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Police Scanner Radio Scanner

FREE Police Radio Scanner lets you listen to Police and Radio scanners from around the world. USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Chile, Austria with more scanners added all the time.
Listen to police radio in your area any time, day or night!These are live streams, feeds from real scanners.

Top 50 Feeds (3000+ more available!)Chicago PoliceLAPD
- Code 3/Hot Shots, Air/K9 and Van Nuys/Valley TrafficSan Diego Police DispatchPhoenix PoliceDenver Police, Fire and EMSWaterloo Regional PoliceNewark PoliceBayamon and San Juan PoliceCity of Tulsa and Rural Police, and Fire, Tulsa County SheriffIngham County Public SafetyMultnomah County Sheriff and Portland PoliceMemphis Police and Shelby County SheriffAmateur Repeater Los Angeles Area 147.435mhzCincinnati PoliceHouston PoliceNorthwest Ohio Digital and MARCSFort Worth Police DispatchSacramento County Sheriff and Sacramento City PoliceDes Moines Metro PoliceSedgwick County Law EnforcementCleveland PoliceCity of Buffalo Police and FireMadison Police Allen County Public SafetyTucson Police and EMSMinot Police, Sheriff, Fire, and EMSStockton PoliceModesto Police Dispatch channel 1San Juan and Ponce Police, Fire and EMSBlack Hawk County Police, Fire, and EMSAlbuquerque Police and Bernalillo County SheriffAurora Police and FireCity of Pittsburgh Police, Fire, and EMSAnne Arundel County Police, Fire, and EMSAkron Police DepartmentAmarillo Police and Fire, Randall and Potter Counties Sheriff and FireHunter Valley, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour PoliceNYPD Special Operations Division and TrafficLogan PoliceEvansville Police and Fire DispatchPhiladelphia Police
- CitywideFlint Police and Fire, Genesee County Fire DispatchWestmoreland County Public SafetyOxnard PoliceDetroit Fire DepartmentSan Bernardino County Fire and Sheriff System 1Omaha PoliceLittle Rock Police DispatchButler County Sheriff, Police, Fire, and EMSAllen County Public Safety

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Reviews (26)

Les. H. Nov 27, 2018     

The first time I had this app a few months ago it had so many pop up ads, but when I decided to put the app back on my phone, it was updated and the option to exit out of the ads pops up faster than before. And when the scanner is in play mode, I rarely get ads. I love it now. You hear some stuff that's awful but I want to know what's going on around me

Bry. P. Jan 8, 2020     

The original was wonderful when the Pro update was purchased. As mentioned by others, it has disappeared from the Play Store, leaving everyone in the position of putting up with the ads. While I understand the reason behind using them, it is a disservice to not allow removal of them by those who would gladly pay for their removal and support the developer. I have learned long ago to backup my apps because they can be pulled from the Play Store at anytime. Use a file manager to back them up.

X-X. Sep 27, 2019     

I purchased the pro version of this app and can't find it now in playstore. I can only find the ad version. I have reached out via email and no response. Don't buy this app or you will end up paying for it again. It wasn't very good anyways i have found better for free

Tem. D. Oct 15, 2018     

It has a hard time loading every time you open it it, and it has a play/pause strobe effect. Often times it won't close when you're done with it. Needs some more work.

Ron. S. Dec 16, 2018     

So glad I installed it. Works perfectly. The best live scanner we've used so far. Ads are a little annoying, but not as bad as some I've tried. Good work fellas.

Eri. H. Nov 29, 2021     

Just reinstalled this and am reinstalling it two minutes later. I don't do forced ads like that.

kev. b. Jan 13, 2019     

too many pop ups, too long of loading time and the slightest touch of the screen changes settings which lead to the pop ups again. more time spent on advert than the actual app

Cla. C. Aug 31, 2019     

Ooh! I hear sirens! Wonder what's up?? Open app. Wait... for... the... ad... to... play... Missed initial call info. Plus very glitchy. Sometimes get garbled audio. Only way to close app seems to be Force Stop in settings.

Its. T. N. Jun 4, 2019     

They dont have Wales on there. But i can't be brutal and give a one star so I'll give it three but thats only because im nice. Oh and literally as soon as i agree to a thing i got a ad and i basically didn't even start the app all i did was agree to a terms thing and bam ad. So thats not a good sign really.

hol. g. Apr 18, 2019     

Awesome!! Thank u.... Our local feed went off-line... Super grateful to find yours... It's really well done, i receive the feed i want, it's clear without all the static.... THANK YOU!!!! 😊

Wil. T. Aug 7, 2019     

hasn't worked for several months but use to work great. hope they fix it. there's nothing wrong with my phone. would have given it 5 stars before then.

Tru. M. Jul 16, 2019     

its hard to hear whats going on but its still better then the other scanner apps ive tried so 3 stars. i dont know why it works better but i think its the area im inn. thank you for this app i like knowing whats happening around my city.

A. G. u. Jan 25, 2019     

great App some pop ups ads are a bit much otherwise its a great App, i live in Dallas Texas my sister lives in Oregon and i was listening in her area and heard that there was a house fire 3 houses down from her. so i called her and told her about it and she said that she didnt know until i told her about it. And i think that is absolutly fantastic that itz not old or delayed information so a 2 thumbs up for this App 👍👍

A. G. u. Jan 27, 2019     

great scanner but auto pauses after 5 minutes of inactivity would be better if play was continuous and did not Auto pause

Sco. M. Apr 15, 2019     

Otherwise good app ruined by overbearing full screen ads. Keep adblocker on when using this app!

Ste. L. Apr 7, 2019     

great app lets you use multiple apps at once n won't shut off. no need to buy the premium like all other apps ask u too.

Fra. M. Sep 30, 2019     

30 second unskippable ad the very first time I opened it, so uninstalled before I saw the app itself.

TEK. Aug 23, 2020     

Tried 3 apps, this one doesn't have a list of codes and seems behind other apps as well as repeating info

Chr. C. Dec 19, 2019     

Recommended by a friend. Works great in area where local scanners do not work.

Lan. R. Nov 12, 2018     

I paid for the scanner pro app hasn't been updated the radio police scanner seems to be newer and better than police scanner Pro application

Kar. A. Feb 3, 2022     

Your so informative love you clarity in vocal ,just great good job.thankyou.

Rap. K. Feb 17, 2019     

too much ads, interfere with the audio. full screen ads. uninstall it!!

Cla. D. Nov 30, 2019     

I bought the pro version a while back. Now it doesn't work and it's nowhere to be found in the play store. Not good at all.

Cho. L. Mar 20, 2019     

just downloaded it and 30 seconds advertisement on the screen. Instant uninstalling

Ran. s. Feb 5, 2019     

I was wondering if you could add a station for the Tokoroa Police. Great app by the way

Min. Dec 30, 2018     

Getting hit by Ads when trying to do anything. NO THANKS!