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Tool Box (Free)

It's essential 24 utility tools using device's hardware and sensors.
Max tool series are already downloaded more then 3 million times in Android Market world wide.

in Tool Box...
- Compass
- Leveler
- Length measuring tools
- Protractor
- Vibrometer
- Magnetic field Detector
- Altimeter
- Tracker
- Heart Rate Monitor
- Decibel Meter

- Flash Light
- Unit Converter
- Magnifier
- Calculator
- Abacus
- Counter
- Score Board
- Roulette
- Barcode Reader
- Mirror
- Tuner

- Stopwatch
- Timer
- Metronome

If you have "Tool Box", you don't need to wonder in the market anymore.

"Tool Box" will help you anytime you want likes Swiss Army Knife.

It's Free Ver. and includes AD.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (27)

Mon. H. Mar 11, 2021     

Very useful! I've had this on my Samsung 7 4 yrs and now Samsung 10+ no issues. I bought the pro version to support the developer. I am a mechanical infrastructure specialist and I use the illumination, vibration, sound, magnetic field detector, protractor, level, unit converter, stopwatch, timer, code reader. There could also be an app in this for calculating volume of pipe or vessels.

Al. O. Jun 7, 2020     

Nice app in general, intuitive and functional. Especially like the illuminometer's analog display. Much easier than trying to catch numbers blinking all around. This is the type of app that keeps lots of other junk out of my pockets. Excellent job, Dev's; keep up the good work.

Raf. Aug 16, 2020     

Overall good and simple app, but the big drawback is the Unit Converter. It lacks the UK gallon unit in the Volume section, also the Fuel Efficiency unit does not specify whether this miles per US or UK gallon, guess the first one. The converter could also be more robust with wider unit selection.

Juh. V. Feb 20, 2020     

Small improvement: Currently currency converter needs internet to get rates. Without internet connection conversion doesn't work. Solution: When fetching rates save them. Starting app without network, app uses old rates and notifies user "rates are from 31.1.2020“. Usually travelling abroad you do not have mobile network.

Wad. B. Mar 29, 2021     

Very useful app that I use everyday for multiple situations. Very handy for those of us who are not good at converting standard to metric or vice versa. Simple, quick, and easy to use

Joh. R. H. Jan 23, 2020     

Though I don't need this app as often as many others I use, this app has been more than worth the price many times. I have helped numerous people struggling to read small print with the "Magnifier" app. Definitely one of my 'necessary' apps.

Jen. B. May 7, 2020     

Used to work great, now says my phone has no magnetic sensors so compass no longer works. It used to work. And the mag detector works so not sure what happened with the compass.

xGr. Jul 31, 2019     

App is so useful! Everything is so useful (even if i dont know how to use it) so much that i found a metal underground and used it for blade. I recommend this app for travellers, survivalists, and treasure hunter.

Mic. H. Mar 25, 2020     

Ruler accurate but only 8.5cm because it doesn't take up whole screen. Decibel meter works. Compass didn't work on moto x4. Leveler worked.

Jt. S. May 31, 2020     

I have these for 7 years, this thing is amazing, but some of the tool don't work for all devices, but update all was make it more better, this tool box is all you'll possibility need

Jos. O. Aug 27, 2019     

It is a wonderful purse of functional tools despite the multiple nature. It is incredible. There is however room for improvement.

Jos. N. Nov 25, 2020     

I have been using this app for years and I absolutely love it. Unit conversion, code reader and compass are my favs. I have used in galaxy s5, s8 and s9.

Jam. B. Dec 22, 2018     

Excellent - replaces more than a dozen individual apps, and does a much better job.

Wil. Apr 20, 2019     

Great app! Must have on my phone. When you need it its irreplaceable. I always surprise people that a phone can have these functions.

J. M. Jul 6, 2019     

Essentially a theming update but, more importantly, an app that was already useful continues to be so (and now with an added modern design to boot!)

Riz. C. Jul 15, 2020     

Nice app. I suggest adding other features, such as ultrasonic sound makers and ultrasonic sound detectors

Jak. W. Jul 13, 2020     

Great app but where is the pro version i paid for.? Upgraded my phone and now I have the free version with adverts. Not happy.

Mar. T. Feb 22, 2022     

Very helpful app but it does not record on tracker for more than an hour I also bought the pro to support the developer

Den. R. Jan 7, 2022     

A collection of handy tools. Very useful

Jm. S. Jan 31, 2022     

Very good then it just crashed and I never found it again.

Rya. Y. Dec 27, 2020     

Hi there. Brilliant app. Is there an option to pay to remove ads? Thanks.

Sir. S. Apr 17, 2021     

I love this app. I use it all the time. One recommendation/ request? Sound recorder. Thanks! 😄

Ibr. I. Dec 9, 2019     

Amazing idea, but I need validation of units and readings.

wil. c. Apr 22, 2020     

This guy/girl took off the paid version from the app store so advertisement always Had to download from a previous device

Cal. B. Sep 1, 2020     

I mean it s a really cool app and idea but I only use 30% of the things in the app.

joe. r. Oct 18, 2019     

This app has lots of easy to use tools with very few ads.

Jen. Oct 11, 2020     

Great app although looking for euro on the conversion tool?