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The Drudge View

The only Drudge Report reader with the ability to comment on stories! The Drudge View is the simplest, fastest and lightest Drudge Report reader available. No nonsense layout shows you the newest headlines. Lighter, faster, better than Breitbart.
There is no other Drudge Report reader that is as quick or as light as The Drudge View!

Read the latest news, share how you feel about the stories, and see what others are saying about it in The Drudge View's comments!

The Drudge View only requires a network connection and will never collect data from its users, unlike others which require 4 or more permissions...

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (22)

Kei. T. Jul 9, 2018     

In spite of the BaronRunion claiming all apps cover up the top task bar, this is the only app that I have seen or used that does. I need the task bar visible at all times. This is a deal breaker, especially when it is obvious that 1) they don't know what they are talking about and 2) they don't care.

Dav. M. Jul 12, 2018     

Ads often cover accept buttons for cookies so the article cannot be read. The inflexible interface make the ap largly useless.

Ale. S. Feb 15, 2018     

Only app on my phone that makes my phone heat up when I use it. Obviously it's doing something in the background.

Ran. A. Aug 7, 2017     

Very poor design decision in covering up the task bar, hiding clock, battery condition, etc. Why? Please fix for a higher rating. + + + 2. The comment feature: What website are they appearing on? More info would be useful.

Rhy. Sep 28, 2017     

Best app ever,helped give insight on modern issues in a way not found anywhere else.

Edw. K. Apr 29, 2017     

I like the simplicity of the app. Great Fonts. I would like to see Notifications when a new article has been posted to Drudge. Thanks for this app, going PRO now!

Eug. B. Jun 17, 2017     

The headlines voice me the main idea much of the time except when it is too truncated.

Dua. L. Sep 3, 2017     

A Strait Line. No Holy Cows. Drudge Is Recommended In Daily Conversation.... Frequently. If Your A Thin Skin.... On Either Side. He'll Irritate And Annoy.... Me Too!!! Lol!!! Always Need An Sixth Star!!!

R.. H. Jun 7, 2017     

Great app. Easy to use and keeps you updated on everything.

G. Y. Feb 18, 2017     

Looks like the app was made in 2010

Ron. M. Sep 17, 2017     

Outstanding content

Kel. M. Sep 13, 2017     

I love it

Tyl. S. Jan 6, 2017     

You already know Drudge is great, but this makes it easy. Five stars, worked flawlessly for me so far.

Nic. a. N. J. Jan 18, 2017     

Love this app. Definitely sharing with all my friends!

Old. Jan 25, 2017     

Love it, but I bought pro version, do I need to keep this?

Bob. S. Jan 2, 2017     

Ad at the bottom is too large and annoying = (minus one star). Would be willing to pay reasonable fee to remove.

Jos. F. Aug 25, 2016     

App works great! Haven't had one issue viewing various articles. Would recommend to a friend!

Cha. C. Aug 26, 2016     

Does what I need it to do.

Rya. A. Aug 25, 2016     

Interesting. Real unbiased news.

Jos. C. Aug 25, 2016     

Awesome and informative

A. G. u. Aug 25, 2016     

It works

Ron. T. Jan 13, 2017     

It works fine, but then after a day you start getting pop ups saying you won some prize then you can hardly get off that page...I deleted this app the pop ups stopped.