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Reviews (28)

Dea. E. Nov 29, 2016     

If only the background color to read the articles were in a diff color i would read all the time. The black.background is not pleasing to my eyes...content is great but wish i could change the background to white.

Gre. M. May 8, 2017     

She tells it like it is and she will stand up against the corrupt no good for nothing stupid liberals and their lies.

Mar. B. Sep 7, 2017     

Comment updates by their blogger audience suddenly stopped for the majority of the usual commenters. This started on August 31 2017 and there are at most three comments per article posted. Something is seriously wrong.

Ray. I. Sep 8, 2016     

My dream date would be eating a big dish of halo-halo with her, then climbing the Manitou Incline.

kim. c. Dec 10, 2016     

Tried to start account. Site wouldn't let me. Love Her work, always enjoy when I catch her Fox

Jac. B. Aug 19, 2017     

I think Michelle Malkin is fantastic, her reports about storys relating to President trump are awsom this lady deserves masive credit for the woek that she does

Rit. W. Mar 18, 2015     

This application is top notch. Read and then act on Michelle's carefully researched blogs. She is looking under the rocks where the corrupt-o-crats live!!

A. G. u. Jun 20, 2017     

Cannot comment. Receive error message. Not good. Will change rating if corrected.

I. l. a. Feb 16, 2017     

Funny headlines, but how sad bkz they're true. Easy to navigate, no Xtra permissions, clean smooth working app.. Love it.

Har. F. Jun 16, 2016     

One of the better apps for those who want truth instead of untruth. She tells it like it is! She can be trusted to say the correct thing when approached. GO MICHELLE!!!

Nei. D. Dec 12, 2016     

I'm a proud American & USAF veteran. BUT, I'm glad I didn't have Clinton or Obama as my CIC. Thank you for exposing their chicanery! Keep on keeping on!

Pau. Y. Jun 5, 2016     

Breathtakingly wonderful app. Beats every other news app. Michelle is astute in ways no-one can match. Love it!!!

FGL. S. Aug 13, 2015     

Wish i would have known about this sooner.

Peg. R. Sep 12, 2016     

Truth told with a twist of sardonic humor! Michelle, you GO, girl!!

Cha. M. Aug 17, 2015     

Awesome app. Informative with Common Sense observations & Explanations.

Lio. A. Mar 29, 2015     

She's all that and tells it like no other. This spp is great.

A. C. Oct 12, 2017     

It used to be great but no longer supports disqus

deb. m. Jul 2, 2015     

One of the smartest and gutsiest writer Americans get to read!!!

Ken. S. Nov 26, 2017     

Great content but would be better if the links worked and images were viewable.

Fre. K. Nov 3, 2016     

Id like to talk to her about the trump

Ped. B. Nov 19, 2017     

Excellent App. My exact ideas to swim outside the swamp.

Bar. M. Sep 26, 2016     

Excellent app, both form and content.

Lor. S. Jul 29, 2016     

On point always!

Jay. B. Mar 17, 2017     

Longtime User With Michelle Malkin's fantastic, facts backed in-depth journalism! You're the B E S T & someone I/WE truly RESPECT. Thank you very much for all the good you do!!!

A. G. u. Oct 4, 2016     

Best there is thx for the truth.

Jef. D. Sep 2, 2015     

My cup runith over.

Jer. W. Jan 17, 2017     

Uggg...the app is truly awful with this black background and white text! That literally makes my eyes hurt after 5 mins. Can't stand it...uninstalling this app. Take a class in mobile web content PLEASE!

jer. V. E. Jul 9, 2015     

Thank you for having a spine!