• Talis Droid LITE ADW/Go/Apex 1
  • Talis Droid LITE ADW/Go/Apex 2

Talis Droid LITE ADW/Go/Apex

Hello! This is the LITE version of Talis Droid icons theme, PRO version available with more than 300 icons and in continuos development;

Enjoy the smoothest experience of Talis Droid Icon set.
To use this theme you'll need Go Launcher Ex, ADW, Launcher Pro or Apex installed.
If you find bugs, have suggestions or request please DO NOT post them as comments. I can't reply to those. Contact me by email instead.

Category : Personalization

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Reviews (8)

A. G. u. Jun 25, 2012     

You have every popular application icon, love look. Such great work.

A. G. u. May 27, 2012     

Looks great thanks!

A. G. u. May 25, 2012     

love it

A. G. u. Jun 9, 2012     

Lovely icons

A. G. u. Apr 6, 2012     

Good job, work hard and add more icons.....

A. G. u. Jun 27, 2012     

Looks super clean and suave. Great theme, especially for being free, there is clearly a lot of work put into it.

sur. k. Feb 8, 2013     

its very cool theme... my launcher pro and Go...

A. G. u. Jun 27, 2012     

Great theme