commented in a message. Not sure why I should be notified that I wrote something but that seems to be the case.

Chr. J. Jan 3, 2020     

This is just a browser with a fancy skin that accesses the Facebook website. I tried to give it a legit shot, and even bought the premium version, but it's sluggish and unresponsive. The UI looks good, but it literally makes me not want to get on Facebook because it's so slow.

Neg. T. Jul 28, 2020     

It is overall a bit slow compared to telegram, Facebook, and twitter apps that I use and tried on here My biggest issue was with the Telegram, that I use frequently. It wouldn't take the unread badge away from messages, couldn't show profile pictures, and worst of all, does not load the stickers. I wouldn't be so concerned about those if others wouldn't send me animated stickers but everyone use those a lot! Great idea but needs work. Looks like more time was spent on facebook and Twitter.

G. T. Dec 24, 2020     

I love this app, but when I write in messenger it often deletes the last word of my sentences. I've compensated for that by hitting double spaces before sending messages, but sometimes I think its the app not saving that last word internally to send to the fb server because I type quickly. If i slow down it doesn't happen, so maybe its a time out issue? Otherwise I have no issues. I am on Pixel 3 XL.

Ste. K. Oct 3, 2019     

This is a pretty good Facebook replacement app. Not as much for Messenger as message notifications are too delayed to be reliable. Aside from that it also gives you access to Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and other social media accounts which is cool. However there are no options or notifications for these other accounts. If they added notifications for the other accounts I could fully remove all of the other apps and just use this one.

The. o. 1. Oct 20, 2019     

I can't copy a link of a Facebook post? Really !? When press a notification it doesn't takes me to the required comment directly ! When I press Back from a saved post it takes me to news feed! It should take me back to saved posts menu ! Did u even try your app before publishing it ?! Edit: I need to contact you by voice call so maybe I can explain better. Your app is very good, but will be perfect if those issues get fixed

And. D. Sep 13, 2019     

A great app that meets even more than my expectations. It's much so more than simply a web skin for social media. The add blocking and the video download options are my favorite. It's also very low on resources compared to the default apps it can replace. Definitely worth paying the small amount for the plus version too.

c. m. Dec 8, 2020     

It's just a web wrapper for the Facebook website. It does not use any efficient methods to actually get a smaller Facebook app, it is literally just a web browser. It does have a few nice touches but overall not the most responsive or best performing because it does not run natively on the system. 2/5 just for that reason alone.

Sha. N. C. Oct 27, 2019     

Used once and absolutely love this. Got maki plus. I can use night mode now. No ads in newsfeed or in videos. One click video download. Newsfeed preference according to time. The pages and groups i forgot even existed i get their post in my newsfeed now which the main Facebook app seem to lack. No monthly charge just one off payment. You can turn on scheduled night mode and Facebook block period. You can block pages and groups. And so on good job developers.

Ili. M. Dec 24, 2020     

Installed this app because Metal Pro wasn't updated for ages and also hoping that messages would work despite the recent problems of Facebook. Now, after two updates of Maki, the messages still don't work (i get an unusable webpage instead of a broken link - hard to call it an improvement) and stories have stopped working. The developer claims that messages do work but slowly. The screen i get shows chunks of desktop version of Facebook's web interface. It is kind of overzoomed and i see nothing

Em. i. Jun 30, 2020     

Lots of features unavailable, most annoying being that you can't do calls on messenger. 2nd most annoying is you can't use chat heads with messenger. 3rd most annoying being that you can't use your avatar on FB. I love my avatar and I want to be able to use it. HOWEVER. If none of these 3 features are important to you this app is super great. I still use it and go to my phone's default video calling instead, because it saves me storage space on such a small phone

Ste. E. Apr 17, 2022     

I loved this app until the latest version that has added huge red adverts for the paid version to the first few posts, which open when you try to interact with the post. I'm looking for a different app now, which is a real shame.