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The NFL App is the best, pure football app for any fan. From live game streams (Verizon smartphone customers only), to trending videos on NFL Now to replays of every game with NFL Game Pass (subscription), the NFL App is packed with more video than ever. Whether it’s game day or non-game day, from preseason through the playoffs, the NFL App keeps fans on top of the game with breaking NFL news, highlights, stats & more wherever they are, whenever they want it.
Phone features (only available with Verizon):All Verizon customers get access to exclusive live content on their phone*, including:2016 regular season games2016 NFL Playoff games2017 Pro BowlSuper Bowl LINFL Network 24/7/365

Phone and Tablet features:GAMES: Follow along with up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights, big play markers and drive charts; fans can also access NFL Game Pass (subscription content).STORIES: Read articles and watch videos highlighting the latest stories and breaking news from around the NFL and from all 32 teams.NFL NOW: Brings fans the latest stories and trending topics across the NFL and gives direct access to all 32 teams.STATS: Track league and team leaders in all major stats categories.MORE: Watch video on demand, see the NFL Network schedule, browse the NFL Shop, and more.

Tablet-only features:NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone are available for eligible subscribers of AT&T U-verse, Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, DISH, and many more providers.

All fans can access NFL Game Pass subscription content within NFL Mobile. NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location**. Learn more at www.NFL.com/Gamepass.

Learn more about the NFL’s digital offerings: nfl.com/apps, twitter.com/nfl, and facebook.com/nfl.

The NFL App allows use of Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content, including all content within the NFL Game Pass offering. However, the NFL App does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions.

*Data usage apples for app download and use.**Certain restrictions apply.

Privacy Policy: http://www.nfl.com/help/privacyTerms and Conditions: http://www.nfl.com/help/terms

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Reviews (27)

Obi. W. May 24, 2022     

Possibly the worst app ever. I constantly get "app isn't responding" message. Stats are missing, updates happen later than other sports apps and, the layout is terrible, scores are jammed together on top of each other. Videos don't play, it freezes. A billion dollar business can't get an app right? Ridiculous.

Ale. M. Apr 30, 2022     

I've been trying to use this app for years and it still never works properly. Videos freeze and never load, the screen freezes all the time too. The app closes randomly while just scrolling through things. I can't believe after all these years this multi-billion dollar business can't get their own app to work properly. 4/30/22 update. Still horrible. Can't open or load anything and its draft weekend.

Jef. S. Mar 17, 2022     

On Android 12 Pixel 6 and the app will no longer work. Crashes immediately on open. Uninstall reinstall changes nothing. No solution to fix. Update 1/4/22: App started working for about a week and it's now crashing again immediately on startup. I have to use the web browser. The app experience is truly disappointing. It's silly that I still get notifications from the app, but it still won't open 2 months later. Update 3/17 app is crashing again.

Sea. W. Mar 4, 2022     

I just canceled my gamepass subscription, but I installed the app on my phone just so that I could write this review and hopefully convince anyone thinking about joining to skip it and find another way to watch games. Gamepass is worthless. If you install it, be prepared to have to reactivate your TV every freakin Sunday, sometimes multiple times. Never hit pause or rewind/ffwd because the stupid thing will glitch right to the end and ruin it for you. And forget about any tech support. Don't!

jim. c. f. Mar 14, 2022     

Cool for an avid football fan, but beware of signing up for any of their subscriptions. Once you sign up for the game pass, it is not easy to cancel your subscription. You can't do it through the app -- no matter what rhe FAQs say -- and customer service gives you the run around saying it is a Google Play Store issue that prevents canceling it. I had to go through my bank to dispute the charges because they wouldn't cancel after dealing with them for weeks.

Lyn. B. Mar 25, 2022     

This app sux. Trying to cancel my GP subscription was a joke. It kept taking me in circles! I had it "Paused" for 3 months. I was still being charged. I finally just called PayPal and asked them to please cancel it. But I didn't get any refund. That was $33 I'll never see again. Think about how much money these apps rip you off. I'm not the only person, ripped off. I have no idea how to get my $$ back. So, $33 x 1 000 customers is a really nice chunk of change. For free.

Rol. K. Apr 2, 2022     

It's embarassing for an organization like the NFL to provide such a buggy app. Last year, it didn't work at all on a new Google Pixel 6, although reinstalling it a dozen times. Now I tried it again and it's not possible to create an account, no error message, nothing. Every 16 year old kiddy can nowadays build a better app than this shitload.

Kry. W. Mar 11, 2022     

App runs slow as all. I bought gamepass which is a yearly subscription and not only did i have nonstop problems with it throughout the season. Jus a few weeks after the super bowl i apparently already lost my subscription for this year. New season hasnt started. Not worth the amount of effort or the price.

Ger. R. Mar 25, 2022     

90 percent of the time when I get a notification from this app, it will not open. It just disappears. I also constantly get notifications from my phone about excessive battery consumption from this app and recommendations to shut it down. When I shut it down, it starts right back up on its own. If you can't read the articles you want and its killing your battery, whats the purpose for this app.

Jul. S. Mar 19, 2022     

Getting rid of the app. Ill try again when football starts. They changed their article notifications to leave out the players name so i have to click it to see it. Its annoying AF. If i wanted to read a whole article i would browse for what i want. I have the notifications on to be notified whats happening not not to be notified that something did happen and click to see what it is. For example "Niners are signing this colts DB for $$$" just tell me who it is and i will go back when i have time.

Tre. W. Apr 29, 2022     

Still the Worst app of all time. Takes forever to load, super glitchy, videos buffer forever, random crashes, you click a notification for a story and it doesn't bring you to that story just the home page. all that money and you can't put together a decent app...

Lou. g. May 5, 2022     

Too many bugs, takes for ever to start or open app. When I get an alert and I click on it to read story it just loads for ever. I have to close the app, restart then look for the story I was about to read. This app used to be good about 2 years ago but now it lags so much I just use yahoo sports.

Sam. F. Apr 30, 2022     

This has to be the worst app I've ever used in my entire life. I mean this is the NFL. A billion dollar company. And this has to be the worst app in the app store. Get your act together. I have used it on different platforms at different times with different phones and still is very very poor product. Every now and then I hope that the update would fix all their issues but no avail. I'm getting rid of it once and for all

IF. M. Mar 24, 2022     

Constant news stories that pop up as an add for your stories, click to read it, 50% of the time, nothing, the other 50, loads program to all the stories, not even my specified team news is at the top, or first 100 whatever scrolls/pages theyre called. What is the point of an app, that doesnt work? Uninstalled.

Cha. S. Apr 13, 2022     

The worst app I have ever used. You would think with all the money the NFL has they could afford to hire a somewhat decent team of software developers. The app doesn't load articles from notifications. It just stays on a loading screen. Frequently videos never load, and everything is just slow and clunky

Cha. G. Dec 27, 2021     

Somehow this app has gotten worse over the years. It used to be easy to open and it would play the game with commercials edited out. It was easy to fast forward or rewind. But now, this app is terrible for the money! They don't actually remove the commercials regularly and when they do the editing is bad. Worse, I cannot skip ahead as it fast forwards to the 4 quarter when I try to skip 30 seconds. Not sure why it has gotten worse over the years but it is an incrediblely frustrating app!

Sky. T. Dec 27, 2021     

Such a frustrating app since the last update. The Roku app isn't any better. Game Pass takes forever to load, when I fast forward to where I left off it switches from what I want to watch to the condensed version. When I push skip 10 sec, I'm taken to the end of the game. If I open a text while watching the game is lost. They need a mini player like YouTube. When I can't watch a whole game in one sitting, it doesn't save my place. Frustration level with this paid service is at an all time high!

Ran. Jan 26, 2022     

Loading times are extremely long. More recently, when I click a noti from the app, the app doesn't open at all, but, when it does open, it doesn't take me to the window or news that I'm being notified for, it just stops at the home screen. On top of that, the video player buffers a lot, and the ad I get before watching a short highlight or segment is too long, especially considering how long it may take to get to the video and the aforementioned buffering.

Wil. W. Jan 11, 2022     

App is terribly unresponsive. When you open it, it takes a long time to actually load. And I'm on a Pixel 6 so it's not that the phone is old. They'll give me notifications that I'm interested in and when I click on them, it takes me to the home screen and almost never opens the app. Occasionally I even get the "app is unresponsive" message. Just a hot mess. You know, a mess that, when it heat is applied, it becomes even messier.

Kry. D. Jan 22, 2022     

I haven't been able to use this app on my tablet for most of the 2021 season. It started crashing all the time. I tried a few troubleshooting tactics & ended up reinstalling it. Since then, I've been stuck with a promo video from what I think is the Salute to Service games. It plays on a loop, glitching the entire time. The app won't even open fully so I can't get around it. I reinstalled again today & I'm still stuck with the same video. App works fine on my phone 95% of the time though.

Gin. D. Jan 9, 2022     

I hate this app. I wish I could give it a zero. The android app is buggy, slow and constantly buffers and crashes. I generally can't get live audio until the end of the first quarter. The TV app is also consistently hard to load and, if you try to fast forward through commercials, skips forward at least a quarter. I like to watch the games without knowing the score, this consistently ruins that. I wouldn't put up with it if I hadn't wasted my money on gamepass. Save yourself the frustration.

Cod. H. Jan 18, 2022     

Never open the app if you don't already know the results of every game. It opens to results if games she then freezes for multiple seconds. Even if you have "hide scores" selected in your account, sometimes it shows then anyway. You use this app to watch NFL game pass, but when I just started the have I wanted to watch it has the final score in the center. They don't actually want you to watch the games themselves, just the coverage about the games, and the commercials in between.

Pet. L. Dec 27, 2021     

This app is fine for checking scores and news, but subscription services, like GamePass, are horrible to use. They are slow and poorly organized/designed. It defaults to streaming whatever random game is on and slows down the load time of the entire page. The videos have no scrub controls and you can't go forward or backwards incrementally during the replay. It'll just jump to the end. It also cannot save your progress if you stop watching. Overall a horrible experience for customers who pay.

Bri. B. Dec 6, 2021     

Rather disappointed considering the huge amount of resources the NFL has. Very glitchy and random freeze ups are common. It is better than static that is always present on local radio but seriously, they can do far better. This week every commercial break, which of course are frequent, locked up on video play requiring restart. The fact that it is free is the only redemption for this app. It doesn't entice me into a paid version at all.

Zac. Dec 4, 2021     

A year ago this app was functioning a lot better. This app is trash now. It doesn't work since the app fails everytime it gets opened. I can't watch games because it lags so much that it has to reset. If I go to look at stats guess what happens? The app freezes then shuts down. Fix this trash app. It has great content for games. Whats the point of it when it barely functions.

TaT. R. H. Dec 24, 2021     

Horrible!!!!! This app use to be so good. What happened??? I tried to do the free trial but the app kept freezing. When it wasn't freezing,I kept getting the spinning circle like it was loading but it never loaded. Now I can't even click on the articles to read them. I sure hope the bugs are fixed before the season starts

Hea. H. Jan 23, 2022     

For an official NFL app, I expect more. First off, I expect it to work. To many times it fails to load it takes over a minute to display information. I feel like they've tried to design this app for a computer to multitask, and it bogs it down. When opening the all from a notification, I've seen the same thing. I'd prefer not to auto load videos when trying to simply look at game scores. This app needs to keep it simple... Doing to much has made this an unpleasant experience