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Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme

HTC Sense Home combines the news-gathering power of BlinkFeed and the customizability of Themes to create a deeply personal phone experience.
BlinkFeedBlinkFeed makes it easy to get all the news and media that matters to you in one elegantly arranged, constantly updated place on your Home screen.

To see your friends’ latest updates in one place, just add your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. To get articles on almost any subject, add topics using partner apps or search for favorite RSS feeds. You can manage the topics you subscribe to in partner apps.

Around mealtime, Sense Home even sends recommendations in BlinkFeed or on your lock screen for nearby restaurants, cafés and bars. When you’re close to an interesting event, you’ll get a suggestion to stop by.

HTC ThemesFeeling imaginative? Sense Home lets you reinvent your phone by creating a theme from scratch in just two steps! Start by selecting a favorite photo for the Home screen wallpaper, then choose a style that changes your phone's icons, colors, sounds and fonts all at once.

Want even quicker customization? Download one of the stunning designs featured in the store! Follow your favorite theme designers to get updates when they publish new themes, wallpapers and Home screen components. While you browse, be sure to bookmark, comment on and rate themes you really love.

Some features of Sense Home require an HTC phone running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above.

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (26)

Eli. Sep 14, 2018     

I like that it can sync my Twitter feed, but I can't sync my WSJ or Reuters apps with it. That's very annoying. I'm not going to use news republic due to the annoying content and ads. Why can't I add my own apps and news sources into the feed? If I'm missing something, I'll change my review, but for now, I'm very unimpressed.

Cha. A. Aug 17, 2019     

Your app, doesn't stay in memory. Yes, I have a lot of free RAM as I check and it is not blacklisted anywhere in the killing app (htc's boost).....and also my device is is a HTC 10. It always fades off in the memory, giving me a black screen for at least 40s. Something is just wrong given I always have at least 1.2 GB of RAM free.

M. R. Oct 28, 2018     

Since the last update I no longer have the option not to check for updates. And because some stupid app installed itself during rooting that blocks OTA system updates I'm now stuck with "System update available" in my notifications and constant reminders to download it. Phone screwed. Thanks, HTC. I thought this phone was supposed to be root friendly.

A. G. u. Jan 12, 2019     

Favorite Launcher The launcher runs very smoothly and really doesnt give me any issues at all. I love the available themes app- you can custimize so much it's really impossivle to find something that doesn't suit you. The general overall design is very simple and lacks the frivolity or gaudiness that plauges many others like the Samsungs or the newer chinese brands.

Thi. M. Feb 19, 2019     

overall experience is good but I was using the htc theme and it did not save the theme i was using on the website as it is supposed to do. There is absolutely no support for it. it's good this function is there but this situation is a bit annoying after a factory reset.

Val. P. May 6, 2021     

When or ever do you plan to fix themes to work again? The application has not worked for months or even years. I used it maybe two or three times when the phone was new, but for years when I checked again it showed its network error. Please do something about it! Thank you in advance and I am grateful for your work!

Lis. W. Nov 15, 2020     

I keep getting errors n keeps freezing when I take it off charge. I've cleared data n cache but didn't help. I've tried multi things n keeps happening. Might be better getting a new phone n get rid of this htc x10. I know my phone need upgrading but shouldn't have to deal with stuff like this.

She. H. Aug 27, 2019     

I'm giving this two stars because i think it can really use a visual overhaul. It's been like this for years. You can step up yo game HTC. All other manufacturers of phones have done this. Both the big and small ones! Please update the design!!!! For the rest of it it functions well.

zar. l. Jan 13, 2019     

Keeps telling me to sign in for themes, has been happening for a while now. Quite annoying when you have to make your own "theme" out of photos because you get sick of staring and hearing the theme it refuses to let you change to a nicer newer one. Advice until they fix it is to just make your own with your photos.

Cor. A. Jul 3, 2020     

I have the app update to date and it keeps running the themes I apply to my phone by either not have the theme on the texture that shows above all apps and music instead it just gives me the color theme texture for the wallpaper theme and it keeps having the wrong font that's not in the wallpaper theme I apply to my phone. Please fix your app I didn't have these problems till after you made updates to the app.

Jen. P. Mar 21, 2021     

IDK what is going on with themes. I have been trying for at least 6 mo to change my theme/icons/font and all I get is Network Error. Try again later. The entire reason I keep buying HTC phones is because I can customize EVERYTHING. If I can't do that then I am going to have to switch to Samsung which I hate to do. I absolutely LOVE my HTC. I am the kind of person who changes my theme every few weeks or so. I've been doing it for over 7 yrs. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

Dal. S. Oct 9, 2019     

Constant error message and won't allow me to go to home screen. I downloaded google launcher to use instead. I still get the constant error but at least I can go to the home screen now. Emailed developer, hopefully they fix it.

Vin. M. Aug 5, 2019     

A good app, but I keep getting errors when trying to connect to my feeds on the home page. "Let HTC Sense access Facebook" is the error I keep getting, and I've been unable to resolve it for a long time now

Mar. S. Jan 18, 2021     

The theme app is not working for over one month, it keeps saying network error. Please fix this as soon as possible. This is very frustrating and annoying. I'm fedup!

Rei. B. Jun 14, 2019     

horrible app, everytime my phones runs out of battery it tells me THIS APP isn't working and asks me to send a report (of which I can't do because it won't let me) so I've had to reset my phone twice in the last month because this app can't function once the phones turned off and on again, next phone I buy will definitely not be a HTC!!!!

Moh. Y. N. M. Jan 23, 2021     

Overall Brilliant app, love the themes that were present. Perhaps new ones are in NEED. I am experiencing the same problem as the other users (NETWORK ERROR). This has been happening for over a month, Would be great if problem is seen to ASAP.

Jay. D. Apr 25, 2021     

Dear HTC, Please give our themes back. I have been a loyal and happy HTC user for more than 10 years now.Loved HTC and the customisation it offered. Themes app was fantastic. But now getting the network error as others. Please get it working again. For at least your old loyal customers. Giving 3 stars for the great experience I have had for 10 years. Will miss HTC in the Android world.

Jen. M. Feb 8, 2019     

Was just told by HTC help that HTC account and associated services are deprecated. Hope this doesn't mean the home screen launcher will stop working on my phone. Although I was told I should start looking for options from the Play store for launchers, especially if I have to do any more factory resets. So not happy about this.

jer. j. Mar 24, 2019     

I am extremely pleased with sense home, and would give it 5 stars of it wasn't for two glaring issue with it at this time. One the bug that signs you out of the themes periodically and two the fact that HTC is not updating their phones or their apps.

Cal. W. May 16, 2019     

ctashes all time and apps like gmail start saying unfirtunately cannot respond etc and i havr to keep doing factory reset and lose everything on phone. this is worse i have had! once it craahes like that it does it all fime and hard to get to factory reset section. avoid this if possible its rubbish

Dav. B. May 24, 2020     

Hi Htc, there was a problem with the launcher since the Sept update and since then I uninstalled it and avoided updating. Has the issue been resolved? One A9 model. Issue is the launcher keeps crashing everytime you click home button.

Lor. Sep 20, 2019     

Constantly crashes and causes me to wipe my phone with factory reset. This is the only app on my HTC m8 one that causes me daily hassle, I can't uninstall and it updates itself even after I turn updates off, it updates then back to crashing and wiping my phone. Losing all my numbers and pictures of my children.

Par. Y. Nov 1, 2020     

This is good Home screen launcher, I was able to have m HTC account signed in (because this is the only HTC I have used). Could it be possible to have multiple pages in a folder? Because a phone I had before getting a new HTC phone had the ability to have a another page when there are multiple apps in it. Like I had to make 2 folders for mobile games. But, I just want 1 folder, so could folders have multiple pages like if would be like for other phones?

A. G. u. Dec 25, 2018     

This app is good but it needs some more updates. There is problem, it is not signing up. whenever I enter try to sign up it say that your network is not available.....even I have tried with wifi. Please help.

Jul. H. Feb 18, 2021     

Since a month or so, I get a No Network error each time I try and fix by broken theme. I searched on HTC forums and found out that HTC has lost interest in their own product & aren't bothering any more. If this is the case, it's disgusting. I bought my phone in good faith. I've lost my 2 favourite makers, Huawei and HTC. 😭

Nam. A. Mar 11, 2019     

Meh. HTC Sense Home has really gone downhill since the M7 I had. News Republic is horrible and I really wish Sense Home didn't use it as the only news source. Nothing but click bait and biased, poorly written news. The amount of sources you can connect are limited now too, thanks to companies blocking API access to 3rd party services. With G+ shutting down, only Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube have full Blinkfeed support. Customization with Themes is still good. It works well.