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Get real-time access to Burlington, VT and Plattsburgh, NY local news, national news, sports, traffic, politics, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WPTZ MyNBC 5 app for free today.
With our Burlington and Plattsburgh local news app, you can:
- Be alerted to breaking local news with push notifications.
- Watch live streaming breaking news when it happens and get live updates from our reporters.
- Submit breaking news, news tips or email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom and it could be featured on air.
- Check out current weather conditions, hourly and 7 day forecasts wherever you might be.
- Our interactive radar lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity.
- See weather alerts and updates, watch videocasts from your favorite meteorologists and more.

No matter where you are in the Burlington and Plattsburgh local area, you can stay up to date on the latest news and weather information with the WPTZ MyNBC 5 app.

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Reviews (28)

A. G. u. Oct 18, 2018     

This is a very good app to use. I like reading& watching the local, national news, local weather& other stories that are posted on this app& compare stories as listed above to a different local news channel, because some of the stories are the same& other times they have different news stories posted.

Geo. D. Oct 4, 2020     

Very good app. The only complaint I have is the breaking news headlines at the top of the app are cut off at the top. Usually by the "Nowcast" red box. Can't read the rest of the breaking news headlines. Can this be fixed? Otherwise the app will well laid out.

Ant. E. Jan 23, 2020     

Way better than wcax app. Adds not in your face all the time. Better design then wcax and more accurate weather.

Sue. G. Sep 8, 2021     

i had this app on my phone and chromebook. So i have had it (app) for 2 -3 yrs.And it's been & still is a wonderful experience!

3i5. 3. t. b. B. m. J. S. Jul 28, 2021     

great way to get the latest news especially breaking news. us with the interactive radar helps plan my day.

Pau. S. Jan 4, 2022     

Great for local news and weather

G. l. Nov 7, 2020     

Video's automatically start playing. That's the only issue I don't like.

Joy. C. Aug 3, 2021     

I only wanted local news, I'm getting everything but local...uninstalling

And. D. Nov 19, 2019     

App is on again, off again. NOT reliable

bar. b. Mar 28, 2019     

great app. I get all I need here.

Ken. F. Aug 12, 2019     

I've loved MyNBC5 all my life. Yes.

9Ho. -. 9. Sep 11, 2021     

Simply the Best

Ben. M. May 8, 2020     

This app rocks

Kat. B. Jul 12, 2019     

i just rely on wptz

Jim. J. May 3, 2019     

It's great

Nik. E. Apr 6, 2020     

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gle. e. Jul 17, 2020     

7/16/20- They worked out kinks I didn't like in the weather radar. They are my only stop for news and weather now!!!

Bob. V. B. Feb 14, 2020     

I rely especially on the great weather team

Fra. R. Aug 1, 2018     

Unfortunately there are too many ads to be useful for me.

A. G. u. May 17, 2018     

The CAST feature has been removed from the app. WHY???

Sur. N. Apr 17, 2018     

This app is the worst news app I've used in a while. It constantly cuts out and buffers making me have to restart the app and watch the same ads over and over.

Jef. T. Mar 14, 2018     

With the new update there is Closed Captioning that covers half of the map when I'm trying to watch the weather, and no option to turn it off. Fix this, my work depends on the weather.

Sus. M. Mar 24, 2018     

Really enjoy this app.

A. G. u. Dec 30, 2017     

50% of the screen is advertising. Most local news stories are only sentence or two. Not useful.

Ale. W. Dec 18, 2017     

Why cant I pull up GA,AZ,CA,and other TX weather like I can with my old app. I have relatives in those states and would like to keep a check on the weather in those states.

Jan. E. Jan 4, 2018     

It has yet to be installed on my phone, although it claim.s it is on my phone.

A. G. u. Dec 18, 2017     


Jod. V. Dec 12, 2017     

I liked the old app better, no reason to get rid of it. This app is not user friendly. Need lots of bugs worked out.