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Mp3 music downloader has a big collection of free music all under cc licensed which are free to use.Allows you to search favorite musics for so many categories on ccmixter.org website.
All music are free to user for your school projects, music videos and etc. because they are licensed as free to use according to ccmixter website.Mp3 music downloader downloads music legally by using their free public API for music search free.

Just search the music type and then click the result and play music or download it, very fast and easy.NOTE: This app uses CCMIXTER QUERY API: http://ccmixter.org/query-apiFree for public use.

Please dont angry if you dont find music you want, we only give the legal ones.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (29)

Ray. R. Feb 22, 2017     

It's quite fine but not the best

Cir. M. J. Feb 23, 2017     

More special songs and quick loading

Kri. V. Feb 23, 2017     

Soooooo..... This downloaded my first song 3 times.... Then just stopped downloading at all... Stupidity is a word that comes to mind when I think of this app.

AUZ. Feb 22, 2017     

Well, i searched songs and it had all of them so far. Ranging from people like KRNFX and Marian Hill to more "In the Spotlight" people like Logic and The Weeknd, old and really recent songs. It doesnt look the prettiest, but who cares how it looks when it works really well lol. Im satisfied

Dac. B. Feb 17, 2017     

I hate it; every time I search a song it shows something else and it has to many interruptions

Nas. L. Feb 19, 2017     

I love this app. No glitches. I have found all my music so far.

Nin. S. Feb 20, 2017     

Its an awesome app I can find most of my music in here. :)

A. G. u. Feb 20, 2017     

Too many ads but it finds the songs that I want and downloads them easily

A. G. u. Feb 20, 2017     

Its good tp use it so essy

Eve. H. Feb 17, 2017     

Terrible nothing but adds

A. G. u. Feb 16, 2017     

This apps.is so very ok for me..

Gau. A. Feb 21, 2017     

Nothing but crap.

Roq. U. Feb 19, 2017     

Its cool and very helpful

Daw. S. Feb 18, 2017     

It's ok so far. I just downloaded this app and searched for one song...it was on here. Hopefully they'll have every song I search for.

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2017     

Its a ok app

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2017     

It's okay...

Kri. D. Feb 20, 2017     

Its ok

MHI. G. Feb 18, 2017     


And. J. F. I. Dec 13, 2016     

The app is no different then the last app I tried that was by a different developer but identical except for the color scheme. When you hit search an advertisement pops up but no music, hit search again for another advertising, but still no music, hit search again and be lucky if you don't get the same ad. I think Google needs a place for us to report apps like this so that they can get rid of them, we can stop wasting our time, maybe actually get to the apps that work. This app is garbage!

Ash. R. Dec 21, 2016     

Can't even download music the damn ads get in the way. You guys need to stop with these worthless aps

OP. G. Nov 12, 2016     

It has songs I've never heard of and there's ads every time i tap the screen

Ste. M. Nov 17, 2016     

Doesn't pull up anything close to what you searched for; ads after every scrim 2

Kay. P. Dec 20, 2016     

It has a lot if adds and doesn't always have the songs I want, but it's a good app to get a few songs from

Tes. C. Feb 7, 2017     

Poor app. It had a lot of ads and wanted access to a lot of things. Has no new music or even familiar music.

Sar. H. Dec 18, 2016     

This app is rubbish. Lots of ads and the the songs it found did not even relate to what I typed in. Total rubbish waste of time

Eli. W. Dec 20, 2016     

Wanted me to rate it before I could even try it out errrrrrr if I could of tried it I would of rated it but uninstalling :(

Ger. M. Dec 2, 2016     

Every time I search a song an add pops up. I hate it. UNINSTALLING IT RIGHT AWAY.

Sha. M. Dec 5, 2016     

It's awful. Searches always pulled up no name regular people. Nothing I looked up popped up if I could rate it zero stars I would

Tho. O. Dec 2, 2016     

No common bands found. Type I in the letter k and there are songs I'm russian