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Sleep And Noise Sounds (SNS)

"In one study, 75% of the people who listened to it had a more restful sleep. "
- Dr. Oz
UPDATE: Try Sleep And Noise Sounds Rx https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deux.sns for the best night's sleep available on Android for free!


★★Thanks for supporting this app!★★

LATEST UPDATE: New sound engine.

ABOUT PERMISSIONS: We use the phone call state permission to pause sounds for an incoming phone call & prevent phone from sleeping to make sure that the timer works as promised :). We don't store any information.

Want to relax? Turn Sleep And Noise Sounds on and listen to soothing sounds like white noise or forest rain drops! Keep outside noises at bay and fall asleep quickly and easily by playing one of the many sleep time tracks in this app and of course, no need for a sound machine anymore! More sounds to be added soon, enjoy!

Sounds included in Sleep And Noise Sounds:
- Pink Noise
- Helping you sleep better, this noise is said by some to be better than white noise but this sound is one where every octave carries the same frequency placing you ears in equilibrium!

- Brown Noise
- An excellent aid for sleep, this noise will place you in a trance allowing you to rest easy for hours on end.

- White Noise
- The most famous sound for sleeping peacefully in high quality is here! Always makes for a good nights rest.

- Heart Beat
- Babies love to hear a mother's heart beat but when mommy can't be there there's always your phone to take care of the job! Babies will be lulled to sleep by your phone.

- Forest Rain
- It's like having a tropical forest in your home without the environment. Enjoy soothing sounds of rain falling crisply as you lie in melancholy.

- Crackling Fire
- Enjoy the feeling of sitting around the fireplace or a beautiful fire in the comfort of your own bed. You don't even have to make the fire!

- Ocean Waves
- Quality sounds of beach ocean waves splashing into land. A simply remarkable way transition into your dreams.

- Vacuum Cleaner
- Loud but consistent, the sound a vacuum cleaner makes a noise that calms the chaos of the mind without as it cleans your home.

- Nature Trail
- Go on a journey in your dreams, but begin the journey before you enter! This nature trail recording comes fresh from a national nature trail!

- Ticking Clock
- The sound of a grandfather clock has never been so easy to hear and listen to. Have a listen!

- Kettle Boiling
- The smooth sounds of bubbling water in a kettle is just enough to give that feelingof warmth and melancholy as you relax and recline.

- Airplane Midflight
- Needs no explanation, the first thing most people do once mid-flight is sleep! Why not bring that environment with you all the time? Now you can!

- Electric Fan
- The classic way to block out unwanted noises coming from external factors. Simply cannot go wrong with sounds of an electric fan complimenting you at moments of tire.

- Blowing Wind
- The sound that is heard no matter what time of year, giving a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Imagine yourself within the blowing wind, without the actual wind!

- Cat Purring
- A cats purrr can be calm to the ears and great for complimenting an environment of comfort and melancholy. It's like having your favorite kind of animal around you all the time.

- Urban Ambulance
- You'd be surprised how calming the sounds of an ambulance can be when you're trying to get rest :); as long as you have this app, you can rest assured with the calm sounds of an ambulance in the distance.

- Calm Rainfall
- Imagine a tropical rainforest, the beauty and of course the wonderful rainfalls that can last for days. Great for sleeping and soothing of nerves.

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Reviews (22)

Aim. R. Apr 11, 2015     

I like it and use it nightly. My only gripe is that I used to be able to set the app then switch screens. Lately, when I switch screens, the sound goes off and this loud screeching sound comes on until I exit the app. I reset it and then the app is fine until the next time. UPDATE 4/11/15: The loud screeching noise is happening more often, nearly everytime I switch screens. I want the sound as background while I still use my phone, I don't want to stare at it.

Kim. Apr 22, 2016     

I put it on brown noise, but out of nowhere it goes into this loud annoying white noise that is 10 times louder. It has woken me up several times. It's suppose to help me sleep, but it does the opposite. Also, the fan sound does not sound like a fan and it skips every 30 seconds. Cannot sleep with the constant clicking.

T. R. May 15, 2015     

Helps me relax. But I bought the app and it still starts with an ad even though it quickly hides. Plus unless I have the timer set, it randomly goes off then back on but to a louder noise... defeating the purpose.. Other than that, it's easy to use, the sounds are great and I use every night. Makes me want to invest in an actual noise maker.

Apr. S. Sep 2, 2013     

I have been searching for a replacement since my nerelco machine broke. I grew up in the country, but live in a duplex in town now. Ear plugs alone didn't help. I still wear them though and crank up the pink noise with my phone plugged in to a speaker. This is a great app, plays all night for the light sleeper. I am thinking about the upgrade, but unless there is something louder, I am satisfied.

Rob. A. Jan 11, 2014     

First off, the good: Noise quality and variety are good. The bad: Even after paying for "no ads", you still get a pop-up ad every time you close the app. Sounds clip out about every 9 seconds. Ultimately these two issues take what has potential to be a five-star app and turn it into something frustrating and useless.

Rob. K. Jul 17, 2014     

UPDATE: i bought the ads free upgrade hoping that maybe the upgrade worked better. I'm still getting ads. The sounds are good but there are still major problems with this app. I will not raise the rating beyond the one star. END UPDATE. Works well but won't stay on sound selected. Keeps going off then restarts with an obnoxiously loud sound that startles us awake. If it weren't for this I would give it a 5 rating, but this is way to big of a problem to give it more thana single star. Please fix this.

A. G. u. Nov 21, 2013     

This app preforms it's function as a noise generator good enough that I was willing to pay the $0.99 the app asks for to remove the very obtrusive adds. The problem is that, while it does remove the in app banner adds, it does not remove very annoying and obtrusive pop-ups and add redirecting the happens when you exit the app and set a sleep timer.

Mar. M. Oct 30, 2013     

Of all the apps I've tried for sound machines, this has the best sounds, but it has one flaw that I can't get past. Whenever I have the brown noise on (my favorite), it'll stop and switch to white noise out of nowhere. That makes the app completely useless to me.

C. M. Aug 22, 2013     

Opens ads during any interaction and program close, making use of the program very difficult and annoying. Doesn't scale correctly on high resolution tablet making buttons too small. Most sounds are perceived as too high pitched due to small device speakers, and need to be better mixed. Only positive compared to other apps is smooth looping without noticeable gaps.

Kel. W. Aug 26, 2013     

I like that it allows me to use other apps and runs as a service so I can easily turn it on and off. However, it frequently fails by cutting off, then turning back on super loud. Disturbs my child! I also have to go in and hit play then stop to get it to stop playing after this happens.

Chr. M. Jul 19, 2015     

This app was great when it worked. My and my wife loved the rain. Now the play back is every 15 secs and it wakes us up. This is unacceptable and this is why it's getting a one star. I tried to buy the no ads also as well and I had even more ads pop up. Please fix this asap. We loved your rain and thunder.

Daw. N. Apr 10, 2014     

I paid for the additional sounds, and now the app keeps randomly shutting off the sound I had chosen (air conditioner) and playing a different (loud and not restful) sound. I have to go back in and reselect my sound. The change is jarring. Also, sometimes the additional sounds don't show up in the selection menu! Not cool!

Mar. A. H. May 4, 2014     

When the sound you've chosen to fall asleep to suddenly becomes a roaring static sound that is far louder than the original volume, it tends to break that whole "relaxing to sleep" thing. Your app is broken. I am more awake now, a half hour later, than I was when I turned it on to help me sleep.

Rob. L. Jan 9, 2014     

This is a nice enough application, but some of the sounds don't loop correctly. By this, I mean that you can hear where the loop happens. Take the ticking clock, for instance. This is a high tick followed by a low tick. This one should be fairly easy to get right so as to convince the listener that the clock just keeps on ticking forever. But no, you can hear the loop plainly with two consecutive high ticks in a row. This is so annoying that it serves to keep you awake.

All. T. Jul 11, 2015     

I love this app. It puts me to sleep in less than an hour which is great for me. I love that they have cat purring. It is my favorite. Just one thing: if you exit without turning off the sound, it gives off this terrible screeching sound. But other than that, five stars

Hor. U. Jan 26, 2015     

Most of the sounds dont actually sound like there supposed to. And there is a bug in this app ,in the morning i go and close the app on my app bar 5 seconds later a really loud white noise sound goes off even though i closed the app already and its really annoying.

Jan. A. Mar 3, 2014     

While you can use other apps, occasionally this causes it to jump into white noise- which makes you jump if you had it on one of the more soothing options. It's very obnoxious and because I need to use my phone when baby is sleeping at times, not helpful. As long as you don't open any apps it will continue with the sound you started with all night.

Dav. T. C. Aug 17, 2014     

Nice but please add a feature so I can find my favorite sounds. Or make it so when I open the app is can be set so the last sound starts playing. This is suppose to relax me but I get upset and mad because I have to search for the sound (smile). Thanks for your good work.

Yvo. R. Jan 20, 2015     

I love this app for my newborn. The cat purring is the best but afyer awhile, it will just randomly go to white noise which always scares my baby and wakes him up so now i have a cranky baby. Not good. PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH OTHERWISE WILL UNINSTALL.

Rob. W. Jun 23, 2014     

Good selection to pick from. All a re decent to good quality sounds. However, the electric fan needs to be louder - too dim sounding to be useful. Overall it suits our needs white we travel so we don't need to lug around the home fans from our bedrooms. Thank you to the developer.

Dal. H. Feb 1, 2014     

I love this app. I have always had a hard time falling asleep & with this app I can fall asleep to many different noises This app is awesome! I love it! I am from the sou & I recently moved up north to be with one of my daughters. The noise of all the traffic & people kept me awake nights, since I found this app I have had no problems falling asleep. I love the sounds, they're clear & I can play them as long as I want with the timer. GREAT APP!

Kel. T. Jan 20, 2014     

This happened to me twice and thank God I'm a light enough sleeper. I was using this app twice at a hotel and had also set the built in Android alarm to wake me up. First morning I thought it was a fluke. I heard the alarm go off and reached over to snooze. But the alarm was already turned off. Second morning I heard the alarm go of but less than two seconds later the alarm had turned off by itself. This has never happened to me before and I can only conclude that this app is to blame.