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Ultimate Ad-Libs (Mad Libs)

Ultimate Ad Libs is a collection of OVER 300 ad-libs word games spanning over a dozen different categories. Ad-Libs are word games whereby you input a collection of different words using various parts of speech, and then create a "story" from it using a pre-defined template. The result is nearly always riotously funny!
Features include:

1) Ability to save any generated ad-lib, and see the saved items at the top of your main menu.

2) Emphasis on ad-libs that may appeal to children (note that the "Childrens" category has over 90 ad-libs in it).

3) Easy navigation among ad-libs.

4) Large input editing screen for quick ad-lib generation.

All of these ad-libs have been custom made for this app, and have been carefully reviewed for maximum hilarity!

An ad-libs app is an essential part of any party-goer's app collection.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (2)

Sam. S. Nov 30, 2013     

Text boxes will not take input or stops working, waste of money!!!

Cod. C. Apr 23, 2016     

Had it for years