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MobiTV - Watch TV Live

Take your TV with you.With MobiTV, you can now watch TV channels from all around the world on your phone.
Enjoy your favorite live or recorded programs anytime, anywhere.

* Watch Live TV
* Take your TV with you and enjoy watching all of your favorite sports, news, TV shows
* Integrated user interface makes it fast and easy to find the shows and movies you want to watch.

Schedule DVR Recordings
* Schedule DVR recordings from anywhere.
* One-touch recording
- simply choose to record one event, all events, or only new events.

Browse and Search the Program Guide, On Demand DVR
* Search for shows by title, genre, network, keyword, or actor.
* View graphics and posters of your favorite shows and movies.
* Use DNLA and Chromecast to watch on your tv.
* Social TV
* Watch LIVE local TV for free!
* Watch over 300 LIVE TV Channels for free in SD
* Watch over 600 VOD Channels for free in SD
* We host over 45,000 video on demand titles that have been cleared for worldwide distribution. We refresh these shows every few seconds which include hit titles such as Entertainment Tonight, TMZ Live, The Best of UFC, The Soup providers like CNN and many more.

MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link technology which allows you to display your smartphone’s content to a larger screen, all while charging your smartphone. TV mobile app stream HD movies and TV shows from your mobile phone to any big screen TV or monitor for the total kick back and relax experience. MHL also allows you to play mobile games with no lag, work from any location, stream TV and movies in HD, and experience your favorite music with immersive surround sound

• Watch Network USA, UK, German, French, Asian, African, Arabic, Canadian, Russian channels live!
• No need to pay any charge
• No need to have “Adobe Flash Player”
• No sign-up required
• Updating channels automatically
• Easy to use interface
• Wide range of channel list
• Use any network
- Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G
• No need to use satellites
• Just use your android device, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
• Also, you can connect these devices to TV sets so as to watch the channels on TV

For any questions please contact: [email protected]

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (27)

Wil. C. Mar 14, 2017     

Watch Live Tv. Ever since I found this live TV app it is much better than hulu and crackle movie and tv apps. I will recommend it to more of my friends and family. There are even alot of the much older movies that we grew up on. And with the different countries and the different assortment if shows its basically commercial free. Thanks for a good app.

Poo. F. May 25, 2016     

Apart from the UK channels all other ones seem to be on a different time zone to the UK so I never know what is being broadcast at what time. Can anyone tell me how far behind or in front of the UK the times are please especially for the filmon rock tv channel as I love my music but keep missing things

A. G. u. Jan 3, 2017     

I had Mobile TV on another phone and it worked Good And it works Great on my Samsung.I Recommend Everybody Download this App. There are a lot of old movies but a lot of the News Programs have a TV Schedules and some of the other Shows have TV Schedules. The Picture Quality is Very Good there are commercials just like you'd have on regular TV but they're not that long and some are Good and Funny👍😎

Mic. O. Jun 7, 2016     

It is the best TV app on the market today. The channel choices are great. Would like to see American TV channels added to this app. I love TV. I'm a TV freak. Comcast cable does have a few of those channels available in my area. But it would be great to add channels like TBS,NICKELODEON and such. Maybe on down the road you will add channels from the USA. But for now I'll enjoy my extra 300 + channels for free.

Ru. T. Aug 26, 2016     

Before several updates, this used to be one of the good live TV apps. As if the irritating time delay is not enough, it will ask for money for channels that are free on FilmOn. And again it forces users to create an account. Why the F do you ruin it like this. Typical example is what you did with RT. You know what you did to that stuckers! Plus you had always been a simple redirecting app to FilmOn!

T. K. Jul 22, 2016     

100% working even on slow network as bit rate is so low so data expenses is too low. U can enjoy foreign tv, movies, serials,international tv news, global radio news and what not at one platform. Superb presentation of entertainment and information with high technical clarity.

Cla. May 22, 2016     

It works perfectly well, I use it both WiFi or 3G... just wish you had GOLD channel it would make it PERFECT. Not sure what happened but DAVE channel is gone. That is a terrible move, losing channels

A. G. u. Feb 27, 2017     

Absolutely nothing the average U.S. viewer would be interested in watching. Mostly very obscure, foreign, and verrrry outdated shows. Looks like 80% of content is just audio & podcasts. Checked out EVERY section. Zero shows I'm remotely interested in... and I'm not that picky. I couldn't care less about most current popular TV shows... and this STILL has nothing interesting in it for me. Uninstalled 15 minutes after install.

A. G. u. Oct 26, 2016     

I never knew you could watch live TV like this - I love it! Things like all the BBC channels, ITV channels and more UK TV channels are all there as well as a great TV guide and even the option to record programs. So cool! Lots and lots of sports, movies and other entertainment options. I use it everyday. Thanks so much!😀

Fir. P. Aug 9, 2016     

I have been watching TV and vintage shows on this app for over five months and I have to say it's been one of the best apps I ever downloaded. I use this source for entertainment everyday and not only is it reliable but easy to use and functions perfectly each time! You should be on the internet. :-)

Nik. S. Aug 7, 2016     

Good quality LiveStream & among so many channels there're channels that I like be it a few. I primarily installed the app for CRICKET & Korean channels like MBC, SBS, Mnet, etc. ArirangTV is Live on YouTube. Wish IndianTV section had channels of Indian languages other than hindi, hate that section. I'm Marathi(language spoken by over 100M ppl) & not a single Marathi channel in Indian section ,then there're Tamils, Kannadas, Banglas, Telugus, Punjabis, etc. We're not all hindis(about 75% Indians aren't).

And. N. Feb 4, 2017     

What a complete piece of garbage. If you enjoy watching content that is completely unheard of that looks like someone grabbed a camera and filmed nonsense in their backyard then this is for you! I tried to find VERY BASIC shows/movies and there was absolutely NOTHING I had ever heard of in my life. A waste of data and a waste of time. If I could rate this with .01 percent of a star I would, and that's being generous.

Hal. May 23, 2016     

Good app for watching content but the only downside is there's not alot of varieties of goods movies most of the movies are B movies just to be honest with you if you want to watch real movies but there's commercials go to Crackle at least they have a varieties good movies and TV shows just like this and it's free also

A. G. u. May 3, 2016     

I was not impressed with the Canadian channels. No where did I find hockey. I want hockey. The UK channels are great. Canadian ones have no hockey.

Col. m. Aug 30, 2016     

There's a few pop up ad's but they don't come up while you're watching things just sometimes going through the menu, it runs fine aswell rarely cuts out, most app's are some kind of lie but this one works, can pay for a better version but free version is fine

Pau. R. Dec 16, 2016     

This app has a nice TV Guide feature and I like the UK TV section for Really TV, 5USA, the many iTV channels, the Film section and Film4 is great and alot more, this is a legit stream app and the only thing missing is a way to fav your channels, a good option to Apk live streaming 3rd party apps that keep having connection issues.

War. O. Jun 16, 2016     

Holy mother to god!!!! This app is amazing not only does it DO exactly what it says its supposed to do without aload of messing about n carry on, but it its got a decent picture and possibly every channel u will ever need i cant believe this is free get this in ur life!!

Kev. C. Jul 21, 2016     

Won't allow you to watch. Comes up with network error both wifi and cell network. Needs to be fixed

And. G. Nov 25, 2016     

i was soo loving this app.. enjoyed most of the brit channels in india.. but outta nowher suddenly all the popular UK channels have disappeared.. Please fix this.. i want them back. dats why deducted 1 star

A. G. u. Dec 15, 2016     

Says on info that you can record TV programmes. Unable to this.It says contact our support. Emailed several times no reply.

adn. a. Jun 16, 2016     

Just like LivestreamTV, you watch more Coway crap than the stream. The worst method of advertising ever. Annoying.

mic. b. Jun 12, 2016     

app is a joke when i watch something i dont want to watch the same 4 or so episodes of a show over and over . and when pausing them i expect to come right back where i left off and not at the end of the show . its all just the same shows over and over and doesnt even have a full season of a series like the dick van dyke show... uninstalling it now

Mic. L. Jul 1, 2016     

Doesn't work. And while your trying to get it to work the adverts constant force you to the app store to download games. DON'T EVEN BOTHER TRYING THIS APP. it's created by idiots.

A. G. u. Aug 25, 2016     

I have no tele - I've fought to get off the streets as a homeless person and just to hear the sounds of television through a phone is so normalising. That i feel human again. Thank you x

kra. Aug 10, 2016     

I downloaded this since my TV broke and it's great. It has all the channels I need. I would recommend it to anyone.

que. o. Sep 3, 2016     

I miss Europe so much, with this watch tv apps makes me feel better. And happy to have this.

Joh. A. Jul 27, 2016     

Great app if you want to watch the worst selection of unknown tv channels and most poorly made movies from around the world.