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Malayalam Songs

Watch Movie Songs, Albums straight on your mobile. Get additional information such as Movie Name, Year Of Release, Music Director, Lyricist, Singers, Actors, Raaga.
Use Update Songs / Search Song from menu to get all songs. The application will initially download just 100 songs, so do search song from menu to find your favourite songs.

We have over 19000 song information and 3200 song videos across 4500 different movies.

Malayalam Songs is an attempt to list all the greatest songs in an easy to enjoy way. Malayalam Song lists songs from Malayalam Film Industry. You could browse song by Name, Movie and Artists.

We have an amazing collection of rare songs and videos all in one place. An application for the people of Kerala (Gods Own Country). Why search on Youtube or search engines when you can find the song quickly with all informations, straight on your mobile.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (28)

now. c. Oct 11, 2020     

Bad app Guys.. dnt wast ur time or date , it's work some time or some phones, cannot ente menu or anything. Still accept tab only

Bim. J. Apr 28, 2019     

very bad app and it works only if the range is 3g..

ARA. M. Aug 28, 2019     

I 'm try to [accept & continue] but not available The searching option .

A. G. u. Nov 17, 2018     

Useless app idont get the songs that iwant to hear

A. G. u. Nov 22, 2018     

Please say me is this app is good?? Some are saying it's not good but some are saying its good I really don't know what to do.....

KC. M. Jul 24, 2021     

It is not even opening though I just downloaded it.

A. G. u. Jan 3, 2019     


jya. b. Sep 10, 2021     

I just downloaded this App.

Saj. p. Nov 30, 2015     

Songs collection good keep on going

SHA. V. Dec 1, 2015     

Using you for his own problems you would like before the island island for his uniform anymore mp3 music phone

Aru. M. Nov 7, 2015     

Just copied some link from youtube and pasted in this nothing by itsown

Gop. P. Feb 17, 2021     


kar. b. Jun 20, 2014     

App is too good..but it would hav been excellent if download option was also available for each song.

Lai. S. Apr 16, 2015     

If I click on the accept and continue its not advancing to next level of the app at all.. Please fix this and I will give better rating.

Suj. K. Sep 14, 2014     

Each songs contain in this app. have a download option, then this application is excellent otherwise it's not bad that 's only. I dislike it.

san. s. Nov 24, 2014     

Not able to stream. Its getting paused. Got a good collected

Aar. G. Apr 11, 2014     

I appreciate that you have made an app like this, ots really helpful

tin. a. May 7, 2014     

Love this app.

Nee. K. Jan 20, 2015     

Waste of time.

Aji. P. May 3, 2015     

Can't open this app

sur. p. May 30, 2015     

Good...but it will be excellent by including download option

Rat. K. Mar 10, 2015     

Love it

jos. j. Jan 26, 2015     

its realy a fantastic aap

sha. n. Jun 8, 2014     

Old is gold.new songs are parody of old.

geo. May 25, 2015     

Not advancing to the next level from accept & continue.

Bin. T. Apr 23, 2015     

Once installed the app and click the Accept button, nothing is happening...

vin. n. May 19, 2015     

It might be the excellent app if it had download options..... Still it's a superb app...

Shi. D. Jan 8, 2015     

Hoping she likes!