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Rival Gears Racing

We have made some big changes to Rival Gears. Players asked for a way to spend excess components, more upgrades for their cars and less degradation on car parts and we have listened...

In the 05/03 update we have expanded the car upgrade system to allow for more upgrades and changed the degradation system. The new system now has 5 stages of 15 upgrades (with rebalanced costs). There are now 4 standard stages that suffer no degradation, and a 5th "pro" stage that allows players to keep their car tuned to gain a competitive edge.This means that up to 80% upgrade level, your cars will no longer suffer any damage!

With this update we have automatically transferred everyone's cars to the new system, players will have received upgrades equal to what they had spent in the old system, plus a bit more as a way of saying thank you for supporting Rival Gears, and helping us improve the game!

Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope you all enjoy the new content and balance changes!


Race Head to Head in this unique high speed action racer. Compete alone or as part of a team against others in high stakes leagues and events. Bet big to win big.

Do you have what it takes to beat the best?

Challenge real players in exciting adrenaline fuelled races through busy city streets. Set wagers, race for glory and riches, and become a real high roller.

Choose from a wide range of stunning rides, each with their own classic lines blended with sleek future styling. These are cars like no other.

Join or create a Pro-Team and play with old friends and make new ones. Get exclusive benefits, help your friends, and work together to become the top team in the world.

Take part in exciting events and win big! Get your hands on exclusive cars and liveries, plus crates of goodies and riches.

Push your car to the max by upgrading its many modules - plus give it a distinctive look with stunning liveries and paint jobs.

Compete for turf on the dynamic campaign map and unlock cars, lobbies, events and bonus items – but watch your back, as you’ll be upsetting a few people in the process.

Climb the league tiers to unlock increasing rewards. Can you reach the top?

Category : Racing

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Reviews (26)

Jes. B. Sep 20, 2019     

Cool game love the traffic aspect and how the cars look. Different outlook on drag racing. Love the futuristic hover look of the cars. Haven't put any money into yet so that's a plus it's not a money grabber. Still getting the hang of the upgrade system if any flaw yet is that it's a little over complicated also would love this even more if it came with a story with in the campaign mode. Other then that so far so good

Abu. S. M. T. I. Nov 12, 2020     

I love this game. I could play on and on. But the thing is, each race consumes energy and when energy runs out there is the option to watch an add or use gems. Now, the option for watching an add to gain energy or any other element of this game such as cash or perk cards doesn’t actually work. This option is only show. It would be great if you guys get it working.

Max. C. Jul 17, 2019     

Amazing app! The grahcs are amazing, and everything about this game is cool! Instantly addicted! Please download!!!!!!! Thanks to ShortRound games for making this. Hope to see more games like this one out soon! By the way, for the people that didn't earn rewards from the adds, here is a tip: with the adds, just scroll your mouse to the top of the screen, and hit the back button on the top left corner when the add is finished, then you will get your reward.

eth. c. Sep 12, 2020     

Pretty good game and mechanics. Love, I guess old school now, but futuristic models of the cars like an old arcade game. But I don't like how ptw it is, if you pay "gems" in online and offline you can, as I said before, pay to win the race. But really even at that it's not too bad as you can earn everything you can buy from the looks of it, it's a good step for mobile games, not AS cash grabby.

Jos. C. Apr 4, 2020     

Love this game! Graphics, sound, the online multiplayer experience, and best of all being able to play for free. The developers have done a really awesome job and created something fun and accessible. I urge you to at least try it. See you on the racetrack!!! 😁 (I don't usually spend any money on gaming, but for making this so playable for free, I may well do so on this one)

mic. k. Jan 9, 2022     

I love this game and I'm determined to go for the #1 spot. but it could use an update for newer phones. Just learned they are ending this game and I really wish that I had played more its really fun and they should make another game similar to it the mechanics are comfortable and the event system is alot of fun. Please update this game

Nig. V. Jul 9, 2021     

Hovering cars so the concept is good, nice graphics, BUT once the fuel run out you can't play the game unless you pay real money, and i hate such idea, it's only show how greedy the devs are, also expensive upgrades and cars, plus ads for free rewards are always unavailable,.. I'm disappointed bcoz the game look nice, i was searching for a shooting cars game, sorry need to uninstal.

Og. M. Jan 11, 2022     

Dear developers. I've been playing this game off and on for years. You guys never cease to amaze me and captivate me with the sense of speed and intricacy in this game. I overall appreciate and love what you guys have done with the game. I would pray that you would keep the game in action. It would be a shame if you guys had to de activate the game. But again even if that's the case. I salute you all. Been here since virtually the beginning. Thank you guys❤️

Fra. T. Jul 6, 2020     

A great future racing game, basically you race cars with anti gravity modules instead of wheels and the graphics, controls and gameplay is excellent and best of all they are no ads to speak of, looking forward for more cars, paint schemes and add-ons in the coming updates. A great racing game overall... 👍😎

A. G. u. Mar 10, 2019     

hey everybody happy losing here just want to start by saying this is the best racing game out there I was skeptical at first soon as I played it I was hooked everything about the game works awesome although upgrades are a bit expensive and when you hit pro level keeping up with fixing upgrades cost more than winning races I wish they could lose that part of it but other than that awesome awesome game give it a try if you like racing

Deo. S. Feb 21, 2019     

Rly good graphics like good jod on that. Controls could be more interesting lile cool pattern formations. prtty expensive to change name but good and the huge shift in prices on the different types of cars os a little hard to keep up with. Make more maps like ones rhat are challenging by itself and you should be able to do time record like without using energy. So you race you best time and get better.

Sci. C. Jun 30, 2020     

This game is with it'ss awesome graphics! The model of cars are very futuristic, I love to play this game. Just the think I didn't liked is this game's cars can only be rided following paths and I'm not free in the road to move around. Please stop the game following paths and make the cars move around the road freely.

Bra. G. J. Feb 12, 2020     

Awsome game perfect for mobile devices because the controls are easy and smooth but has a competitive edge like you can block your opponent in traffic. Games like NFS they're hard to see and just too fast to control. Sweet game so far.

A. G. u. Dec 31, 2018     

This is one of the most awesome race games and that's saying something coming from me I love racing games ones that are pretty close to the real thing and this one cuts it although it would be nice to bring down the cost of upgrades and lose the gas one of the most annoying things of the game but I play this game every day I hope there is an update coming soon don't mess with the cars thank you sincerely happy losing

Car. R. Nov 5, 2019     

Great game, steady graphics, smooth gameplay, controls are good, although my only issue is, when prompted to use a video to gain some extra funds, there are no videos available!!...other than that, keep up the good work.

Kev. S. Sep 15, 2019     

It would be a 5 star game.. If the ad videos worked.. When u lose or need more fuel or just to double up on some funds here an there.. Not once since ive started playing this game about 3 days now.. Not once have i been able to evem after the game offers them up its always busy or nothing avaliable.. Please fix this issue an ill chamge my 4* to 5*!! Other than that nicely done well made great all around lane racer!! Now to see if customer service actually works an responds to its paying players!

Kri. R. Oct 4, 2020     

One of the most underrated racing games out there. Definitely NOT PAY TO WIN. Involves more skill compared to drag racers with the lane changing mechanic, it might look easy but you have to take into account your car's stability and anticipate in changing lanes in advance. LOVE the hover theme of the cars by the way.

Dan. T. Aug 25, 2019     

It's a fun game, but when you try to get free stuff by watching ads, it times out and you have to toggle in and out of game to keep playing, yet you get no prize, and error message saying no ads at this time try again later.

Aru. S. L. Mar 12, 2020     

Graphics are wonderful, controls are simple and easy to use. Although it takes a second or third time to get into the application, it still comes across as a cool futuristic drag race themed game

Cha. D. Sep 2, 2021     

Awesome vehicles! Some pretty exhilarating racing.. however doesn't seem to be supported by developers at all. No working ads at all...not necessarily a bad thing, but you miss out on help. Also prize money is a joke compared to huge upgrade costs.

Sha. G. Mar 15, 2021     

It is so cool you start out with impressive cars the racing is easy teams and events provide me with the needed resources my hurricane vehicle is looking sweet also the elite upgrades can be tricky as a reminder to those who are new with the game it even has a tutorial and you get a team to chat with but one problem when I'm out of fuel or need free resources it requires an add but it won't let me watch the add it says it doesn't work so I hope they fix this problem if they do ill be happy

Vin. R. Apr 27, 2020     

This game is really awesome. The graphics are mind blowing and look futuristic. Now I am a big fan of this game. I find the game worth 5 stars. And all must try it. But it has an additional 450mb file and another 200mb file after the first race if you want to play ahead. ITs WORTH IT.

Fir. May 8, 2020     

The game is great! I love that it is based on a posible future. I do ask that you fix the Twitter sign in button, i tried to sign in with it but it never worked. Other then that the only other thing i would like is a setting for higher quality

and. h. Nov 18, 2020     

Very cyberpunk inspired its a great game controls awesome its a online game tho cant juss grab n go so thats important what id improve nothin much no complains awesome kinda like trafic rider switch lanes upgrade ur car and the cars are great by the way the even look better than some of the original cars if the future is this I would to be apart of this.and its very unique the maps the roads the car the story line the online racing etc... its a great game tho

Ryl. P. Nov 10, 2019     

Best racing game I've played, could be a lil bit more player friendly with giving us enough cash to get a class C car after beating the whole Class D story.. Leaves you having to grind out cash for a few days before deciding to go up a tier or upgrade your first car more.( or p2w of course.) And there's also a problem with there being no videos for players to watch so you can't get extra cash or fuel without spending gems which are far and few in between.. besides that keep up the great work!

Mar. M. Jun 29, 2021     

Too much private information needed for a racing game, its totally a pay to win, online only makes me feel like it plagued with ads and microtransactions, you have to pay to change your paint, not to buy them, every time you change paint you have to pay even if you already had the colour. Scummy to say the least