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Tablet AntiVirus FREE 2016

Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2016 for Android™ Tablets to help protect you from harmful viruses and keep your personal data safe.
Join over 100,000,000 people who already installed AVG’s antivirus apps and:✔ Scan apps and games in real-time✔ Enable locating your lost phone via Google Maps™✔ Kill tasks and processes that can slow down your device✔ Optimize battery, storage and data package usage✔ Lock sensitive apps✔ Hide private photos in an encrypted Vault

With AVG AntiVirus FREE 2016 for Android Tablets you get virus and malware protection, a phone locator, task killer, app lock, call blocker and picture vault to help guard you from privacy and online identity threats.

App Features:Protection:✔ Scan apps and games for malicious content✔ Scan websites for threats and get redirected to a “Safe Page” in case a threat is detected (Android's default browser and Chrome and OS older than 6.0)

Performance:✔ Monitor battery consumption to optimize and save power✔ Kill tasks and processes to help boost speed✔ Optimize storage space (internal and SD card)

Anti-Theft:Use AVG AntiVirus FREE 2016 for Android Tablets together with AVG’s remote management console or text messages (SMS) to:✔ Locate your lost tablet via Google Maps✔ Lock your tablet and set a lock screen message to help the locator find you✔ Make your tablet shout (ring) even if it is on silent mode✔ Wipe internal and SD card content✔ Camera Trap [30-day trial]: discreetly emails you a photo of anyone who enters 3 wrong passwords when trying to unlock your tablet✔ Device Lock [30-day trial]: automatically locks your phone whenever the SIM card is replaced (for SIM supported devices)

Privacy:✔ Hide private photos in a password-protected Vault to prevent snooping✔ App Lock [30-day trial]: lock sensitive apps or lock your tablet settings to secure its configuration✔ App Backup [30-day trial]: backup apps to your SD card✔ Call and Message Blocker (for SIM supported devices): get protected against spammers, hackers and scammers. Get warned about suspicious text messages, filter and block unwanted calls and messages (SMS Blocker isn’t available for devices with Android v4.4 and newer)✔ Delete call history, clipboard content and browsing history (Chrome)✔ Wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendar, format SD card and restore device to factory settings

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2016 for Android Tablets is available in 33 languages.

By installing/updating this app, you agree that your use of it is governed by these terms:http://m.avg.com/terms

Google®, Google Maps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (21)

Dia. S. Mar 7, 2019     

So far so good! I normally never pay for any Antivirus Apps/Software! But, after having seen some of my friends have been hacked, I chose to buy a years worth of this! I hoped the App would stop an odd problem I've been having recently though but it hasn't! I'm in the middle of a game or something else and suddenly I get Some Adds pop up on my screen and stop my game, until I get rid of it! I don't know what caused this and it started to happen over night! Maybe some of you could advise me on it

Mer. V. Oct 31, 2019     

I have had AVG on my computer, laptop, tablet and phone for years and it has saved me from being hacked when all my friends have been hacked. I also have AVG cleaner and I have it set to clean everything every 24 hours. What a time saver that has been and it lets me know of what programs I can hibernate because I had not been using them in a week, that there's info on my clipboard and that it's time to clean my cache and temporary folders. I will never get rid of these programs and my add a f

Jer. D. Nov 5, 2018     

It works pretty good. It dose help speed up my phone and clear junk out. My phone doesn't have a lot of space left. So when cookies and stuff build up my phone slows down. I used to clean it myself. But with this app. I just push one button and it cleans everything for me. A lot faster and easyer. Thanks guys. :)

R.. K. Feb 28, 2019     

... Ok, I admit, I like it. The issue here is that it tells me certain apps have stopped, one of which, Google Maps, I DON'T EVEN USE! I DON'T DRIVE!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE A CAR!!! ...Sorry about the outburst. I have a bad temper. Anyways, this app is great, but if it can get apps working again, such as Google, which I can type in the search bar, but not look anything up... at all, that would make it greater.

Rob. S. Jun 12, 2020     

puts a lot of garbage on your Android device and keeps on trying to get you to upgrade, when you don't it slows the system down.. not to mention it's very hard to uninstall, it leaves junk files behind so you have to do a factory reset to get rid of it completely

Sha. F. Mar 16, 2019     

it's a good app, works alright and I've used it on multiple (different brand) devices but it's draining the battery horrifically fast on a samsung galaxy tab A. not sure if it is the tablet or the app has changed but the tablet blames the app and warning that the app is draining battery. this app has so many annoying notifications

Sam. H. Nov 2, 2018     

I've used AVG for years and I've never had an issue. I use the paid for edition on my PC, and the free version on my tablet and phone. Any threats are addressed upon turning on my tablet and quickly removed. Never has my security or data been in jeopardy.

Cat. L. Nov 5, 2019     

I love this app it has kept all my electronics safe and functioning for years. This is the first thing I download whenever I have a new device and I have never had any problems. Add to that the fact that it is free to access and I cannot sing the praises of AVG enough.

T. Y. Sep 9, 2019     

I feel that the ads are a fair price to pay for a decent antivirus program. Especially when the costs of professional repairs or replacement of a tablet is factored in. If the ads bother you too much I would suggest upgrading to the paid version.

Wes. W. S. May 6, 2019     

Always keeps me secure and safe. Even better it helps me keep up with my storage, does everything for you, making life easy. You can check for any risks anytime, takes seconds. They alert you of any risks & eliminate it. My IT guy recommended it, crazy its a free app doing Pro stuff.

A. G. u. Mar 21, 2019     

have used AVG for years on all my devices and usually give it 5stars. now though it keeps blocking my home screen when I turn my tablet on . I need to swipe to remove it- but its really hard to swipe off! also sometime open to find one of my apps have been randomly opened. this has oply started to happen since the last update.

Pau. E. Nov 28, 2018     

This app USED TO be good. Maybe it was the last update, but I'm getting continual pop-ups saying "Unfortunately, Antivirus has stopped." I can't just uninstal the app because it's an administrator on my tablet and I can't even open the app to remove it as an administrator.

Jea. K. Mar 3, 2019     

So far I am stuck on this free version, which works great, but when I was offered a deal I took it. I did it with the understanding it was for multiple devices. 5* for the great scanning and cleaning/ 1* for customer service...

A. G. u. Mar 2, 2019     

AVG have been looking after all of my devices for quite some time now, The Ads are a little distracting but other than that there software has always been on point, i dont usually rate apps but this one desevers the 5stars in my humble opinion, so thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Rac. H. Dec 18, 2018     

seems to work pretty well but if you want more done you have to pay. I have just uninstalled it because I'm fed up with the clean up all the time and I can't afford paying for the deep clean to make it worthwhile. Just need to find out how to stop the app taking money after it's uninstalled.

Ali. J. Feb 2, 2021     

Excellent app. Keeps my device in tip top health. Security scan is quick and lets you know immediately if you need to attend to any issues. This takes the worry away from me and i can surf in total freedom. Many thanks.

A. G. u. Mar 10, 2019     

This is a very nice, user friendly app that I actually use in my tablet in place of more intricate options I have access to due to two multi-apparatus subscriptions I have w/other anti-virus programs that I have chosen not to install in the tablet.

Al. E. Sep 20, 2019     

Used to be great, but suddenly decided all WiFi was insecure and cut internet access until you manually scanned. Did this every 2 minutes or so. Not worth it.

A. G. u. Jan 1, 2019     

AVG is the anti-virus program I have used for years and enjoy privacy daily. Too many notices from AVG wanting more investment in their products without an incentive for money savings in a package.

rho. j. Dec 30, 2018     

My experience with AVG has been a poeitive one from the very beginning. a friend of mine told me that it had just hit the market and was really good. Trusting my friend, I downloaďed it and have used it ever since. That was many years ago and still one of the better decisions I've made in my life. I know that I can count on AVG to protect me amd my things.

Mar. d. S. Aug 4, 2020     

Confusing with increasing sub-apps, not AS SIMPLE like one stop complete program like the previous versions... now with different charges for each, its a put-off because it attempts to pry more money from users.