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Pukaro - Roadside Assistance

PUKARO gives you the free Road Side Assistance for the year only for the Pukaro registered users.

Be it a flat tyre, electrical fault or a minor mechanical defect, anything can disrupt your otherwise smooth car journey. It can be intimidating if your car breaks down in an unfamiliar area in Delhi & Gurugram and this is when Pukaro comes to your rescue.

Pukaro offers service in the event of the problems, such as Flat Tyre, Battery Issue, car running out of fuel (resolved at the user location) and any other emergency situations in which the vehicle needs to transfer to nearby service station or to the owner place.

For availing the services of the Pukaro, the user must be the member of the Pukaro family. For being the member of the Pukaro family, the user must registered yourself on the Pukaro Panels such as Pukaro Android application, Pukaro iOS and www.pukaro.org. It will cost @365/year for the user in which the user can avail infinite numbers of Flat Tyre issue problem, infinite number of battery jump start issue and any other except these two will charge as per applicable (labour service is free).

Category : Auto & Vehicles

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Reviews (19)

Har. C. Jul 4, 2019     

Nice Concept to help people while having problem on road and highway.Good Mobile app for roadside assistance..They have well build team and work like a professional team...Am very happy to see this useful app for roadside assistance.....

arv. t. Jun 21, 2019     

My experience is fantastic it is very useful and fast service app. I prefer first this app than other services.

gou. k. Jun 18, 2019     

Excellent App, Great UI, Easy to use and good concept....really need good road assistance service provider in market, I will recommend Pukaro 👍

ank. j. Jun 21, 2019     

very useful app great work done and effort by pukaro's team. pukaro's team cames up with a new idea to facilitates the public.

him. s. Jun 21, 2019     

All services is fast and excellent useful app.

Anu. D. Jun 29, 2019     

it is amazing.. the service and the cooperation of the staff is really appreciable.

DES. J. N. Jun 23, 2019     

All services is fast and excellent useful app..

Vin. B. Jun 21, 2019     

useful app better than others fast service excellent app.

Nav. K. Nov 21, 2020     

very poor app always say service unavailable after taking payment useless

ary. j. Jun 24, 2019     

loved the service and the initiative.... permanent solution of day to day problems..!!!

Ami. K. Jul 9, 2019     

its a ver gr8 aap...m soch hi rha tha aasa kuch aana cahiye...thank u to give us this awesome service...its really safe and trustable app

Moh. D. Jul 16, 2019     

city like dehli really needs this kind of service . thanks pukaro

DHA. B. Jun 21, 2019     

Amazing app services fast try it everyone.

Jat. G. Jul 26, 2019     

awesome, a must need app on your phone.

Arj. S. Jul 13, 2019     

Best service 😎 Thanku give Best services

sac. r. Sep 6, 2019     

Good concept.. 24×7 service Great thanks to pukaro.

Kom. V. Jun 21, 2019     

a great startup

Ram. C. Jul 8, 2019     

help full app

Mah. B. Jul 8, 2019     

osm aap love it