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Sleep Fan

Many people use the sound of a fan to aid in sleep, to drown out background noise or to provide a focal point for meditation. Sleep Fan provides four different types of fan sounds with adjustable volume and a built in timer. The audio loops are smooth, the sounds are peaceful, it is very easy to use and visually appealing. Sleep Fan will help you relax and get a wonderful night's rest.
Please note, due to a high number of comments in reviews for this app, we feel the need to state that Sleep Fan does not actually blow air.

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (28)

Jus. S. Nov 28, 2019     

I've used this app for a long time and it helps me get to sleep even with my tinnitus, but the recent change to the time style makes it more annoying to reset when it shuts off. I wake up throughout the night and liked the old style of a click the arrow for an increase of one hour at a time, not the scroll wheel. Also can I please get a version without ads, I'm willing to give you $0.99 for an ad free version and would like that a lot. It's a good app for what it does and will continue using it.

Jac. May 21, 2020     

Going to sleep away from home is always a consern for me. Most of the times I toss and turn but after using this app. I've been able to sleep throughout the night. This app has helped me many times when I travel. I love this app because there are diffrent ranges of fan noises and speeds. You can also set a timmer to the sound. I found one that I specifically can sleep to. So now I'm not concerned when I travel.

Dan. B. May 10, 2022     

I've used this app for years, but I'm ready to look for a new one. It's very convenient and soothing, but it crashes frequently. Probably one in five times I use it, it will shut off within the first 15 to 20 minutes and then I have to set it up all over again. It's very annoying.

Cin. E. Oct 3, 2019     

When I had an iPhone, this app worked really well. However, now I have an android and the fan stops after an hour or so, which wakes me up. To be fair, I do not know how much time has passed by the time I am alert enough to realize that the reason I am awake is because the fan is no longer playing, but you can see the point. I use the app for white noise and when it shuts off, I wake up. This is helpful if it turns off when it should but it doesn't seem to work that way on an android device.

bri. a. Apr 13, 2019     

use to work great but now it shuts off right when i start to fall asleep!! its so annoying. this app crashes constantly now. sometimes it will go back to the menu to pick a fan or close out all together. please fix. this is the only fan apo that i like.

Tam. B. Sep 14, 2019     

This app has just gone from a 4 to a 1 because of the new update on 11sep2019. I have used this app for years for it's intended purpose, but now I can't get it to work anymore; on 4 different devices! 3 different Samsung tablet models nor on an LG phone. Very disappointed.

out. c. Apr 19, 2021     

Awesome app for fan noises to help you sleep at night. Has 4 different levels u can choose from and will stay on all night if u want it to(it has a timer u can choose from which is cool) Have been using this same app for years and never have been dissapointed. Highly recommend.

Ash. K. Nov 19, 2020     

I've used this app for maybe half a year but it keeps crashing and switching off just as I fall asleep and it is really irritating because I struggle to sleep without the noise of a fan and it's hard to fall back asleep. Even with the new update nothing has changed.

Ned. K. Apr 1, 2020     

Amazing, the only app i could find that keeps me cool. The way it works is it vibrates the resistors in the speaker to make it flex and give off a small breeze from the speaker holes. Great job guys! No need for an a/c while in the car.

Tyl. B. Apr 14, 2021     

App cuts in and out. After I turn my screen off, it will shut off for about 15 seconds and then start back up. It works really well when it actually works haha

mel. d. Nov 3, 2019     

Used this ap for years like its fan sounds better than most. But this last update the made the timer count down instead of up like its always been, now the count down freezes up all the time waking me up. Time to find a better app.

And. B. Nov 9, 2019     

To fix the sound stopping on standby (for Samsung phones at least. Go in settings/apps choos Sleep Fan. Select Battery usage, the Battery Optimisation. Change the filter from "no optimized" to "all" Deactivate battery optimization for sleep fan. Voila

Kri. P. May 9, 2019     

A LOT of static noise interference comes & goes while the fan is in motion. It has never done that before. I deleted & reinstalled & no change. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8รท.

Chr. Aug 10, 2019     

Reliable app with a timer! Lasts all night if needed and has saved my sleep visiting places where we didn't have a fan. Meditation tool allows me to headphone the app and with the timer is very useful

Mik. H. Apr 24, 2022     

App worked perfectly for years. But now I start fan and a few minutes later the volume goes down by itself. Please help

Ver. B. Jun 30, 2019     

Used to be fine... Now it crackles and crashes. I updated and hoped that would fix it. It randomly shuts off after only a few minutes. Sad, bc this used to work fine.

A. G. u. Nov 13, 2018     

Just installed this app and turned it on. After maybe 30 minutes it just turned off right as I was just starting fall asleep! Not happy about that at all.

Rob. May 17, 2020     

Amazing, I have been using this app for years and it has never failed me. I recommend 10/10. No ads, just what you're looking for. The fan sounds are great, it is the perfect tool to use to help with sleep.

A. G. u. Oct 5, 2018     

I had this when I had an iPhone, and it worked fine. Then I got a Samsung and it keeps turning off like 5 minutes into going to sleep, even when I put the timer to like 12 hours.

Reb. D. Oct 31, 2019     

It was a 5 star app, but now it won't play at all on my Samsung galaxy S7. Downloaded the update, still won't play... ugh, time for a new app as I'm visiting a friend for the night and need my background noise.

Joe. S. Oct 23, 2018     

The app will shut off randomly at night, and wake you up. Reading other reviews it sounds like this is a persistent issue.

R. S. Aug 29, 2019     

Best white noise option for sleeping. It will run all night with no interruption. Great for hotels to cover noise from other guests and I tell everyone about it.

Sar. C. Mar 31, 2019     

This has been my favorite app for many years, even used it in Kenya. Now the shuts off all the time. I'm a light sleeper and wake up when it goes off.. I want my fan back

jes. Apr 13, 2020     

The best! This is the best app for fan out there!! I had a few but the sounds were horrible. This one is plain and easy to use.

Joh. K. Apr 19, 2022     

Good when it works, keeps shutting off randomly through the night, interrupting my sleep.

tom. h. Aug 25, 2019     

Best realistic sound I have found. Don't even use the clock. It runs all night.

Sha. S. Sep 15, 2019     

I live this app but I don't like the timer I just want to turn the app on and then stop it when I wake up, but that doesn't seem to be option now.

Bre. B. Mar 1, 2019     

This app is fantastic, if you need something to help you fall asleep look no further! has been my go to app for the past 4 years +