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Pro Series Drag Racing

Pro Series Drag Racing: More realistic, more customizable, more fun!

Pro Series Drag Racing - the most realistic and engaging drag racing experience ever created for mobile devices - is finally here! Build, Race, and Tune your car until it's at the absolute peak of it's performance. Get your experience in career mode, then take it online and go up against the best of the best in online multiplayer play! This is no over produced side-scrolling pseudo racer. This is raw drag racing - NO FLUFF! - just you, your car, and your competitors.


Note: The app is brand new, if you find a bug please give me a chance to fix it before leaving a negative review.


With 4 different classes of cars the Pro Series career has something for every gear head. Street cars, Pro Mods, Funny Cars, and Top Fuel Dragsters. Career mode is an in-depth look at what it's like to work your way through the ranks of drag racing, and will test even the best driver!

Pro Series gives you total control over how your car looks: Custom paint, wraps, wheels, body kits - the list goes on and on. You can even change the color of the roll bar in the Pro Mod cars! There are millions of different combinations, and that lets you get your car the way YOU want it.

Play other racers from all over the world in online multiplayer play. There are three racing types in multiplayer - Bracket Racing, Heads Up Racing, and Grudge Racing. If you're not familiar with these please look them up before attempting a race! These races are TOUGH, and are wagered races.

In Pro Series you get complete control over the gearing, rev limiter, suspension, timing, fuel delivery, boost, and launch control of your car. The included dyno allows you to test changes made and make sure you're going the right direction! The tuning is almost unlimited - Want to run a tall first gear with a short rear? You can! Want to launch on the limiter? You can! The tuning aspects are so in-depth that you can even adjust how high off the ground your wheelie bar is! Mess up your tune? No worries - just visit the mechanic and he will reset you to a base tune. Pro Series also gives you an unlimited amount of Test-n-Tune races to make sure your car is the best it can be.

In Pro Series you won't survive long running around in a stock car. So we've given you over 300 different modifications across the classes to keep up with the rest of the racers. Different engine blocks, intakes, valve trains, exhausts, tires, etc... As you modify your car you will have to keep up on your tune as each modification slightly changes your car's ability. To stay at peak performance, make sure you're constantly testing and tweaking your tune - or hire a Crew Chief and they'll take care of it for you!

Pro Series Drag Racing is ad supported, and completely free to download. If you want to disable ads, all you need to do is purchase gold within the game. Ads will be disabled with *ANY* purchase of gold in the game!

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Reviews (22)

Doc. W. Mar 13, 2022     

In a plethora of racing games whose parts selection is generic and the best parts available cost the most, Battle Creek Games came closer to the real deal than countless dozens of different games. The tuning options available are spot on and the layout of the adjustment controls almost make actual sense. In test n tune, I feel that the ghost car should always represent the fastest E.T. achieved in either comp or practice for any given car.

Tim. N. Apr 9, 2021     

This is an awesome drag racing game for those who love drag racing. The graphic and phisics are great. Easy to learn and control. The upgrades are all realistic, and customization are nice, too. How ever i do have one issue with the game. I have been playing this game for several months and have tried every possible way to advance past pro street class and it does not seem possible. I have spent money and even became a member, but i can not get my cars to run the times needed to advance. WTH

Phi. P. Oct 12, 2020     

Good direction and execution for the game, although.. there seems to be a major lack of race options. If you make one financial mistake you're basically too in over your head to keep up with the competition even with in depth tuning. You have to start over completely. Good luck affording more than one car. Also, the customization being strictly limited to the use of gold other than a simple color change is stupid. Good tuning and racing for the mechanical minded!

sco. a. Jan 1, 2020     

Seriously flawed. Graphics and gameplay are good, but once you win a race, you can't win again until you upgrade. Once you've got all the upgrades, winning comes to a complete stop. You can qualify #1 in points races, only to be blown out in round one, taking away any chance of being able to advance, because you get nothing for the effort. Payouts for winning are too small and take too long to build any kind of savings for advancement. If you like to lose constantly, this game is for you!!!

Jbr. 3. Oct 5, 2019     

It is too hard to race the AI they just keep getting better and better. I have a prestige car and I have tried so many different tunes but I just cant be at the AI. Please make the game easier. The game is fun but right now it is literally impossible to beat AI. Also I have a funny car and I keep pressing repair on it but it doesn't do anything plz fix the bugs and make the game better.

mic. k. Nov 1, 2020     

Impossible, I'm at a point where the computer is running 5.8 sec constantly. I have maxed out my vehicle and it is impossible to get below 6.1 with all the tuning still nothing. I have resorted to using tunes from the internet claiming to be 5.8 runs and still the computer is ways faster. There is definitely a bug in the game with the computer run times. But the developer won't care this game hasn't been updated since 2018 which is a shame because this could be the best drag game around.

Dav. R. Jul 21, 2019     

this game is okay. I've played a lot of drag racing games and this one has potential. I think if you add more cars. more upgrades, add steering to prove you can drive and make it if you do a bad burnout bad stuff possibly happens like a wreck or you tap the wall and pay to fix the damage on the car and please add a drag wing and parachute to be able to bought for the street cars

Jak. K. Nov 28, 2019     

EDIT: NO SAVE FEATURE!! DO NOT SPEND MONEY. Alright look. Yall need to adjust the AI. I cant finish the pro street series because these cars are running 5.8 in the quarter mile at like 216 mph. Meanwhile I'm running 5.9 at 234mph. So tell me how that makes sense. Second of all. I cant pass my pro mod license test because the second launch, the back end of the car starts bouncing like it's on hydraulics. Other than that the game is fun. But it definitely has some bugs that needs to be fixed

Don. B. Oct 13, 2018     

My favourite hands down. Love that you incorporated street outlaws into this game and especially my favourite car of all time. The Chevy Nova. I just wish that you didn't have to use actual money to get gold so that we could all have a chance at getting The Sinister Split Bumper but I guess that's okay. That's the only place where Pixel Car Racer has a one-up against this game but other than that, it is simply immaculate. Thank you for listening to all of us who really needed a proper drag racing game.

Joe. E. Sep 28, 2018     

NOT a fan of the new update. The light timing changed, it keeps telling me I have a new outlaw challenge but it doesn't show up on the map. I was doing the top fuel category, and funny cars were showing up. Very weird update, wish I could go back to the last version.

Wil. R. Oct 10, 2018     

I loved this game with very realistic graphics and car tunings that needed to just be right, however I can say the new update has completely ruined everything. The NPCs are so fast that it is like what?????. My personal cars tunings that were professionally built are completely useless. The friends list is rendered useless because it doesn't pop up anymore. An overall view, this new update is complete garbage. The newer update is even worse that the NPCs are nearly impossible to beat. This game is in shambles

Fab. J. Apr 5, 2021     

The game is really really awesome,, I played it for the last 2 to 3 years and no problem,, but can you add 2 to 3 new updates,, 1. Can you add a option where we can decide were to place the turbo set up e.g top mounted 2. Can you add more cars like more american muscle 3. Can you add something were we can win different prices like car parts,,cars,,money,,gold etc. I would really love to see those updates if you can plz add those

Mus. R. Jan 16, 2022     

Its extremely hard to get a true appreciation for this game from the write up of the description alone. Even the screeshots doesnt seem to do it full justice. This game is realistic in graphics, gameplay, sounds, and effects. It even features well known licensed cars from the Street Outlaws TV series. Fellow gamers, this is a trophy winner. It comes in a small package with Gameloft size gameplay and graphics.

Jc. A. Oct 22, 2019     

Game can be fun, but............once you build up a car, get bored with it and sell it, there is no going back. A.i. cars still are fast, you are slow. No way to rest it at all, your stuck. Not really any updates for it anymore, no new cars, tuning can be a real pain, especially tuning the suspension! Needs some work.

And. K. Mar 1, 2022     

I think that Pro Series Drag Racing is a great game! I think that if Battle Creek Games would some how combine Pro Seriese Drag Racing and Offroad Outlaws together that it will get a whole lot more people to download it! Also on Offroad Outlaws I was wondering if you could get a 1995 Jeep Wrangler, thanks! Keep doing the great work! 👍

T. B. Dec 14, 2018     

The original was better. One this version, after a short time it's impossible to win any races, and without being able to win anymore upgrades are impossible. On the old version there were low level races that we could enter to make some cash. Too bad you all ruined a good thing.

Edd. W. Oct 13, 2018     

Liked it very much... But the Points Event and Championship Event is getting harder and harder everytime... My 5.9 car got beat like nothing..... But it's still the best drag racing game yet... Hopefully make this game really have full customization like custom drag wing,custom fiberglass front clip.... Add some import tuner engines like Rotary and 2JZ.... And also add the ability to test at the street... Make this game a real top-notch drag racing game!

Joe. D. Oct 9, 2020     

Addicting game. Need to work on it though as I'm sure 6.312 second is less than 6.832 seconds but it said I lost the race and not them. Costs far to many gold coins to have some customization on your car aswell. A set of wheels and a new bonnet will cost you 400 gold coins but you only win between 5-20 when you win a spin on the game.

Lou. S. Jan 18, 2019     

I love drag race, and this game is the best we have (unfortunately I guess). At the same time I really like this game, I also hate it. There's a lot of bugs, for example, a stock Funny Car with all upgrades, can make 336mp/h and shows 3.7 seconds, I tune this same car and I make it 380mp/h but, my time also get higher...4.3 seconds... Make sense? And also, I hate the idea to be forced to high your suspension to the max, because lowering them your car just "fly" and starts to "kick" on the ground

leo. v. Apr 26, 2020     

Few things , i have 8 yrs top fuel exp. Tuning features are great, while paying for top membership, would like to see more on updates please, 1 take back on saving tunes.. software has glitch on screen, the menu is shaded out like incorrect layer level, hard to see load, delete, an name of saved tunes, we should be able to load on multiple hotrods we own. 2 when will we see car updates.. like the dragpak challenger.. in app keeps saying your working on drag illustrated an speed society feed.

Nol. P. Oct 12, 2018     

You only get 6 or so races then you're not fast enough to win anymore. They tell you to go upgrade which costs money. Not even 15 minutes of play before having to invest. Wanting to upgrade vs having to upgrade is key, you don't get a choice.

Fra. T. Mar 22, 2021     

Looks promising but not enough effort was thought and put to this game cause for one they are too few cars and would be nice if you can adjust the graphics & resolution in the settings and a steering wheel option on the settings and lastly it's kinda hard to warm up your tires prior to launch cause even when I hold down the gas pedal it still stays "burnout wasn't long enough" on the + side there's no ads from what I can see and you can actually paint, customize and upgrade your car...