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Panion - Match, Chat & Meet with Likeminded People

Welcome to Panion! The future of making friends and meeting new interesting people nearby. Join thousands of people who share similar interests as you. With Panion, find, chat and make meaningful friendships!

*** Best interest based social app for meeting new people around you ***

Meeting new people locally has never been easier. Panion is a free social app and friend finder that connects you with likeminded people, based on your interests. Whether you are a local, traveling to, or just moved to a new city; Panion is the perfect companion for you!

Our goal is simple: to make your life just a little bit happier, simpler and full of meaningful friends everywhere you live, travel or visit. So, get social, get to know locals, people nearby and meetup with your new friends!


FIND new friends, a workout partner, activity partner / activity date, travel buddy, other couples, language exchange partners, mentors, co-founders, fellow entrepreneurs, business partners, startups, music hobbyist and so many more based on your personal interests.

CONNECT & CHAT with likeminded people nearby, within a specific community (expats, music lovers, travel enthusiasts, book clubs etc.), local universities, new network or company. Your new friends are just a tap away!

DISCOVER like minded people near you with Panion’s unique matching algorithm.

SEARCH within the local city, your next travel destination or community by keyword for people nearby who share common interests. No more searching for friends through dating sites.

EXPLORE categories of potential common interests including niche interests; e.g. pets travel, meetups, food, dining, dog walking, baby sitting & many more.

REQUEST new keywords to help shape Panion to fit your needs and improve the community.

ENGAGE with your match / matches and new friends to plan face-to-face meetups and activities.

FILTER by age, location, gender, interests, language and relationship type.

The opportunities are endless and the cost is free! A world of meaningful friendships, partnerships, network & experiences based on common interests and your location.

Whether you've just moved to a new city and want to meet other locals, you're traveling solo and want to find a travelbuddy, you've discovered a new hobby and are searching for an activity partner, or just want to make new friends. Panion is here to help you make new connections with likeminded friends nearby. Love puppies and need a dog date? Find it on Panion! Play date for your kids in the new city? Search Panion!

We are also the world’s first keyword-searchable free friendfinder app that shows people near you who share common interests and are looking to meetup with new friends. Unlike other dating apps such (bff, shoelace etc), we aim to connect people in real life and make meaningful friendships

Simply tag your profile with keywords that best represent you and search for others with overlapping interests. Find new friends, join communities and expand your network with connections that matter!

Whether your interests lie in cooking, sports, arts, travelling, you are a dog lover or coffee enthusiast. With Panion you can find your perfect match, activity date, new friends, activity partners in your local city, community, or area.


Explore by scrolling through profile cards

Send high fives to show your interest in connecting

Search to find activity partners within the Panion community OR REQUEST a new one

Send messages to local people to start a new chat / conversation

Meetup in person and begin a new friendship!

It’s that SIMPLE!

So what are you waiting for? Download the best non dating app to find, chat and connect with people around you who share common interests as you.

LEARN MORE: https://panion.com

Support: [email protected]
Privacy Policy: https://panion.com/privacy
Terms and Conditions: https://panion.com/terms

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (25)

Ulr. S. Aug 16, 2019     

Great app, easy to use. But you should really add a function where one can add an "Activity" in order to reach more than just one person. At the moment it's all one on one. But with Activities, which would be visable to all, you could add "Anyone keen to have a drink tonight?" and people can respond. That way you can be more spontaneous and have the chance to meet more than one person (it would be a group chat where anyone can join). I've seen and used it before and it's brilliant!!!

Luc. C. May 31, 2019     

Finally there's an app for meeting people with similar interests! The app is beautifully designed too and runs super smoothly :+) One little complaint I might have is that there isn't a bio section on the profile. I like the idea of a tagline, but maybe there could also be a bio as well. It's hard to describe oneself in just one short phrase! In spite of that I think it's a really cute idea for an app and I really wanna see it grow.

Mel. J. May 19, 2019     

It started to work a little better, but now it is impossible to use--the app crashes every time I try to open any page on the app. So I can do absolutely nothing. I also wonder if it is finally possible to block people from messaging? Because I have zero interest in finding someone to date (I am in a long-term committed relationship) but I get far too many guys messaging me hitting on me. There really needs to be some settings for women like me to feel comfortable on this app from these men.

Rom. G. Dec 11, 2019     

Just started using the app... So far not so bad. My only challenge has been that everything seizes at some point and no amount of clicking on any button helps until maybe I would have to restart my phone and try again Nice opportunity to met people of similar mindset. Kudos to the developers

Kha. D. Dec 16, 2020     

Very basic! I don't see the point of this app to be honest... Very basic features and not much activities on it. Easier to connect with people on Facebook groups if it's just for virtual connections. Good luck anyway.

Afn. R. Aug 15, 2019     

This app is fine so far it's just that the options are very limited with just ten and at the beginning of choosing interests starting with choosing the ones from the tech catagory. App overall works just fine and need some polish just like any other apps in the world.

ibs. May 4, 2020     

Seems like a great app but most people don't seem to be active on it. I've sent so many high fives but barely get any back. The app is also very buggy and still needs updates. But I believe it has potential

Sta. Aug 9, 2019     

I've had this app for about half a week now haven't gotten any replies. Starting to think this app is just made up profiles to get downloads from people. Plus it crashes when you try to filter your preferences..uninstalling

Nil. G. Nov 27, 2019     

Edit: You're asking for even MORE info and after updating I lost over 15 of my Painons... Absolutely unacceptable. - Old: Too many requirements... You don't need my mobile number. 3 photos is really also a bit much. Have to give them persistent GPS access also. Why do you need my age if I cannot see other people's age? Really not well thought out. Can't delete account easily either. Not recommended.

Vor. Jan 15, 2022     

The rebrand 2021 is pretty much the opposite of my interests. The networking in a smaller Swedish town was lack-luster to begin with, but a focus on buzzword-centric company-driven communities is as far removed from my interests as is possible. The pull of the app went from cold to Arctic, so to speak. Suggestion: Don't recycle an app and a service name to do something so vividly different; rather, use the Panion name as the company name, and launch the biz-community service under a new name.

Moh. A. Jan 10, 2020     

The app is extremely slow, and takes forever to load the homepage (nearby) or the inbox... Also it need to be sized as part of the navigation in the footer is not visible!

mar. c. R. Mar 2, 2021     

I see a lot of potential in this app. The ability to find people based on interests gives it a value that other social apps don't have. I like it especially because it is easy to use, it encourages feedback and keeps developing features.

gee. Aug 1, 2019     

I downloaded this app for traveling, soon I found out that it's being used as a substitute for Tinder. Too bad. Overall, the app has nice UI, but the users are pushing me away, so I uninstalled it.

Ash. Jul 12, 2019     

Just a word of advice: I suggest changing the age rating of the app. I am 15 and I saw the app was rated 12+, so I thought 'Oh, it's all good!' and downloaded it, only to be met with something requesting I confirm I am over 17. Of course I didn't click it (and had to uninstall the app for obvious reasons), but it might be nice for people like me to know in advance.

Dia. A. Mar 7, 2021     

Error just trying to get started. Keeps giving me an error message after filling out most sections. I can't access rest of the app to even get started.

Ten. L. Feb 15, 2020     

Like the app but would love it if you could tap to remove people that you don't want to see. Every time i search for people, I find the same persons over and over again, wish I could just remove them if I'm not interested in taking to them.

emz. Oct 22, 2020     

Couldn't have an account for 12 hours without getting flagged for "not following community guidelines" which makes no sense considering I had only filled out my profile. I hadn't messaged anyone or did anything wrong. This app is trash. Uninstalled and never speaking about it.

A. G. u. Jan 1, 2019     

Come on! 60 (sixty) characters to write what you are searching for. That is not even one sentence. Totally usless. There is no 0 star option. Btw, I can write 500 characters in this review. Learn. Also, the recover password does not work so now I can't even login anymore since your app logged me out suddenly.

Lon. R. Aug 2, 2019     

ok i downloaded the app, set up my profile but i tried to join at the last set up and its not working...why?? i haven't even tested the app to see if its good and this is happening?? please do something about it. thanks

Gur. V. May 9, 2019     

It is a fantastic app. Never come across such an app. It helps us connect/unite people/friends with common idealogies across universe.I like it and looking forward to use it

A. G. u. Dec 9, 2018     

I'm so excited panion is out for Android!! I recently moved to a new city and I am already connecting with people through the app! Hopefully these people will become long time friends!! Thanks for this opportunity to meet cool people in my area

bri. m. Feb 6, 2020     

Difficult to use freezes. Wont let me past terms of service page. Again . Too difficult!!!! Boggest waste of time

Ken. B. May 4, 2020     

Good try guys! But you got to get rid of the 5 people message limit because what good is it to spend more time looking for new friends if I can only talk to 5 at a time? 😐

All. L. Jun 12, 2020     

Fantastic app! It's been a great way to connect with people in my area. I'm also really happy with the way the Panion team keep users updated on what's happening next.

Vin. W. Jan 3, 2020     

Thanks for creating this! I've found it really helpful in my search for new friends in a new city! Highly recommend this to anyone feeling like they could use a like minded friend!