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The official North Penn SD app gives you a personalized window into what is happening at the district and schools. Get the news and information that you care about and get involved.

Anyone can:
-View District and school news
-Use the district tip line
-Receive notifications from the district and schools
-Access the district directory
-Display information personalized to your interests

Parents and students can:
-View grades, assignments, and attendance
-View and add contact information

Category : Education

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Reviews (9)

Dan. E. Nov 5, 2018     

App needs to be updated as it no longer supports some content area such as School Cafe within the app.

Rob. W. Jan 8, 2018     

We are a New family to the North Penn School District community. A great app to help my son & i get familiar with his new school & School DistrictšŸ¤ø

A. G. u. Feb 9, 2018     

It's great for when u want notifications and need info! Thanks NP!

dpe. Jan 4, 2017     

Overall this app is fairly useful. The various applications all work rather well, although it at times feels rather clunky. Having access to things like the lunch menu, home access, and the calendar is nice. Their are a few complaints. As i said having the calendar and home access from the app is handy, it would be better if the calendar was a more traditional style instead of this awkward list format. As for home access it should automatically log you in to it if you are logged in to the app.

Chr. H. Aug 17, 2016     

Each embedded app makes you login every time. Back button does not work while in each app. Pause and return makes embedded apps freeze.

Chr. B. Aug 30, 2016     

App is completely not functional. Says my home access password is not correct, however it works on the website. Can't access menus.

Eri. W. Jul 9, 2016     

Dis app is giving me much the frustration

Kat. L. Sep 21, 2016     

Everything I need to know about NPSD at my finger tips!

Chi. 7. Jul 9, 2016