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OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics)

***The OBDLink app exclusively works with these adapters**
- OBDLink LX Bluetooth
- OBDLink MX Bluetooth
- OBDLink Bluetooth
- OBDLink MX Wi-Fi
- OBDLink WiFi
- OBDLink SX USB (with Android 3.1 or newer)***The app will NOT work with any other brand of OBD adapter.***
Turn your phone or tablet into a full-fledged diagnostic scan tool: read diagnostic trouble codes, clear the "Check Engine" light, check emissions readiness, estimate fuel economy and much more!

Key features:

- Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes
- Read freeze frame data
- Display real-time data (over 90 parameters!)
- Customizable dashboards
- Emissions readiness for each US state
- Fuel economy MPG, l/100km or km/l calculation
- Multiple trip meters
- Log data to CSV format (compatible with Excel)
- Retrieve vehicle information including VIN number and calibration ID
- Oxygen Sensor Results (Mode $05)
- On-board Monitoring Tests (Mode $06)
- In-performance Tracking Counters (Mode $09)
- GPS tracking
- plot vehicle parameters on a map in real-time
- Full diagnostic report that can be e-mailed
- English and Metric units
- Free unlimited updates
- Ad-free

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Reviews (26)

Mic. J. B. May 17, 2022     

Really wanting to like this and like the features. My problem is it takes about 1 minute to connect. I even enabled it to autoconnect and re-use last protocol, but it's still extremely slow. Car Doctor app connects to it immediately.

Mil. S. May 18, 2022     

Obd link mx+ dongle appears to often go into too deep of a sleep and can't be woken up unless the button is pushed. Since I can't connect to my tesla model 3 with your obdlink app I cannot adjust the debug settings. Please add Tesla M3 support!!! Thanks!

Dam. P. Mar 8, 2022     

Definitely a good app, but could be better and the only thing I would like to see added for functionality is the ability to reset everything in the vehicle and do bidirectional changes, add keys (I would pay an upgrade fee to get that added ability so I don't have to go out and buy some expensive tool, I just want the ability to have all the abilities of a snap on bidirectional programmer).Other than that the app is good and so is the MX+.

And. C. May 10, 2022     

This Android app is beyond useless. I've had an OBDLink SX adapter for several years, and it works fine with Windows PCs, but plugging into this Android app it doesn't detect the device -- tried Nexus 4, Nexus 5, OnePlus One, Sony Z3c, Essential PH-1, Pixel, Pixel 3, Pixel 5, and a Note 8. It would be nice to use an Android device in the car, but don't count on this app ever working.

dav. l. Apr 26, 2022     

For the most part it works well. But just recently discovered that it's state by state emissions standards aren't correct so now I have to keep trying to pass emissions and can't rely on this to accurately tell if it will pass.

Kak. D. Jan 29, 2022     

Put app on its own device mounded in car, that issues solved. Requests, ability to back up dashboards and other settings to sd card or USB, better ability to shape displays including deform guages, a linear guage, And not to go numb when it does not have an internet link. Also please allow hiding nav buttons and allow extending display into cam punch area (this setting in on the dev end) I bought an used phone with a very wide/tall aspect ratio hoping I can use the shape to save space. Thanks.

Mic. A. Apr 2, 2022     

It's good but it could be better. Everything is fine about it but I want it to automatically connect to the obd device. Make this a feature and it will be perfect.

Wil. S. Mar 3, 2022     

Works great with ODBLink MX+ on my 2011 Acura MDX SH-AWD. get trouble codes when I'm passing someone on the road and have the pedal to metal. Computer will throw a 'rocker arm' error code that won't go away on its own. Had it checked out by multiple mechanics and they'd just clear the code for me after finding nothing wrong. So I purchased the ODBLink so that I can do it myself. Works as expected. Is very intuitive and easy to set up and to use. Docked a star because the online lookup is meh.

Tho. G. Feb 28, 2022     

Terrible connection. Worked ok for a little bit. Now it won't connect or stay connected. Deleted, reinstalled, deleted various apps as directed under troubleshooting. Tried a new phone. OBDLink MX+ will actually connect "better" but still not reliable with third party apps.

Fra. S. Mar 19, 2022     

Junk. Worthless. Support is unresponsive. The mx+ device works fine. The obdlink app is junk.

bry. g. Mar 15, 2022     

Why? I was hoping that it would work with one of my four bluetooth scanners. But it didn't so I never got to hook up and see how it works. Ill just keep using obdclick.

sum. S. Dec 8, 2021     

Definitely top tier Bluetooth OBD app/scanner out there. You have to have one of the OBDlink devices to use app but this is fine because they are best bluetooth mobile device OBD scanners on the market. You get free access to advanced diagnostics for your make, model, and year which is awesome because it allows you to read codes that other scanners aren't capable of such as transmission, ABS, 4x4 module etc. You can pull up live data for every PID imaginable. Mode $06 included and NO ADS EVER!

Ten. C. Feb 20, 2022     

Love the app and the hardware. Lots of in depth information. Very fast, accurate and intuitive. Would have given it a 5 star if the app section for recommended parts for fixes with link to amazon and YouTube video of how to replace or fix the parts....🤘🤘🤘

Ern. T. Feb 23, 2022     

I thought support for the device and app were hand in hand. But when I email you never respond for awhile. Then when you do it's again ages before anything is replied. So my issue lasts for months. Especially since I'm told to try something that doesn't work but I keep getting nothing resolved. I'm sorry I bought your products. All three of them.

Δ. Mar 22, 2022     

Please add ability to move gauges beyond the top and right edges of screen. Thank you!

DAV. Mar 24, 2022     

The best automotive tool I have ever purchased. emissions testing failed I was quoted by the shop recommended by the DMV the price of a 2500 dollars (the DMV won't tell you which sensors just - "PASS OR FAIL" ). ended up spending the price of the diagnostic tool and $18 on a speed sensor, cleaned ( reset using this device and application ) the others . That was 2 years ago this month it's going back in for emissions and I'm sure I'll pass. Thanks from a three car family.

ROX. P. Jan 9, 2022     

Excelent app and device. Recommend it. It gave me access to four errors at TCM that won't be shown on the CE light or thru an ordinary 20 buck dongle. These things get charged to be wiped by the stealrship with 200 $ at least.... The car runs smooth and no need to get ripped off for "software updates".

Ste. D. Apr 14, 2022     

Wow lots of diagnostics, especially like deep enhanced data. Works great in all 4 of my cars.

A. G. u. May 20, 2022     

I wasn't able to clear service light. Should be easy to do .

Nao. N. May 20, 2022     

I'm so happy to have an OBD Link in my car. It was so much easier to do it myself.

Fra. V. Apr 12, 2022     

Been using the app for a while now and for a backyard mechanic/DIY fellow this scan tool is perfect.

Ric. M. May 17, 2019     

This is the second device I have used. The first one was bricked after I followed the prompt to do a firmware update. The customer service was excellent, and they sent a replacement to me quickly, without requiring me to send the bad one back. It will occasionally lose pairing. When that happens it pairs again quickly. It won't pair with 4 digit Bluetooth code. Because of that, I have to use the app on my phone instead of my car stereo receiver that runs on Android OS.

Al. S. Jul 27, 2019     

Very versatile, can configure any parameter as a simple digital display or also with a dial which is often more useful. Even the free version has access to most basic parameters. A drawback is that it needs their proprietary OBD2 device for full access. My first one failed after a while. Customer service was excellent and they replaced it right away. No complaints there. Other than a bit pricey for full version, I give it two thumbs up, or four stars, lost one for cost.

Dan. C. Sep 17, 2021     

Missing the mark a bit... To be honest, for a paid app, the interface needs to be better. Only 4 PID values can be charted at a time, and there's no export utility. The font size on the performance screen is too small... Also, the process of creating and adjusting the dashboard gauges is tedious and desperately needs an "edit" mode or similar. Otherwise, the app connects reliably to the official adapter,

Chr. T. May 15, 2019     

OBDLINK MX worked well straight from the package. Uploaded my specific add ons with no problem. Still getting used to the features. Bluetooth set up confusing, make sure to press the little button on the adapter to link to your phone or device. Does not say that in the instructions. other than that great product. Still need to test on a vehicle that has Check Engine Light.

Bra. W. May 15, 2021     

Always seems to update and disable the firmware when I need it and don't have access to wifi. Would rate it much higher if they had a way to do updates that didn't disable the device in the process. Updated my review because this issue still exists. Updates still render the app useless at times when I need it the most. Works great when it's working. Unfortunately it's usually not working.