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Police Car Sniper

You ever dreamed of becoming a cop? To be a hero?
Here we are with a police game beyond your dreams, our game a police officer consisting of a top-secret mission game.

You played a police officer in the game, while visiting the patrol rode his police car, listen to the announcements coming from the police radio, each section will chase a different criminal and descending from the police car you find the guilty, you will enter into confrontation with the offender.

Whether your sniper rifle to kill criminals, contact your nearest you use your binoculars if you wish.

Remember, apart from your job to catch notorious criminals, criminals follow the path of the police car and then descend on your exact police car, pull your weapon and kill criminals.

No intention to surrender the criminals.

Objectives of the game;

In the game you have to follow your toughest criminals the police car,After identifying criminals, enter into conflict with the criminal descending from the police car.


Realistic Police Car,Realistic police radio conversations,True Tones,Improved physics driving the police car,Easy and user-friendly controls

Category : Action

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Reviews (28)

Wya. j. Dec 14, 2017     

It's a rip off when you buy a new car and does even give you the car that you bought the pictures are just on for another game don't buy this game

Cou. Oct 15, 2017     

The game was like super duper short and see I like longer games so maybe the creators of the game can do better I don't know but the game was like super duper short and see I like longer games so maybe the creators of the game can do better I don't know but other than that it's okay but I wouldn't recommend it to anybody

Kan. I. Jul 8, 2017     

Kept messing up continuously! I tried deleting it and redownloading but nothing works. I still havent even been able to play it once after many many attempts!

A. G. u. Jun 7, 2018     

Baqwas game worst game any other word for this is smaller than I give to this game so you should launch good gmes

Jo. B. Mar 26, 2017     

Good game but scenery could be better

Pen. W. Feb 17, 2017     

Grandson loves it keeps him occupied for hours

dea. g. Feb 7, 2018     

It would be a good game if it would not be so laggy

Mus. a. K. Mar 9, 2018     

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Pra. B. G. Oct 2, 2017     

This is very bad game it won't be nice

A. G. u. Dec 12, 2017     

This game is very good game so l request to play this game

Eth. B. Jan 11, 2018     

It's the best Unless my family built a game

Cla. W. Jun 20, 2017     

I think it's a great game for you to be a policeman

A. G. u. Jan 3, 2018     

This game is so stupid the pic isn't from the game!!!😠😠😠

A. G. u. Apr 30, 2017     

It's cool

Moh. G. Apr 16, 2018     

I hate

Dze. A. Feb 8, 2018     

This is not a game this is nothing

Ver. S. Sep 23, 2017     

It is good

noa. d. Dec 29, 2016     

I love it

Alf. S. Jul 28, 2016     

Good game but the missions are too easy and there aren't enough of them. Also, the grammar is terrible and it looks pretty dodgy too me!

Mas. M. G. Jul 28, 2016     

Normally it lags but now it doesn't on my Samsung Galaxy s7

Pai. W. Jun 2, 2016     

I love this game it is so fun and interesting and not like other games

Dad. A. Jun 19, 2016     

Love it

Riz. N. f. May 22, 2016     

It 's hard to control

Jav. C. May 26, 2016     

Love this game man

Ale. S. Mar 19, 2016     

It's good kinda but it is hard to find out where the person is.It doesn't show you where the people are at

Ter. S. Apr 10, 2016     

i love this game i gest download it im on level 4 now

Cas. M. Apr 13, 2016     

It is hard 5o find a person the graphics are terble and you cant drive the car easly

Leb. P. Apr 25, 2016     

Its verry verry verry verry verry bad game