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MPloy is a job search platform that helps you look for work and manage job leads throughout the process. The app is available to job seekers who are clients of MAXIMUS workforce programs that use the MPloy platform.

With MPloy, you can search for jobs, track your progress and communicate with your job coach all in one place.

• Search for jobs. MPloy pulls jobs from multiple online job boards into one search. It also allows your career coach to post jobs that match your skills.

• Manage and track progress. MPloy helps you organize and manage job opportunities as you apply, interview and then get the job. You can track notes, contacts, documents, coach comments, job details, strategies and more.

• Send and receive messages. You can communicate with your coach directly from the MPloy app.

Welcome to MPloy. Let’s get started!

For support, contact us at [email protected].

Category : Business

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Reviews (3)

Wil. A. Nov 22, 2021     

Not great. It barely let me open it and it never let me get much done. No harm no foul but for an app made to help people keep track of their job search and everything else, it could use alot of improvement.

Mat. R. Mar 27, 2021     

Great app and alternative to the website

Mar. B. Jan 3, 2021     

The stupid App never works