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Experience Vacation Exchange On the Go!

The RCI Member App provides easy access for members to manage their Vacation Exchange accounts via a more mobile-friendly Account Dashboard. Search, plan trips and book vacations with ease while on the go! Download the latest RCI Member App, login once to your RCI account(s) and stay signed in whether browsing the RCI Affiliated Resort Directory, accessing your search history with a single touch or making an RCI Weeks® and RCI Points® vacation exchange.

Discover popular RCI destinations, featured timeshare vacations and travel deals via Special Offers. Explore the RCI Affiliated Resort Directory using our advanced search to find your dream RCI vacation. Whether looking for travel ideas, a specific beach club or vacation resort, the RCI Member App now offers an engaging trip planning calendar that lets members enter a date range or see inventory availability by month.

RCI Members enrolled in the Weeks Vacation Exchange can easily launch the RCI Member App to exchange vacations with our Worldwide Vacation Coomunity. Weeks Members also exchange ownership with other members, discover new vaction opportunities or use your Exchange Trading Power to book at a vast selection of resorts or villas in our RCI Affiliated Resort Directory. Points Members gain access on the go to the largest selection of Exchange Vacations to use for booking Exchange Vacations or to book a cruise, on car rentals or hotels.Points Members can even add saved points or even borrow fron next years' points - all from the newly enhanced RCI travel app.

The RCI Member App builds on it’s RCI Affiliated Resort Directory by adding features that support our member’s ability to seamlessly plan the vacation of their dreams on the Go! Stay tuned for continuous improvements. But for now, book your next vacation getaway by downloading RCI’s enhanced travel app TODAY!

Tell us about your experience installing and using the improved RCI Member App. Post your comments below OR communicate with us directly via our Feedback tab in the app Settings menu under the new My Account Dashboard.

Our latest upgrade includes the following features:
- Biometric Recognition (Fingerprint/Touch ID)
- Optimized Search Functionality & RCI Affiliated Resort Directory
- Touch Planning Calendar
- Engaging Navigation and Enhanced User Interface
- Account Notifications
- Persistent Log-in (Remain logged in throughout your journey: search, shop, book!)
- Personalized My Account Dashboard for Points & Weeks Exchange
- In-app Feedback sent directly to RCI
- Location-based Geo Tagging

Category : Travel & Local

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Reviews (25)

Jam. H. Dec 31, 2021     

This app doesn't - work you cannot go back after a previous search it just crashes. I tried to reload it but it doesn't help. You have to use the full PC version to plan a vacation. Don't waste your time with the mobile app... it's very frustrating. This useless app certainly doesn't say much for RCI. I'm just going to uninstall it and forget about it.

And. K. Nov 14, 2021     

App is slow, it's just not practical for vacation planning. I touch the filter or sort options and they disappear instead of pulling up the menu. You're constantly starting from square one - it doesn't remember any history of what you're searching for. The sort options include "Resort ID" - who in the world needs to sort by some arbitrary ID? Developers - try using your app for a while and see how much you like it eh? It's obvious they don't care about user experience.

Amy. B. Nov 4, 2020     

Very frustrating. Even after upgrades this app has discouraged me from taking and planning trips because it is so user unfriendly. It is not very intuitive or responsive and clicking the back button kicks you out of the entire app so you have to start all over again instead of backing up a page. it freezes and then when you book it gives you 15 minutes to complete your transaction. The countdown clock is unnerving and puts undue pressure on the booking experience.

Dev. L. Mar 11, 2021     

It is the slowest way to search for accommodations. Half the time the app freezes up. It is almost entirely useless. Please RCI stop being cheap and hire some decent programmers to rebuild or replace your antiquated system. It also wouldn't hurt to have the properties post several current photos. Many of them look like they were taken in the 1970's.

Mat. N. Sep 1, 2020     

Every other month they change the app to make it better and they somehow manage to make it worse. So clunky and awkward to navigate if it loads at all. Not to mention my 10 year old said the app itself looks like something he would have made 2 years ago in his 3rd grade coding class. It's supposed to be easier and cheaper to book online or with the app but I get so frustrated using it, I'd rather pay the extra money and deal with a live person.

Ji. Y. Jul 18, 2021     

Needs a lot of work The search criteria only gets you so far and when you finally enter the last filter needed to narrow down your search it stalls every time (no exceptions) The website on a laptop works just fine You are losing so much business by not fixing this app! Also I shouldn't have to enter a date range first to view available units You should just list them It will also streamline bookings Surely you guys know all this but it's still not fixed... why???

Kat. S. C. Jun 23, 2021     

This app is so much easier to use than the last one! I appreciate the ease of searching for and booking vacations. The only reason I gave it four stars was because I wish RCI had a separate app just for cruises OR they had a separate, obvious option to click within this app to access, search for, and book cruises. It took me a bit to keep remembering to find the cruises under "Notifications", "Interests & Activities", then "Cruises". 😑

Rut. P. Oct 13, 2019     

Again, app is as useless as before the upgrade. Filter criteria is complicated to follow. Take some cues from other successful apps such as a Amazon. Its not at all to easy to start with a magnifying glass icon to type in your destination city.

chr. s. Nov 10, 2019     

How come you guys "fixed" the app and it still doesn't work? The new app looks really good until you're ready to make a decision and try to finalize your vacation only to be given an error or something just isn't right. For example: As I'm entering my CC information into all the required fields denoted by an asterisk, one of the fields is province. I click the field only to be given options of Canadian provinces. It's a shame I don't live in Canada nor have any reason why my billing address..

Bil. C. Sep 5, 2019     

The app only shows North American and the Caribbean. It is completely useless to look for vacations anywhere else in the world. Also, the functionality is so limited, you need to get out of the app to actually search for anything. Will need to revert back to the old app until this one gets fixed.

Moh. K. Apr 10, 2020     

WOW...it was an amazing experience going through the rci app for which you almost get most of the options very easily available on just a click, where you can search holiday of your choice and many more other options of RCI products. Transparency, Quick and Easy. Feel the experience. It's User friendly.

Vin. P. Jan 21, 2022     

What a horrible experience using this app. RCI should be ashamed to allow its members to use something so awful. The money we invest to enjoy traveling with RCI they could at least spend some $ on a useful tool for us to use, since we are traveling, and need a mobile option that works. Pathetic all The fees they charge for everything. C'mon get with the program RCI

Eli. S. Feb 5, 2020     

While I love being able to use RCI, this app is terrible. I thought they had fixed all the issues from the previous app, but I was seriously wrong. I've had confirmed vacations disappear and the app is not user friendly. I try looking at offers and it just keeps saying it's loading, which it never does. Please fix this app.

She. M. Apr 30, 2021     

Literally the worst user experience I've seen in a decade. It looks like it was launched in 2001 by a start up on a shoe string budget. Why???????? Search function is horrific. RCI clearly does not want people to successfully book properties.

Ken. D. Mar 10, 2020     

This app is HORRIBLE. It doesn't deserve even 1 star. It is completely useless. It won't let you log in. Every single thing you try to do either doesn't work completely or it is insanely slow. Please fix. It's like you are trying to make it harder to use for members so you can make more profit since we can utilize the app for searching and booking.

Bri. A. Dec 2, 2019     

Compared to the previous RCI app, this one isn't as user friendly. This app is super slow and freezes often. Its easier and faster to get on your desktop to search for a vacation. Ugh!

She. S. Jun 19, 2020     

URGENT!!! The old app did not have this many issues. The radio buttons to upgrade or renew subscription are not working, the cancel and continue button are overlapping, cannot renew membership..this needs fixed right away!!!!! App was poorly written. When will this be fixed?

Pau. W. Feb 4, 2020     

Buggy. Searched for resorts in Mexico for a while. It was ok. Then switched to Dominican Republic and it still kept showing Mexico resorts. Not useful. Searching on the RCI website is better than this app but not as good as it used to be.

Car. H. Sep 21, 2019     

Search feature is awful. Keeps wiping out my setting for checking on extra vacations then have to start back over and add dates and region again and again. You have to enter data for search before choosing extra vacation then reenter same criteria again. Needs better testing scripts and development.

Kar. &. A. M. Mar 4, 2021     

There are no words to describe how horrible this app/website is, well no clean words. It literally NEVER works!! It has never not been a Totally frustrating experience. They obviously have never tried to use it or they would see that not only does it not work it is not used friendly at all!!! All I have been able to get for a over a week now is an OOPS page.

Cec. J. Nov 12, 2020     

Using this app is as frustrating as the company itself. This app is as user friendly and useful as a rock to a ghost. I'm not sure why you even have this app. It's either freezing or clears your search history. It also doesn't let you select the actual date you are looking for. Don't get me started on the "fees" that show up after you sign up that they forget to mention beforehand. They are crooks. Avoid them at all costs. They tricked me, and I'm stuck with them don't fall for it as well.

Nan. S. Apr 8, 2020     

Im extremely happy with the current changes in the app it is userfriendly!! I can check offer page to view about the current offers and it also shows in detail about my account status that is about week deposit and about my holidays so, it makes really easier for me browse through my holiday list im looking for..alltogether a great app !!

Nav. K. Apr 2, 2020     

This app is user-friendly compare to the old one, here i get more options and know your account details like trading power, vacation history etc., however its very easy to search what kind of holiday am looking for in specific date month or year wise and confirm the same or hold option is also available. I feel this app is more transparent and comfortable to offers & membership details.

Naz. M. Aug 30, 2019     

Does not give you European options on the home screen. Also there seems to be a lot less holidays come up on the app in comparison to the website. It's good that they have added the finger print to log on.

JAC. C. Dec 5, 2019     

What's worse-- your website or your app??? I downloaded the RCI app because the website is clunky and difficult to navigate. Well, I discovered that the app is no better. When you make a selection, you are placed in the never-ending circle of hell ... waiting and waiting for the page to launch. Really RCI? You can do better than this! Hire some better tech ppl and get your act together.