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Easily browse the latest Drudge Report headlines on your phone or tablet!
Links to REAL articles -
- not dumb-down text.

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Reviews (4)

Tom. K. Jan 4, 2017     

This app worked pretty well at first, Then, occasional articles wouldn't appear due to what appeared to be reported code problems. Then, after awhile more I wasn't able to access more articles and eventually, Drudge through this app. However, I was able to do so through Chrome browser and later I checked another, higher rated app after this one repeatedly failed again, and like Chrome, access was instantaneous... why I will use the higher rated app after I close this.

Mat. H. Jun 26, 2013     

Great 2 column view on nexus 7, but same configuration crashes my galaxy nexus. Used to work though. Anyway, a good app

Tho. C. Jul 14, 2014     

Pic's are great. Printing on headlines is bold and big, but small almost unreadable on the article

Rac. P. Jan 24, 2017     

Love drudge report, app helps getting there easier!