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Paramedic Exam Prep 2017

Pocket Prep’s NREMT-Paramedic (NRP) practice test app is a powerful exam simulator that allows you to create customized practice tests with detailed answer explanations for every question. View your results and exam history with just a few taps. Study anywhere, anytime without Internet.
The app utilizes the “spacing effect” to enhance your learning capability. You’ll space out your studying into shorter, more productive study sessions which allow your brain to retain more information. Simply tell the app how many questions you want to take, enable the timer, and filter exam content to create the perfect study experience.

NREMT Paramedic Exam Prep Features:
• Two practice modes: Simulation and Study
• Automatic test saving and retrieval
• Detailed historic results analysis
• Optimized for phones & tablets
• In-app messaging to our experts
• Question of the Day
• Study reminders
• Exam day countdown

NREMT Paramedic Knowledge Areas:We take each exam and break it down into knowledge areas so that you can filter your study sessions based on your needs.

- Airway, Respiration & Ventilation
- Cardiology & Resuscitation
- EMS Operations
- Medical & Obstetrics/Gynecology
- Trauma

Why study with Pocket Prep?Our team of writers and editors meticulously craft practice questions and detailed answer explanations with you in mind. Your success is our success. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best content that will help you achieve more. Our app is updated with the latest exam standards and is ready for 2017 testing.

Free With Download
- 30 free practice questions
- 30 free bonus questions through social media
- 14 days of free Question of the Day

Premium Upgrade
- 600 total practice questions with Premium upgrade
- Priority email support
- The Premium upgrade is a one-time purchase and not a subscription!

Since 2011, Pocket Prep has been the leader in mobile test prep and has helped over one million students and professionals achieve more. You’re destined for success. Pocket Prep will help you get there.

Disclaimer:Pocket Prep, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the NREMT®. Accordingly, NREMT makes no representations regarding the content of Pocket Prep, Inc. materials. All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Reviews (27)

L. Oct 19, 2019     

What's the deal Pocket Prep? I pay for the $30 upgrade, now you don't recognize my password? Must I pay for another subscription? I'm upset with this simple error. It's an inadequate representation of what this software is capable of. After having purchased your product, it's not asinine to hold you all to a standard. Might it be too much to ask for your business to at least invest in being able to keep passwords and accounts valid? Disappointed.

Pat. M. Feb 25, 2021     

The app worked great at first, so well that I paid the $30 for the full version. Shortly thereafter it stopped working. 5 days later and still no reply from the Developer. Updated review from 1* to 2*. After my 1* review the developer was quick to get in contact with me and resolve the issue but this should have been taken care of without the need for a bad review. Now I keep finding errors in the information. Some questions even directly contradict itself in the explanation of the answer.

Fra. O. Nov 22, 2018     

It's in awesome useful app but I always have trouble getting the app to open up. As I write this msg the app still won't open and it's frustrating when I'm wanting to study and go over questions. If u guys could fix that issue that would be awesome :)

Che. W. Jul 25, 2019     

The app is easy to use and gives an explanation not only for the correct answer, but also why the others are incorrect. I'll update my review after I take National Registry. ***edit*** 7/21/19 The app reverted to the free version and erased all of my scores. I contacted the app publisher and am waiting on a response. I will leave the stars where they are for now while I wait to see what the publisher does. **** edit 7/25/19*** Shealyn kept working with me until my purchase was restored.

Tay. D. Oct 15, 2020     

Passed the test after roughly 300 questions. Just prior to taking national, I sat in the parking lot & studied this app. Then, during national, I saw one of the questions from my study sesh in the parking lot! Highly recommend this app. Excellent rationale when reviewing individual answers & you have the option to "star" questions that you feel you need to touch up on.

Wes. H. Dec 10, 2019     

I feel that this app helped me a lot. I was sitting in the low 70s and even 60s in some subjects. I made sure to take custom exams over the subjects I was below 70. I passed the registry next day. *side note I went to an excellent program that made me take and pass the fisdap * I still feel this app helped me.

Jes. Aug 29, 2019     

The app would be a great resource if the correct answer wasn't in the exact same place for every single question!!! hard to test myself when I know the correct answer prior to even reading the question🙄🤦‍♀️ please fix this! not worth my $30.

Pat. C. Apr 8, 2019     

nice and easy to navigate.. quick reference and explanation! get repetitive but options are available for more.

Ry. W. Dec 9, 2019     

I downloaded this app before beginning medic school and used it all throughout. I took my NRP on 12/7 and passed on the first try. I owe some credit to this app for helping especially with how some of the NR questions are worded. I recommend this to anyone studying for their NR exam.

Jes. N. Jun 8, 2019     

I used the EMT version for my basic and I bought the full version of the paramedic and got 600 registry questions to practice. I used this a ton and did all the questions. Passed my National on the 1st try! Reccomend 100%

She. S. Apr 1, 2021     

I have used Pocket Prep for both Advanced EMT and Paramedic. Passed *BOTH* NREMT exams on the first try. I highly recommend it at every level.

Jor. A. Feb 14, 2019     

I passed on my first attempt after studying this app! I cannot thank you guys enough! What an amazing and helpful resource to help become a paramedic!

Jon. P. Jul 9, 2020     

Passed the national registry on the first try. The annotation of every answer really helped and the repeat questions helped me understand certain topics well.

Ant. S. Nov 30, 2018     

uninstalled and reinstalled to fix the apps bugs because i couldn't even use it. now it wants me to pay for it again. some bs

A. G. u. Dec 1, 2018     

Some questions are challenging. Good review/explanation on which answers are correct and incorrect.

Jen. S. Apr 11, 2019     

very helpful tool for a busy person trying to find quick ways to practice and study.

Doo. G. Jan 31, 2019     

Just doing this for 10 extra prep questions. Interesting system companies are using now for marketing having us like, rate, and follow them on social media.

Dar. D. Aug 21, 2019     

Just installed this to study. Good study questions, make you think. Only problem I see is the majority of correct answers is the last choice.

Kal. J. Apr 6, 2020     

Wonderful app! Very informative and easy to use. I will highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a paramedic

Eri. Feb 27, 2019     

Great tool, with rapid results and explanations to the answers.

Ril. D. Apr 26, 2019     

Every section on this app has a charge, there's plenty of other free ones, dont waste your time.

Mar. J. Oct 24, 2018     

Love it! Especially because it gives the explanation of answers.

geo. g. Feb 26, 2019     

so far, really liking the app. good way to keep up on your skills

jil. t. Oct 1, 2020     

unable to login and app will not allow me to. change my password. no response

Jos. F. Apr 8, 2020     

Works well, has hiccups, lacks variety sometimes, deletes history

Raf. S. Jul 25, 2019     

Pretty good. Some typos here and there but good nonetheless

Tra. C. Dec 18, 2018     

questions are very wordy but i enjoy the thorough explanations.