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Open the world of CC-licensed free mp3 music and download for free. Mp3 Music Download is simple but powerful app that lets you to find free music from indie or unknown artists published under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 or public domain. You are free to search music, download and play whenever you want. Create playlists, ringtones and share mp3 music with friends.
FEATURES:Mp3 music download
- only high quality mp3 musicFast music download
- up to 200% speedupFree music download
- all the music published for free and fair useDownload this app and start listen to free music!

COPYRIGHT:All the music in app provided by ccmixter.org using official query api http://ccmixter.org/query-api and due to terms of use. All music published under Creative Commons
- "Attribution" license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/. We are not affiliated with ccmixter.org website.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (20)

Emm. R. Oct 28, 2016     

The old version was literally amazin..i found every song i typed in..got a new fone and downloaded it n now cant find anything. It just brings up weird stuff that either isnt even words or that ive never heard of.you guys really need to sort it out.

Phi. B. Dec 5, 2016     

I downloaded a while back and it worked great but all of a sudden my computer could no longer find the songs I couldn't download them onto my computer. So I made the big mistake of thinking well I will uninstall it and reinstall it to see if that fixes the problem. The second reinstall it I don't know what you guys did but it's screwed up completely. The search doesn't even work now.

Cat. M. Feb 20, 2017     

I had originally gave it a 3 but the bugs didn't get fixed so I uninstalled and the installed it again. I couldn't find any song I was looking for so I uninstalled it for good. You can read my previous rating below. This was the best downloader I've had in a long time but now it won't download or play music. I'm not going to uninstall yet. I'm hoping this will be fixed. If it gets fixed I'll give it 5 stars.

Nic. R. Feb 15, 2017     

At first when I got the app everything was moving fast and smoothly. Ads after every other click want fun, but it worked beautifully. Then it says the file is unavailable with everything even the covers and "music video" file. I did everything you could imagine thinking of and it doesn't work so now I'm going to uninstall it 😑

Cor. H. Feb 16, 2017     

I'm not entirely sure what's happened to this app. It used to be great. The search bar no longer functions, which means every song you search for will never be displayed in the results. If it's a copyright issue then of course there's little the developer can do about it, but as for now the app has been rendered completely redundant and should probably be removed from the store.

L. M. Feb 13, 2017     

So the app was pretty good, you could do some searching but normally found whatever you needed because it just took the audio sample off of YouTube. Fine by me, only problem is the app doesn't seem to work anymore, won't download the files. Shame really, hope you guys fix this.

Jes. G. Dec 16, 2016     

This dosent even work guys, and don't be told that this is a great app wort app I've ever downloaded in my life.Please save your space don't waste MB for this nonsense people. What kind of person makes a app that dosent have music, LITERALLY It dosent show music even if u download it.

A. G. u. Dec 11, 2016     

It is not able if you try to download something like your favorite song my liking personally I like Bruno Mars but it doesn't let me pop it up so try to do Eminem and it didn't work. Just don't download it it's horrible trust me on it goes a hundred times and good Wi-Fi and I have a good songs can I have other good apps and I want to try this one randomly and horrible. If I really just don't download it trust it's horrible.

ste. z. Oct 10, 2016     

Other flaw is that when a download fails one gets a message but it doesn't tell which download failed. Using a video format when there is no video-image is not only a waste of space or bandwidth but it also is plain awkward as video app stops playing when it is sent to background. Still everything one looks for can be found. Just need to also find a good converter.

Bri. Z. Oct 12, 2016     

YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING! I searched 3 different artists and 3 things popped up, the same ones might I add everytime I seached. Do not download! It's a waste of space and time. It shouldn't even exist. Why invent such an app with no build to do justice towards it's entitlement.

XO. T. X. Jan 30, 2017     

F**king aids. I typed in THE WEEKND and different song and artist popped up. Nothing about the weeknd...Then I typed in Drake to see if it something was wrong with the app or something and 0 results showed up. I don't know how this app has over 10 million downloads but this needs to be removed immediately. F**k this phoney app

Man. K. Oct 9, 2016     

It's not the best downloader ever, but for being free, it is pretty decent. I can't get the songs to play one after the other in the player, it just repeats the same song, so I have to manually change the song, that's rely my only complaint. All in all I will rate it not too shabby.

Ken. O. Feb 3, 2017     

This app was awesome until today Feb 2nd, its just kept saying can't download song, I've tried numerous times to download different songs, vet the same results, please fix this app it was so awesome, I even rebooted my phone to see if that would fix the issue but to no avail it didn't. Thank you as and please fix your app as soon as you can cause it was so awesome

Tom. M. Oct 13, 2016     

I was able to find pretty much every song I was looking for less than a week ago, but now it has no results for any songs, even the ones I previously downloaded on here. Even when I used to be able to find the songs, they often downloaded with quiet audio or incorrect titles/artists

Ol. F. Feb 2, 2017     

The early version was great then y'all started letting random people make their playlists/pages available... that's the point you lost it.. take it back to the way it was without all that junk, I want music from the artists not some junked up remix of it

Kri. H. Feb 11, 2017     

It's ok. Worked fine before last update. I would search for a song or artist and when I would pick a song to either play or download it would say download is not available so I tried and tried and tried then just gave up. Tried to uninstall app to see if that would help but now when I search for something, absolutely nothing shows up. Please fix. I really did like this app before this! Using LG flex 2.

Dan. L. Oct 27, 2016     

Search is very good as is the available library. PROBLEM is playback sticks; like a record caught in a scratch or DVD that skips.. GREAT music but not much use if you can't play it. IF you fix this you will have THE PREMIER APP..of its type. 5+++++++. But, until then, only 2.

M. W. Feb 22, 2017     

For my moto e 2nd gen lollipop it was awesome for months, then all of a sudden wouldn't let me download any songs. I've cleared every app cache + no app update 4 this app and I have plenty of phone storage. Idk kinda bummed sry

Car. S. Oct 23, 2016     

I don't understand something so simple ,can't even been done. It does absolutely nothing , every song or group name I got nothing or if I did get something it had nothing to with what had requested. What a waste of my time. So uninstalled it goes. Save some time don't even try it, you will end up just frustrated like me and then you will be uninstalling like me. I swear, this is no B.S. Good luck out there.

sas. Dec 16, 2016     

Just try to let it work on other types of phones please. It will work great on my phone but then I showed it to my mom and she got it. It worked great. Then she got a new phone. She downloaded the app and it wouldn't let her search anything. If you could please fix this problem then we will all be happy.