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Pocket Chibi - Anime Dress Up

★ Welcome to Pocket Chibi ★

The ultimate Chibi Maker app! Create your own anime styled chibi characters and dress up in your favorite fashion outfits! Choose from thousands of clothes, hairstyles, hats, weapons and much more! After designing your characters, enter the Studio and create any scene you can imagine! As a chibi creator, you can place your chibi anywhere on the screen, strike up your favorite pose, and add text bubbles with your own messages!

Choose from a hundred backgrounds to create the perfect scene! For even more fun, add pets, props, and special effects to your scene to create endless story possibilities! Make epic battle scenes with any character you can imagine! Join the Chat to use your chibi avatar and talk with other players across the world! Grab your favorite clothes from the closet, and go play Pocket Chibi!

«Game Features»

★ Dress up your chibi with the latest anime fashion! Mix and match thousands of clothes, weapons, hats, and more! You are the ultimate creator!
★ Customize your chibi! Change your hairstyle, eyes, mouth, and more!
★ Create your own scenes in Studio Mode! Enter custom text for your characters and choose from many different poses and backgrounds!
★ Add pets, props, and special effects to your scenes!
★ Chat with players across the globe using your chibi avatar!
★ Cosplay as your favorite anime hero or OC!
★ Free 2 Play, you can earn free Gems easily!
★ Play offline! No Wi-Fi is needed to play! (Only for Chat)

- The game may lag on old devices & devices with 4k screens
- Please restart the game if you experience lag over time
- In-App-Purchases might not work for Android 6.0+ devices / rooted devices

Thank you for playing Pocket Chibi!!!!! ポケット ちび

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Category : Casual

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Reviews (23)

A. G. u. Jan 8, 2019     

so cute! and a surprising amount of options too. I like that the "currency" is supplied frequently enough you're not forced to pay money just to get that really cool whatever it is but if you're impatient the option is still there. There's a lot of ads, but frankly I can understand the need for that and if you can get passed that it's a fantastic little time passer. love it.

Kri. M. Jun 14, 2021     

The app was just plain good... I made characters, pretty great ones. And it was fun, and cute! But when i closed the app, and reopened it, or opened back later, the characters didnt save. Which disapointed me, quite a bit... And sometimes when I opened it (the screen were it says tap to start or something) it didnt allow me in the game...

Ash. D. Nov 8, 2020     

I love the game but I'm sad that I only have 4 slots to work with when I would like to have at least 10 without having to purchase the deluxe pack which only give you 4 more having 8 in total. Also I really like the gems system. I feel like there should be more colors to choose from but I like the colors I have. The music is a bit repetitive but its fine. I really like the game tho even with all is flaws. A great game and character creater.

A. G. u. Jun 4, 2019     

okay, so everything is great, exept, theres a glitch where sometimes when an advertisment loads, this glitch happens, and my character keeps on going to diffrent other characters every mili-second, And I can do nothing about it, So when it happens, I just have to sit there, and finally i decide to uninstall the app and reinstall. I suggest you try to fix that. ty.

A. G. u. Aug 24, 2019     

Fantastic- Amazing range of colours, clothes, ect but I have a few complaints. - The prices are too high and are on too many things - No battle mode 😢 - Only 4 spots for people who don't wanna pay which is very annoying, and paying for only 4 extra slots is kinda annoying - This was last updated in 2017. Please update this and notice this game Lunime

A. G. u. Oct 25, 2018     

I really liked this game but it keeps on crashing, restarting and erasing all of my progress. I'm not able to go into the chat because I need to "customize more characters" but all the slots are customized. I would definitely redownlaod and give 5 stars is these issues are fixed because it is a fun game, but very broken.

Lem. L. Aug 29, 2020     

I like how you have to buy the items. That gives you a motivation to play. The ways to get gems are nice, although I do have one problem...the chat. It doesn't work for me. It says an error occurred when I try to use it. I've tried checking if the app needs to be updated, and according to what I see in the app store it doesn't need to be updated. I've updated my phone too, and I have both wifi and data connection. This isn't something wrong on my end, it's something wrong on your end.

Aur. N. Feb 12, 2022     

I love this game. Is so fun, really. but it hase 3 problems. 1-When you exit the game and when you want to play again all the characters and thiks I buy are gone but the manny is still there this Is 1 think good. 2-there are not to many good places. And 3-there are just 4 characters to play with and 4 others are locked. Please fix the problems and then I will rated 5 stars.

A. G. u. Mar 27, 2020     

It's cute and all, also fun to make characters. But the chat wont work, it tells me to customize more characters when I've already customized all of the ones I can. The chat worked for me previously but it doesnt anymore. I met friends on here but I cant even talk to them anymore. Please try to get this fixed, I miss them quite a bit.

Gha. Aug 5, 2020     

It's a nice game. I like that you have to buy the clothes faces etc. It gives you a reason to play. But I think there should be another way to get gems other than Giving reviews, waiting and Watching ads (lotto ticket system). I do think that the lotto ticket system is very cool though. Overall 4 stars very fun app. But after a while it'll get boring. Maybe add like a battle mode to get gems or games or just anything that gives it another reason to play!

Add. M. May 31, 2020     

I love the app. You can make cute characters but I only rated four starts for two reasons. 1, the chat doesn't work even when I have strong internet I miss the friends i made on there and hopefully its not just me. 3. When i give the change my character it will glitch out and it wont save. I beg of you (not really) to fix these two things and anything else other people have experienced with this game YT:PeachyKid

A. G. u. Nov 4, 2019     

The game is so good, it's the only one my Lunime that works for chromebook. Or me. Also, if you are on a chromebook, it may not work- I know how to fix it though. If nothing happens when you click, close the app and open it. Then it should work. Don't press restore data or anythin'... unless you need to restore your data. Anyway, the game is SO addicting! I can't stand not playing it! I hope everyone else enjoys it.. I sure am! From: Me. :3 :D

Pas. Aug 31, 2020     

i loved the game but the fact is when you cuatomize the characters.. It takes forever until it lets you into the chat but for some reason on my phone.. The chat wasnt working.. I tried reopening it.. Uninstalling. I think it might be a bug.. Also sometimes i'd probelsm where it'd say "loading advertisement" and never did for an hour.. Could you please help?

A. G. u. Feb 8, 2020     

This is a good social game! You create a character (or characters) and then you can chat and go to studio and mess around there. There is (sometimes) an error in the chat and weird words like: sometimes, damn and other random words that can't be typed for some reason. There's also a shop but that costs real money (like most games) and it's just... FUN 😄

Lor. C. Feb 25, 2022     

Its so good! But i would to add a update of changing the head size. Its hard to get what clothes you want bc of the combos the game gives you. Its hard to make a softi-type person. It's like a very low-quality game but kinda recommend it.

sou. b. Mar 21, 2022     

This game is really good and I think its cute, but the thing is you have limited hairstyles and outfits to choose and you can't make custom ones of your own.it would be even better if you could do it!

A. G. u. Dec 2, 2019     

I LOVE this app, however at the moment when I go to the chat everytime I type something and 'send it' it doesn't show up, I don't know if it was a ban or what but it just won't let me talk. There is tons of cute outfits, It gives you three free diamonds like every 30 seconds, I think that Lunime should add more tomboy-ish outfits for the females, I do recommend this app. I personally LOVE it. ❤❤❤Now on December 1st of 2019 I even deleted and redownloded it and it is still the same... 💔4 stars

Ult. Mar 21, 2022     

Overall it seems pretty good. The outfits and style are cute and simple. I can tell it's an older game and any problems I have with this one are fixed later on. I just wish I could have these hairstyles and outfits in Gacha Club...

A. G. u. Aug 18, 2019     

I love the games but for some reason....it's been a full week since I tried playing on this app...I have been stuck on the loading screen on the chats and I tried everything such as restarting my phone, disconnecting and reconnecting my internet, even resetting my router. But nothing has worked, yet I love everything else.

Ame. A. May 21, 2020     

I love this game and would give it more love but I am not because One my chat isnt working it says 'error' occured I check my wifi but it is full bars and my phone works fine with your other games and two you do not give enough coloring options for the clothes, hair, eyes, ext. Maybe instead of the basics add in the color wheel from gacha life. If you could possibly fix the chat and add more colors that it would be great!

Dar. D. Aug 16, 2020     

It's a good game when it comes to designing cute characters and making cool little scenes in the studio, but the game is terrible without the chat. I have lost all my friends on there, and I'm probably not gonna see them again unless this problem is fixed.. So please Lunime, give me a miracle. <:(

A. G. u. Oct 12, 2018     

I think the game in itself is nice but i don't like the fact that most of the things cost so many gems. The game is very good and addicting but i can't really have much fun if everything I want to put on my cheeseburger cost $. Also you should make it so it won't cost actual $ to get more slots. Overall,Great game! - Angie

A. G. u. Mar 25, 2020     

This is a really cute and fun game to play! dressing up little cute players and being able to chat, at first. Now all of a sudden the chat is saying error check your internet connection even though my internet is perfectly and I can say this for a lot more people. Because of this error I lost my online best friend. This game was the only way I could actually talk to her, I couldn't even ask for her number. Luni please please please update it to fix it! A lot of users want this to be fixed!