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United State Chat: Meet & Chat rooms

UNITED STATE CHAT: MEET is a Excellent way to meet and stay connected with american people. we use a simply and easy format to start using this amazing chat room plataform, creating and amazing app so you can be comfortable when you chat with others

Stay connect with people around united state, share, culture, themes, images and tastes, always taking into account not introduce any discussion topics with issues such as racism, drugs, profanity, insults, vulgar sexual act.

Make you perfil put your amazing picture o more simple connected via facebook account so is more quickly and easy way to start meeting new friends.

Simply, Elegant, attractive is United State Chat, it is divided into different room with the seals of each state so you can enter and start to meet people in the states of interest.

Category : Dating

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Reviews (26)

Iri. B. Apr 18, 2022     

It's an excellent app but there was a bit inconvenient which is extremely annoying everytime lm trying to input my profile it could'nt be save it doesn't work it won't get through literally pissed me off please fixed it immediately😑😣 the features of this app needs to be updated😕

Mur. W. Mar 14, 2020     

- Very beautiful due to the emerican flag. -very fast to download. - very easy to operate. - occupies small space in storage. - fast and very clear in internet world.

And. V. Nov 19, 2019     

Please fixed this app immediately at first this app is quite interesting but later on everythings change it doesn't work very well anymore you saw your friends talking to each other they exchange their words appropriately but me just like a dump trash nobody see me i spoke with them but they dont response even just say hi hello nothing happened and my messages dissapeared right away i want to join again but this app wont let me fixed everything please my friends are waiting for me......

sam. m. May 23, 2020     

The application is nice for chatting, but it chatting background is dull, loc al and slow. It need an improvement.

Sou. Nov 19, 2020     

No moderation And the block button doesn't even work anymore There are too many rooms. People only chat in 2 rooms. Has potential, but it's pretty bad

Jen. H. Dec 10, 2018     

It wouldn't let me do ANYTHING. There was zero content to the app. A complete and total waste of my valuable time.

Elv. m. Dec 10, 2019     

I have not been able go get into the app since i downloaded it ,it keeps on telling me complete your profile and from there it goes back again without even opening or letting me complete my profile

ber. i. Jun 22, 2020     

It is a bit nice!!! But please there is no message icon to show if there is a message to reply in time.

Man. Z. Jan 5, 2020     

I love this app its so wonderfull .I can talk with a lot of people from different countries especially American people .

Oke. E. Jun 26, 2019     

It's good but needs to improve to share, videos, Bussiness forum,. Relationship, Travel and Tourism, Advertisement and communication

vio. l. Nov 6, 2020     

It's a very nice radio. I love the hits played in here. Tuning it all the way from Tanzania.

Mic. M. May 10, 2020     

I'm enjoying it pretty good I like that there's not too many interruptions with other apps or cutting off on me

VIN. M. Jun 5, 2019     

it is very simple.easy to access friends.not need to show the identity.chat through e mail also.very nice

Joh. A. Dec 12, 2019     

I like your app because is fast and you can meet different types of people despite the ladies are not responding, i love it

vic. j. Jul 10, 2020     

It's nice, am kind of enjoying it for now, but many things need to fix, no private chat notification

Gar. H. Sep 30, 2019     

It's a good app but there's no one in the united states there I was the only one outher country's but it's a good app to meet people of all kinds and chat

San. E. Apr 30, 2019     

Really good site. People very friendly. Had no problems at all. Would recommend

Rio. Apr 25, 2020     

To much like the old Yahoo chats- spam and solicitation. Content moderation needed asap.

Bre. M. Jul 25, 2020     

I think it's easy to send messages but its very slow loading

Jan. n. I. Nov 16, 2019     

I don't understand what is going on the site, i can also see people typing hi, hello etc and people are not responding well.

Dic. D. Sep 15, 2019     

It is very fast in terms of texting messages

Set. S. Jan 8, 2020     

This app is very very wonderful we can talk with deffrent people from diffrent country😊

Ton. R. Mar 31, 2020     

Great App. Met lots of text buddies!

Moh. Q. Jan 9, 2020     

I have a good experience. I got a number of chance to make the good friends. It is a beautiful platform for me to find loving u s a friends.

Jul. C. May 14, 2020     

Very easy to communicate with

Ric. B. Oct 11, 2019     

Too many pops ups and interruptions