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Parkmobile - Easy paid parking

Parkmobile provides a new and better way to pay for parking using your mobile phone, making paid parking is easier than ever! Parkmobile allows you to:• Pay for parking with your phone. No more quarters!• Save time going back to the meter -
- just extend your parking time from the app.• Know when your parking time is almost up with our simple notifications.• Stop worrying about a dysfunctional parking meter.• Find the best parking spots.• Locate your car with GPS.
App features:• Save your car and payment information for future use.• Quickly change vehicle information for guest cars.• Optional notifications to tell you when your paid parking will expire in 15 minutes.• Secure online access to your parking data, so you can track your parking expenses, change your account settings or print a report. You can also easily export information for expense reimbursements or taxes. • You can register multiple vehicles to one cell phone number and multiple cell phones may be registered to one vehicle.

Parkmobile locations:You’ll find Parkmobile in private and public parking lots, on city streets, at airports, stadiums and just about anywhere you park. Millions of people have signed up. Registering with us is quick, easy, free, and you’re under no obligation to use Parkmobile. Some of our most popular locations include:• Top Cities: New York City (NYC), Atlanta, Washington DC, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Charlotte, New Orleans, Miami, Oakland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Palm City Market, Newport Beach, Ponce City Market, Santa Cruz, Providence, Los Angeles (LA), New Orleans• Airports: Chicago O’Hare, Chicago Midway, Washington Thurgood Marshall, New Orleans International, George Bush International• Universities: University of Wisconsin, Cornell University, University of Arkansas, Arizona State University, University of Southern California• Transit authorities: MTA (NY), CTA (Chicago), METRA (Chicago), RTD (Denver)• Venues: Fenway Park (Boston), Soldier Field (Chicago), Wrigley Field (Chicago), Barclays Center (NYC), Prudential Center (Newark)

For a complete list of our locations and parking garages, go to www.parkmobile.com.

Description of permissions used by the app:• Network Communication
- Needed to communicate with the parking servers.• Your Location
- Part of the maps/GPS functionality• Read phone state and identity
- Used to autofill phone number during new user registration• Your accounts
- Used to autofill email address during new user registration• Camera
- Used for scanning QR codes stickers for parking• Storage
- For saving app settings to the phone.• Control Near-Field Communication
- Used for scanning NFC stickers for parking

About ParkmobileParkmobile USA is an American-based company with offices and a call center in the U.S. We’re one of the largest cashless parking providers in the country.

We hope you park with us soon!

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Reviews (23)

Ale. R. May 23, 2022     

Useful, if it wasn't for the fact that it allows you to pay twice for the same vehicle at a specific time in the exact same area .. It happens very frequently. I try to pay, the app doesn't show the payment went through. So I think I did something wrong, and choose the time and pay. Finally the second time I pay it shows two "activities " in my profile. I contacted the app assist.and they said it's not they responsibility. Who takes that money? It shouldn't allow two exact payments.

M. J. May 2, 2022     

This app works ok. It just forces ads on you in an intrusive way (eg blocking the pay for parking button until you click their offer and then you can return to the app and actually pay for the parking session -its happened two times so far). Also the setting for turning off an email reminder for the end of a parking session does not actually stop it from sending an email notification. :/ Otherwise, it works.

Joe. A. Apr 30, 2022     

ParkMobile, by design, is a complete scam. If you go through the necessary steps to turn OFF your parking session when returning to your vehicle, then all is fine. But the fact that you can't set a time limit at the outset is highly suspect - they obviously want you to forget the final step in the process so that they can ding you big $$. 🤬

Cor. B. May 1, 2022     

OK functionally, suboptimal design. It mostly does what it says. But, it's schizophrenic about what timing options it offers. There are many street parking spaces where the physical meter let's you prepay the specified amount of time, but this app forces you to start an indefinite timer where you pay after you explicitly "end parking". Of course, you then forget to do that and get charged to park all day. Sometimes, it fails to show zones on the built-in map. The notifications are not accurate. If you stop/cancel your parking in the middle of the day, you still get notifications at 8pm or whenever that zone would have expired.

風呂先. May 16, 2022     

I've used this app three times in the last month... Every single time I've gotten a ticket regardless and no refunds for my payments. The app is designed to be useless and maximize ticket revenue for the city. Too many notifications, not enough notification channels. 15 minute reminder and expired notifications are a waste of life once I've already left..

Kev. L. Mar 21, 2022     

The app deluged me with e-mail, which had a broken link to parkmobile.us for knowledge base help. So I sent an email to the "get help" address in the e-mail and got an immediate error message that they no longer supported help via e-mail. I tried Facebook messenger with no more luck. Bozos. The app was clunky, but not impossible. I found myself going back and forth between pages after entering my payment details, finding that it didn't default to using my credit card, despite the fact that I just entered it. This is, as you can imagine, frustrating as hell when you're just trying to park. Amateur hour. (I love open-source amateur software, and I've written my share, but not when I'm paying a usurious $2 an hour to park, plus a $0.50 service fee.)

Lau. v. d. W. Mar 29, 2022     

The app displayed the wrong currency, causing excessive wrong currency conversion fees. After contacting support 3 times during a course of 2 months! I never heard back from my first support request, the second two didn't help at all with fixing the problem. Making matters even worse: the last support suggestion made me reset the network settings on my phone, causing me to lose all my saved networks (that I require for work!!!). This caused me to have a half day of work to fix another issue that the support team screwed up. Guess what, the issue wasn't resolved. Never coming back to this app

clo. Apr 4, 2022     

The bar code didn't scan one time so I had to pay for the parking garage twice (once in the app and once at the pay station at the garage). I created a help ticket and never heard back. And then yesterday it wouldn't let me change the amount of time I could park for and it didn't tell me the price for parking until after I was already charged. Terrible app and customer service.

Rob. B. Mar 28, 2022     

We installed this app to park in Colorado Springs. Our first try worked, but when I tried to use the app a second time, I completed everything I thought was required. However, when we sat down in a nearby restaurant, I noticed that I had not received the confirmation I had for the earlier parking. I went back to my car, only to find I received a ticket because it was not clear what info was required to finish my payment. Colorado Springs profits from selecting this poorly designed app.

Lan. S. Apr 8, 2022     

Selected the wrong license plate number and realized it literally within seconds, but couldn't change it on the app. I could understand after 5 minutes or so not allowing that so people can't switch cars. I had to pay a second $10 charge for the right license plate. Thats the last $10 I will spend on this app.

Jam. B. May 2, 2022     

I have used the app for years, with the most recent updates, however, it continually logs me out of my account. So after starting a parking session, it suddenly shows no active sessions. Took me awhile to figure out that it was signing me out. Inconvenient to have to continually log back in to the app to check status, time remaining etc.

Jes. R. Mar 29, 2022     

Really annoying that the app won't just show you the time at which your session ends instead of telling me how much time I have left. This seems like such a basic feature but no option for it. Would also like the ability to schedule session start times for parking garages that don't have the reserve option.

Jos. B. Apr 9, 2022     

Next to perfect - for its purpose! The app is easy to use/understand & performs how it should. The one glitch I did experience [in my opinion] was when I attempted to put a 2nd amount of time in for parking - after I had already put in parking- reservations a few hours early, for the same day. The app told me 'multiple' parking-reservations could not be performed for the same parking area. That I would need to find another parking area, for the next parking-reservation to work ... why?

Cod. J. Apr 11, 2022     

Only downloaded to pay for parking in my city, then it decides to spam me with a misleading "gift card" notification that was misleading and required you to sign up for a recurring subscription for a non-related service. Disappointing that the only way to pay for parking is apparently being paid to spam its users. Absolutely not acceptable.

Hen. A. Apr 3, 2022     

Unable to change default car (no longer owned). Car setting changes are not being saved and ParkMobile support is useless. I have an open case without any response for over a month. Still no response from support. So I had to uninstall the app and start over with a new account. I honestly don't know how ParkMobile is still in business when they don't provide any support to their customers. Hopefully they will be put out of business with new parking meters that support mobile payments.

And. S. Apr 14, 2022     

KEEP A ROLL OF QUARTERS ON HAND!! Do NOT rely on this app to park!!! The app works until it doesn't. Suddenly will not accept ANY zone numbers (required). The one notification you will NOT receive from this app is the one to warn you that an automatic update of the app has deleted your stored account. Responses to password reset requests the foreverthere are errors on the map's display of parking zone numbers, which could mislead you to pay for parking in the wrong zone, and then be ticketed.

Joh. M. Mar 2, 2022     

2022 note: I was ticketed while in an active parkmobile session. It seems that a receipt proving payment, space used, and start/end time, is NOT available until after the session ends. That's not cool. Great app, been using it for years without a problem. Costs are totally reasonable and it's pretty much a seamless transition from opening the app to paying for parking.

R. C. May 13, 2022     

Have a rental and selected that car for parking. App then reverted to my "default" car at check out. Can't change in app after purchase. Call customer service. According to them they can't change it either because no parking agency "allows that functionality". Load of BS. None of the parking agencies made your app or your policies for you, YOU did.

Kat. W. May 11, 2022     

Garbage app. I'm staring at my parking space number and every time I enter it into the app it says "invalid space number." Zone ####, space ##, I've got every single digit correct, and it claims it's an invalid space. I don't know if this is the app's fault or the city's but I'm glad the city still has the option to pay with quarters because that's what I had to do with the app lying to me.

Eli. D. Mar 28, 2022     

All in all the app works great. I like not having to look for change or having to return to reload the meter every so often. The "find my car' option doesn't work so well if your network signal is low. When this happened the app kept readjusting. I walked in circles for a while before closing the app and relying on my inner compass.

Sha. W. May 25, 2022     

App shows you paid meter but payment consistently doesn't go through (payment info is correct). The company takes no responsibility for the app not functioning accurately. Therefore, you are left to pay a much larger ticket/citation than the parking would have been.

BG. B. May 7, 2022     

Email receipts/reminders often never arrive. Each update is worse. Why does app sign you out after each use? Login info is auto completed anyway. Another inconvenience. Scanning parking zone often doesn't work.

Mos. H. Apr 6, 2022     

Terrible... Cities should not be allowed to use this service for parking. The fee alone is criminal. Need to pay $1 dollar for parking, total charge $1.45 Does not update meters themselves so you still get the parking ticket then have to save your receipts and hope the town accepts it while you fight the parking ticket. App randomly will choose your parking zone after you start parking at times so you have to cancel and start a new parking session.