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Message Backup for KIK[ROOT]

A one-click backup and restore app for saving all your KIK messages.(Needs ROOT access.)
1 : Open the Message Backup for Kik app.(Do not logout of KIK or messages will be deleted)2 : Press "Backup All My Messages to SD Card".3 : Once "Backup Complete" is displayed exit the app and login to KIK on the same device. (If you want to copy the messages to another device,remove the sd card and mount it into the new device and install Message Backup for Kik on the new device).4 : Press "Restore All My Messages from SD Card".5 : Consider donating to support development :).

Category : Tools

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Reviews (19)

Rus. M. Mar 8, 2019     

rooted all possible permissions allowed, creates a backup but will not restore so i cant even say for sure if thr backuo is goid

im. t. Q. Oct 4, 2016     

I'm been trying to get on kik for a long time I freaken hate it

Den. M. Aug 17, 2016     

You guys don't even know what root is, so you have to give the app a low rating because of your lack of knowledge. Imattire as hell.

Joe. F. Feb 5, 2017     

Restores failed, deleted all of my messages, logged me out and stopped working. Beware!

Chr. N. Aug 10, 2017     

Free, but not ready for prime time. Very, VERY poor UI. There is no indicator the app is working so you don't know what's going on. There is nothing that tells you where the backup is stored on your sd card. Give this app some UI updates and you MIGHT get a donation for me.

Joh. R. L. Apr 3, 2017     

Help. I'm not quite sure how this works exactly. My phone's rooted and I when I ran the backup the app notified me the backup worked. Can I transfer the saved convo to pc? Thanks

Rod. G. Dec 4, 2017     

I like the simplicity of it but it doesn't work.

Syr. p. Jan 29, 2016     

This is so bad

Mic. N. Mar 8, 2017     

Restore failed.

Nub. k. Feb 23, 2016     


Mid. M. Oct 23, 2015     

Says device not rooted

The. R. Oct 1, 2015     

Failed to restore yes I'm rooted

Ahm. N. Nov 6, 2015     

It says backup failed.

Jes. G. Sep 13, 2015     

It says device not rooted

Kau. T. Oct 11, 2015     

it wont back up the messages even though my phone is rooted. All it says is " back up failed"

Bii. Dec 17, 2015     

Only 3 apps for kik back up that don't work

Ann. G. Dec 22, 2015     

It does not work

Set. Y. Apr 13, 2016     

Doesn't go passed the main screen after multiple events.

Fah. O. Jun 20, 2016     

Stupid app i ever used