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See what’s happening in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment, sports and politics, to big events and everyday interests. If it’s happening anywhere, it’s happening on Twitter. Get the full story as it unfolds, with all the live commentary.
Be part of what everyone is talking about and get videos, live footage and Moments, direct from the source.

Join in on all the action by sharing what’s happening in your world. On Twitter you can post photos with GIFs, videos, and even stream live video with the Periscope button. There is no better way to have your voice heard.

Category : News & Magazines

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Reviews (28)

Kaw. M. Apr 24, 2022     

I can't scroll down a profile, the app keeps refreshing to the top. The message function is not working properly : we can't see messages from some conversations. They stay stuck on the loading screen. It has been going on for months and it's appalling that nothing was made to fix it. I feel like you all don't care about this app. As a result I barely use it anymore while it used to be my primary social media platform. You should focus on fixing this instead of adding useless features.

Sam. K. May 24, 2022     

Since the most recent update, the app has been a huge pain to use. Constant crashes, like once every 2 minutes. (seems to be worse when viewing threads, but still happens just when scrolling the TL). Whenever I switch apps, even for just a second, my scrolling position is lost. Refuses to comply with my system dark mode settings. Font is irregular. There are tons of issues displaying account names when viewing tweets. Please fix this app, or at least return it to the version before last.

All. May 24, 2022     

Absolutely worst experience. There is so much stutter while scrolling through the app that it makes the whole experience worse. And after some scrolling it reloads which is too annoying cause I am looking at some art and then boom it reloads and I have to look for it again. I don't know why they are not fixing these small problems.

She. C. May 22, 2022     

With the recent update, the app loads incredibly slowly. I think it's the expansion of Spaces (which is a great feature btw but its expansion I think makes the app run too slow). Another thing, the auto refresh of the timeline while you're reading still happens. EDIT: the timeline refreshes automatically while I'm still reading. Surely it's not that difficult to fix in 2022. Please!!

Jos. P. J. May 26, 2022     

My DMs won't sometimes load, I would literally have to uninstall and reinstall the app for it to work properly again. The app would also lag out to the point I need to restart it so it would function properly. When I report too, and if they get in trouble, and if I try tapping on it, the page won't load.

Muh. S. May 16, 2022     

The recent update has been disappointing. There are a few flaws. One ,it will automatically refresh when i'm not done reading a tweet, sometimes will also automatically scrolled up to the very top after opening a tweet. Two, the app will force stop suddenly and three I am also experiencing issues with the videos where it will freeze out of a sudden but the sound will still be playing. Please do something twitter.

Jer. J. May 25, 2022     

Seems like since the proposed merger they are intentionally making this app run like garbage. Constantly crashing or randomly going back to the home screen...seems a lot more like intentional sabotage as opposed to a random bad update. Last update didn't solve any problems but seemed to make it worse. Looks like some internal auditing needs to be done

Esh. May 25, 2022     

It's so difficult to even just scroll along the timeline because it keeps on refreshing the feed in between and keeps on redirecting me to the top AGAIN AND AGAIN !! If I wanna refresh, I'll do it myself ! You don't have to continuously do it in betwn WHILE I'm scrolling !! Also if I wanna view tweets of a particular account while I'm in their profie page, then just after viewing some 6-7 of their media or tweets, I'm again redirected to the top !! Fix this bug, it's getting seriously annoying !

Gar. O. May 23, 2022     

As of late this app has been awful. Crashes constantly, takes forever to load profiles or pictures, when you're on a post it will kick you back to your TL. It's been happening for a few weeks now. Clearing cache or data doesn't work, force closing the app hasn't worked, uninstalling and reinstalling hasn't worked. Can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet.

Fel. F. May 19, 2022     

The app is full of glitches; it corrupts some photos I post, "something went wrong" error all the time when trying to access security notifications and answers to reports. Now it stutters while scrolling through the timeline (seems to be related to content loading). Devs fix one error and introduce lots of new errors. I do love Twitter, but I haven't getting a great experience lately.

Ric. T. May 24, 2022     

Current bug with dms. Stuck on a loading screen. Have restarted my phone and closed app but still doesn't work. Problem would usually go away after a day or 2 before but it's been about 2 weeks now *Update* Bug was fixed and dms are working now. I still think the Twitter app for Android needs a lot more work. Stability and buffering is still very hit or miss. Switching between accounts (if you have more than one) sometimes causes crashes and the app will restart.

All. B. May 22, 2022     

Glitches almost constantly. Tweets double post. When scrolling a profile it will suddenly jump back to the top. When tweeting videos you cannot preview them or cut duration. Sudden exits/closes without explanation. Now it forgets I'm logged in and defaults to the log in page when I open the app. Go back out and in a few times and suddenly it remembers me again. This is pretty bad.

Cla. M. May 4, 2022     

It's a great app, easy to use and share ideas. I love the selective reply and voice note features incorporated in the last update. However, I believe Twitter should improve on the direct messaging feature. DMs do not have search filters,you can't select a specific message to reply, there's no room to edit messages, files other than pictures do not send. The user's experience(UX) of the DMs is really poor. Incorporating all these missing features would bolster the messaging experience. Thanks.

Zac. G. May 14, 2022     

I don't know what happened, but the app performance is terrible recently. Things like notifications and direct messages take forever to load. It didn't used to be this bad. It will also repeatedly show that I sent a new direct message when I'm only viewing previous ones. Notification icons also linger after already viewing it.

Kau. D. May 4, 2022     

1. Facing problems with the LIST feature. I'm not able to add pages to the list after adding some pages. 2. The application doesn't give much freedom to customisation settings regarding news & feeds. 3. It needs to improve on the algorithm that suggest new people or pages. 4. The built-in browser is way behind than that of its competitors. 5. The application should be on par with the desktop site which it isn't. 6. Hope you will find a way to improve the user interface. Thank you..!

Ted. B. May 5, 2022     

Recently the app has begun to stall out when accessing the notifications screen (mentions, likes, etc.) It'll take more than 15 seconds to display any. If I clear the cache, I can instantly switch between my feed and my notifications. Something is buggy. Also, if the change in ownership occurs, it will quickly become a cesspool and I'll rarely use it. I guess that'll help the cache problem.

Tha. May 17, 2022     

App got extremely worse, since they somehow decided that after opening a media you'd like to be returned to the top of a profile/home the app got nearly impossible to use. I can't open a photo that a friend posted because 7 times out of 10 I have to re-scroll all the way to the point where I left at. The only other app that used to screw up just like this was the Tumblr app back before it died, so that's saying something. Oh and your stuff is buggy you can't even see all replies/likes and rts.

Ima. H. May 8, 2022     

Twitter is my preferred social media, I'm on it literally all the time. But the app is damn near unusable. If I switch to another app and come back it takes so damn long for the app to load. Sometimes even up to a minute. Closing the app and opening it back up doesn't help. Not to mention the auto refresh is annoying as all hell. Fix the damn app PLEASE.

Olu. A. May 23, 2022     

This isn't working as well as one would suppose. Firstly, one runs through tweets and it just ends somewhere. In the past, Tweets used to keep rolling to oblivion. But that didn't begin in this update. This update has been lagging and misbehaving. It just stops working abruptly. Thought it was my phone but I have noticed that it's the app that has issues. The app hasn't been improving. I stopped using the Twitter lite version because I wanted longer and uninterrupted tweet sessions. 🥱

Cor. v. B. May 12, 2022     

Utterly broken, continually reloads when scrolling and hides what you were going to look at, jumps back to the top when scrolling a profile, and performance is so poor it feels like you're using a phone from 2008. It's been this way for so long now they clearly don't care and aren't going to fix even the most glaring issues, and the platform is going to go downhill spectacularly now Musk is in control. Update: App has been updated, zero bugs fixed yet again.

Nic. S. May 14, 2022     

This app is garbage. Nothing is working well. 1. I can't see replies to a lot of tweets. They don't load or aren't visible when I try to access them. 2. I can't access updates on accounts I've reported any more. Instead of seeing the update in app, it now opens to a web page, which encourages me to use the app. 3. The auto scroll to top of page is still happening every time I close a tweet. For months now. It's impossible to read through a page of tweets now. Get it together.

Fen. Mar 18, 2022     

Please, please, PLEASE fix this issue. Whenever I’m on portrait mode on my phone and I scroll down someone’s media or likes on their profile and have to rotate the screen into landscape mode to watch a video, it always, always, ALWAYS goes back to the top of the list, unless I rotate my phone back to portrait mode before pressing the back button. So I have to scroll down again to play the next video that I like. It’s so frustrating! Also happens vice versa. Please fix this issue.

Lee. D. B. May 2, 2022     

Twitter's even worse than before this update. For a few weeks before it would occasionally freeze. As time went on the screen would sometimes go blank. Now, with this new update, it's even worse. Every few seconds it freezes. Sometimes resuming, often going blank. And get rid of that damn auto-refresh. Fix it, not next year but now.

Rus. Mar 5, 2022     

I have no complaints. A good app. I wish there was an option to write long articles though. Apart from that it's all good. Doesn't really lag or stutters while scrolling. Only a tiny fault is that, everytime you clear cache of this app, the option of "Show News from your Region" turns on automatically. Everytime you open app after clearing cache, it turns on. That's pretty much the only problem I have.

atl. Mar 20, 2022     

recently I couldn't get into my messages and it would just load and load. and I can't make a list. when I try, I can't go to step 2 and it says "list can not be created. try again later" and im not doing anything wrong. and now my timeline is taking forever to actually come up. it's loading then goes black about 99% of the time. and I have a list pinned and I can swipe to see that and those tweets load fine. they load like normal.

L.. M. Apr 3, 2022     

After the latest barrage of updates, the app isn't functioning as flawlessly as before. Scrolling down a profile now automatically refreshes itself, meaning it takes me back to the top (without warning). And also tweeting a youtube video for instance is a real drag, it either takes a long time to tweet or doesn't get sent at all. Sometimes, it's saved as a draft even after it's sent.

Con. S. Apr 8, 2022     

For the last while, I've seemingly been having a bunch of issues with the app. First one is that for the last month, I can't open my Twitter DMs page, and it won't stop loading. The other is recent, I can't scroll down an account anymore without being sent back to the top of the account and everything resets immediately. These issues aren't a thing on the browser, but it's horrifically noticeable on the app. Hoping they get fixed soon.

Way. L. P. Apr 20, 2022     

I've been using Twitter for years and I prefer it over the long rants on Facebook. But some of the controls and features are obscure and difficult to puzzle through. Example: I have 30+ years experience working with all kinds of software. Yet it took me *months* to figure out how to send Direct Messages on Twitter. Basic controls like that should be intuitive.