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NCLEX RN Mastery

Master the most important test of your career: the NCLEX. This app prepares you with 1800+ practice questions, quizzes, mnemonics and strategies based on past NCLEX RN exams.
NCLEX Mastery was created by nursing students and professors who understand the struggle and pressure of nursing students just like you. We are always improving our app and adding new content at no additional cost.

NCLEX Mastery was developed to give you an edge by obsessively focusing on providing maximum learning in minimal time. Review NCLEX RN practice questions anywhere, anytime -
- no network connection required!

Features:•1800+ meticulously crafted NCLEX RN questions with rationales and pictures •30% of the questions are Select All That Apply (SATA)•Practice quizzes •Pharmacology questions •Content based on past NCLEX questions •The most comprehensive list of NCLEX mnemonics on the market •Detailed test taking and study strategies •In depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses •Built in timer so you know how long you are taking per question •Lab Values

Install NCLEX Mastery now and see why more than 1,100,000 nursing students made NCLEX Mastery the #1 rated nursing app. Our reviews speak for themselves!

There is NO risk -
- install now and try it before you buy it! Don't like it? No problem, we have a 14-day money back guarantee.

We ALSO guarantee you will pass your exam using NCLEX Mastery or you get double your money back!

BONUS: Purchase the mobile version and we'll grant you access to the full-featured ONLINE version.

Can you help us? We appreciate your feedback and reviews, please reach out to us and let us know what you think!

What’s New:New, sleek user interface and experienceYou are now able to create an account which will allow for syncing across multiple devices.New content added.

•Ace the nursing boards test or just get help in school or with ATI tests by using the NCLEX Mastery exam preparation app, review flashcards and practice questions along with quiz questions•Before, during or after school, study for your nursing boards with the best preparation system, featuring flashcards, a study guide and quiz questions•Prep for school or guide your study for the biggest test in your nursing life with the best test prep and practice exam review guide•Study well for your ATI exam and LRN nursing boards with over 1800 practice exam and quiz questions, as well as flashcards•Improve your preparation and review all nursing practice and quiz questions which will help you pass your Nursing boards and ATI exams•Quiz and practice exam questions, flashcards, review etc. all in one mobile app to ace your nursing boards and ATI test•The nursing school review and preparation material with flashcards and a study guide that can help you prep for your nursing boards and ATI test•The most exhaustive test preparation and nursing guide includes test prep material with more than 1800 flashcards and questions that can help you ace the nursing boards and perform better in school

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Reviews (30)

Ali. H. Mar 23, 2022     

I am super frustrated, and looking at other reviews from a month or so ago, the issue may not be fixed? I cannot access the content I am paying $10/month for, when I need it. I had an exam today but wasn't able to prepare as well as I wanted to due to not being able to access the content needed. I should have unlimited questions already. Everytime I go to subscribe it tells me I'm subscribed but won't unlock the content? What gives???

Lea. E. Feb 13, 2022     

It's a great app when it works. I paid $30 for the unlimited plus plan and this is the second time it has locked the content today. I've made sure I'm signed in under the correct account, I've clicked on the sync button, turned my phone off and on, and uninstalled the app. It unlocked content when I uninstalled and then reinstalled it, then as I was continuing to use it, it locked everything again. If this is what I'll continue to have to do (all while losing my progress), I want a refund.

Lil. s. Mar 28, 2022     

I paid for the month subscription and none of my questions are unlocked. So I'm out $30 and have no access to the study materials. I wish I wouldn't have downloaded this app at all.

Saa. N. Mar 28, 2022     

I'm very poor in calculations but the questions here are getting me there. I enjoy this app because even if I don't finish my test and my subscription expires I get 11 questions each day to test my knowledge. I recommend 👌 👏 👍

Fis. B. Mar 23, 2022     

Ok swear by it!! Much better than u world, rationales are precise and compact as opposed to super long rationales with you uworld.

Joy. M. Mar 15, 2022     

Payed for 1 year subscription,then when I updated the app I cannot access the qbank anymore,says I need to pay/subscribed.

Ama. G. Jul 10, 2020     

I ended up feeling overwhelmed because I had another study plan I was doing and I was not giving myself enough downtime. So shortly after I bought this app, I requested a refund after choosing to stay with my other plan. The customer service was prompt, kind, and refunded me no questions asked. I really love that. The content was good, and the amount of questions is amazing. The explanations are pretty good, but it did feel a bit overwhelming. I would say for the price, TOTALLY recommend 👌

Lin. G. Nov 30, 2019     

UPDATE: I purchased this app for 1 month. I just saw on my bank statement that I was charged another $29.99 once in October and again last night. I used it for one month and uninstalled it after. I have contacted through the website for a refund. Love this app. It is very helpful in learning the format of the questions. Also, I can do them anywhere. I love that I can screenshot and not have to write all rationales down. Its great to be able to look back on them in my photo gallery.

Mic. D. Jun 5, 2019     

I take the nclex next year, but so far the questions are great and I like the fact that they give explanation for each answer (right or wrong) as well as an overall explanation of the question. I wish questions were scored based on what you got right/wrong and not what you know/don't know. these questions are challenging and although you picked a good answer that is right, it's not the best answer. Overall, they have really great material!

Lou. M. Mar 12, 2019     

Great app! I tried the free trial. It was really helpful even though it was only available for a short amount of time. Might buy the 3 month subscription. I would be great if they had another sale of the unlimited access for 30$ (or 50$?) like they had last Fall 2018.

She. B. Jun 4, 2020     

I LOVE this app, and also love being able to use it on my computer. I bought this app in 2016 and graduated this May (2020). I played with it sometimes, but I didn't start using it to review until this semester. It works similarly to expensive programs and costs a lot less. The rationales are very detailed, and I was very well prepared for the NCLEX. I passed in 65 questions the first time around.

Chr. R. Feb 9, 2022     

Downloads for the free trial and decided to subscribe now I only have access to 2 subjects. Where did they go?? Why subscribe if I'm just gonna lose it anyway?

Cha. P. Feb 10, 2022     

Thank you for fixing the subscription issue. This is a really informative and helpful app. Highly reccomend giving it a chance!

Mar. F. Apr 8, 2022     

really good questions with good explanations. highly recommend it.

ehi. o. Apr 3, 2022     

this site is awesome. very good they take time to explain well in their rational

Kel. G. Aug 22, 2019     

It well organized, simple to read and understand with the rationals. Pictures are used for understanding what the topic are in the questions. It's also mobile friendly. You can study anywhere with your phone. I loved this app. Thank you and i will recommend this app to my friends.

Nie. W. Oct 23, 2021     

So when I subscribed it read that I have 3 days free, but I canceled the same day due to it not being what I really was looking for. They still charge me 10 and it reads that my subscription is canceled November 31, which is a month. I thought the first 3 days were free. False advertisement. I took a screenshot of everything as I always do because these apps and companies are tricky and many times can't be trusted. Would not recommend this app.

Chr. D. Jan 17, 2020     

I used this app while I was in nursing school (2013). It was an easy way to answer questions when waiting in line at the grocery store, Target, while watching TV, while waiting in the car to pick up kids from school, sports, etc. It really helped to reinforce the material currently being taught & preparing for the NCLEX simultaneously. I am now a clinical nursing instructor and 100% recommend it! Oh and bonus: I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions/65 minutes!

Mic. J. Oct 13, 2018     

I think this helped alot of people but i find the settings tricky. It automatically upgrades you to the paid version after 3 days without you knowing until you've already signed in. I went to the google play app to see where can i change or cancel this account but i cant seem to find it. Can you give me a detailed instruction or send me a link to my email to facilitate my cancelation for this account? Hoping for your favorable action regarding this issue. Thanks alot.

A. G. u. Mar 1, 2019     

the app is great the only thing I didn't give 5 star is that I was charged before the 3 day free trial ends and not even a single request was sent to me to authorize the payment....I just got the receipt emailed so I just went with it but found the contents helpfull..the other reason it just automatically subscribes to the nxt month if u dont cancel it. be a little easy on the payment if its worth it we the customers will find a way to pay and use it dont just take the money without our knowledge

Mic. K. Jul 8, 2019     

Excellent app. I love the interface of the NCLEX-RN Mastery. It's super easy to navigate around with. The app encourages me to practice questions. I'm not so hot with the $112/year price. I already found a few other dependable apps that offers services half of that.

Kel. M. Aug 21, 2019     

Really like how the app is organized to save missed questions so you can review again later. Also like not having to flip through pages of a book. This app makes it so much more convenient. The bonus is I study more often.

Tom. M. Nov 21, 2019     

Be careful with this app. It makes you chose for a month's subscription, 2 months' discounted or 3 months' discounted but keeps deducting your card after the end of your subscription of choice. (I don't know if this is what they call swindling?) In the app there's no option to unsubscribe. You have to call their customer service number to have your subscription discountinued. You have to Google the company's contact number and speak to a company representative to do this. BE FORWARNED!

Cas. D. Dec 25, 2018     

Literally 90% of this is select all that apply. Which is awful because the NCLEX doesn't even have select all that apply questions on it anymore. I used for 1 practice exam and canceled. Was not the least bit helpful as far as practice questions. Pneumonics are okay, but you can google pneumonics for free. Extremely disappointing.

Nin. R. Sep 25, 2020     

The questions and the resources available are amazing and I love how I can use any window of time I have throughout the day to do some practice questions; however, I am skeptical to pay $35 a month when I have reviews of others negative experiences dealing with the cancelation process. I don't make a lot of money and I don't feel it is worth the financial risk.

tom. May 7, 2020     

Be careful with this app. It makes you chose for a month's subscription, 2 months' discounted or 3 months' discounted but keeps deducting your card after the end of your subscription period. This is a deceptive business practice! In the app there's no option to unsubscribe. You have to Google the number & call their customer service to have your subscription discontinued. And the rep IS RUDE! Be WARNED or AVOID!

Cab. C. Jul 11, 2019     

Okay app. Horrible customer service, including Google. After canceling the subscription, I was charged another $59.99. Google wouldn't refund the unauthorized charges and getting in touch with Higher Learning Technologies was a joke. There are other apps with the same or better content and they offer more control over your membership and confirmation of cancellation (aka NRSNG Academy). What a waste!

Ken. U. Jun 19, 2019     

So first off I didn't wanna spend extra money after already paying so much for the test on something who knew if it would help or not. I am happy to say, I only studied this app and a Hesi live review that our school provided and past the test in 75 questions. The $30 was so worth it. I ended up doing a little less than 900 questions and all the simulations. On the test my questions were actually very similar and a lot of the rationales helped tremendously leading me to the right answer.

Fae. A. May 14, 2019     

Wish I could use this app but it freezes in the middle of a practice exam. Every exam. I contacted a customer service rep and they told me that because I am using Android's IOS 7 instead of 9 that I can expect that. Cricket hasn't made IOS 9 available for my device yet (which is less than a year old). I am disappointed that I paid for this and can't use it.

Ama. L. Dec 10, 2018     

This company gave me the material I needed to pass the HESI A2 and I am happy they have this app available as it is helping me practice questions as I'm going through nursing school. My only problem with my subscription is that it is not broken into monthly payments. Otherwise, this app is worthwhile and extremely crucial for understanding how to answer these questions and why they're right or wrong. Thank you!