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Vlog Editor for Vlogger & Video Editor Free- VlogU

VlogU is the best free vlog editor & video editor to make vlog video for Android Vlogger to vlog. Use vlog editor VlogU to edit video. It’s a free video editor/movie maker/vlog maker to create HD video vlog. To be a Vlog Star!

Best vlog video editor / vlog maker. Video Trimmer & Video Cutter help vlogger to cut video into several video clips, Video Merger & Video Splicer with transitions can merge video clips into one vlog video. Edit subtitle/text/stickers/effects on video to become vlog video star. In the vlog maker, vlog music & photo slideshow for vlogger. Editing videos with different filters to be a vlog video star. Everyone is a vlogger! Let us VLOG now!

Easy to use / Free Vlog Maker/ No watermark after free remove

How to Vlog?
1. Use vlog camera to record video clips, import in vlog editor – VlogU.
2. Trim video clips and delete unusable video clips, splice video clips.
3. Add subtitles & stickers to vlog video editor, adjust speed.
4. Editing videos with vlog music or BGM in this video maker & free editing apps.
5. Edit vlogs with intro maker & outro maker, share vlog with video editor SNS.

Free vlog video editing apps Video Trimmer & Video Cutter
Easy to use video trimmer & video cutter.
Trim & cut video clips to certain length.
Slice & split video into video clips. One click to crop videos.

Video Merger & Video Splicer with Transitions
Merge/splice video clips into one video by Pro video merger.
Use free video editing app VlogU to edit video with transitions to merge video clips.

Edit Subtitle/Text on Vlog Video
Add text to video with fonts & colors.
Editing videos with stylish text in free vlog editor/video editor.

Edit Vlog with Free Vlog Music/BGM
Kinds of free vlog music: Happy, Dance, Romantic...
Add free featured music or vlogger own music to be a vlog video star.
Photo video maker with music to create photo slideshow.
Edit video with music & Free video maker with song.

Movie Editing With Effects
Video editing effects: Glitch, Blur, Disco...
Pro vlog video maker with effects, easily to become a vlog star.

Speed Control - Slow Motion & Fast Motion
Free fast/slow motion video maker to speed up or slow down.
In free video editing app,adjust & control speed of video clips, to make vlogger own vlog.

Reverse Video Maker
Reverse video, like a movie sense vlog.
Create time-lapse video, edit montage video.
Powerful video editing: Video Rotate & Flip & Mirror.

Add Stickers & Emoji on Vlog Video
Movie editing with stickers & emoji. Splice stickers & emoji to edit videos.
DIY stickers: combine videos with vlogger own photos to make vlog video leap.
Merge DIY stickers on video to create slideshow in minutes.

Movie Filters & Video Background
Movie & film style filters for vlogger.
Combine videos clips with filters by vlog editor.
Full size video on Instagram without video cropping.Crop videos to any ratio.
Blur & colorful vlog video backgrounds by free video editor app.

HD Export & Share To Social Media
Export video in HD 1080p or 720p without losing quality by best HD video maker & vlog video editor.

VlogU is a best free easy-to-use vlog video editor & video maker, with VlogU video cutter & splicer to trim/splice video clips, add music or BGM on vlog editor. Vlog video editor with animated subtitles and stickers. Crop vlog video to any ratio. Make a vlog so easy! Let us VLOG now!

If you have any problem or questions about VlogU, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Acknowledgements:FUGUE Music (https://icons8.com/music/)

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Reviews (27)

Ale. M. F. Nov 4, 2020     

I really love this app! It's covienient and effective on editing some of my videos. I also love the trendy stickers, great job! It's simple but extra ordinary, it would be great to have a PC version (software) of this. It would also be good to able to work with this without a connection and remove the watermark without watching an ad. But overall, its good! Keep up!

a.r. p. Oct 3, 2020     

It won't save :) Feedback immediately please. [Edit 2] I read some reviews, unfortunately, they won't provide direct answers. Instead, they ask questions. [Edit 3] Changed it to 5 stars. I was able to save it finally. I had a guess that I couldn't save the video because of the content invlolved in it. So, I removed the picture/video/animated stuff or whatever you call it then proceeded to save it. It worked. Haven't check the result yet, but I saved it.

San. B. Jul 6, 2020     

I really like this app, very easy to use, but sometimes the app really botches my audio which is very annoying, when I edit the video, the audio is fine, but once the video is processed and saved, the audio skips in some parts, like my mouth is moving but no sound comes out, which is very strange and annoying, please fix this as it takes a lot of effort to film and edit, and this little things can really mess up the entire video. Also the app freezes at time but overall is not too bad.

Nop. U. Aug 27, 2019     

I worked on a video for 4 hours for my channel. It refused to save. I had to watch 4 ads. It kept going to 85 percent then switching to a screen that said no videos have been saved yet. Gave no reason why so I started trying to create space on my tablet. Then I deleted the base videos thinking they were already uploaded to my finished project just to find out that that is exactly how it doesn't work. So here I am finding a new app to use in order to make a whole new video. Thanks for nothing.

Lau. L. M. Oct 11, 2019     

So let me expand... It would be better if it had 1. A cut function. That is instead of having to split a clip then trim it on one or both sides, cut allows you to leave out the undesired material in the middle of the clip without having to revisit both sides of the split video which is time consuming. 2. Fade in and fade out of music. 3. Filters to cover desired area not the whole video 4. Titles, which can be introductory or closers, or both. 5. Voiceovers/record...couldn't find it.

Jam. J. Oct 15, 2020     

I don't really write reviews but this was so good I had to write one. It's so easy to use for beginning youtubers and editors unlike most of those apps out there. This is now officially my go to app for editing videos it works offline perfectly, I would definitely reccomend this app to a friend. Edit: One thing that they could fix is how you can't precisely choose where to cut the video , if you click the scissors icon it'll cut where ever the playing thing is and it gets frustrating.

Zel. C. M. Nov 3, 2021     

Yes I like this app, for it has many to choose from...music,effects, and many more. . And it's simple to use. .for a beginner it's fun to explore in editing videos, ... in the other hand,,the result is cool but has a little to fix. , my experience is of the sound a little scratchy, need to find it out why... I love this app..😍🤩🙏

Zer. Aug 24, 2020     

Love this. Simple and clean. Have to install and remove a dozen of other apps since they don't have zoomable timeline. Some suggestions for improvements: 1. Please make a paid option. I want to pay for it to skip the ads. 2. Playback/edit position should be retained after undoing/redoing. 3. Larger play/pause button, or play/pause by tapping the video. Cheers!

Rai. Sep 11, 2020     

This app has so much room for improvement. And im looking forward to it. My videos are a bit glitchy when i export it. But yeah i'll give 5 stars in the future! Hope they fix the problem. This will be the best free video editing app. A little more tune and this will go woosh like a rocket. Another thing is that. Once the video got exported, the audio and video does not go along well. The audio and texts are always going fast than the video. I tried downloading it 2x still nothing happens.

Yaz. M. Jun 23, 2020     

Ok... so i thought this app was easier to use compared to other editing apps and the visual and sound effects were fun. But whenever i try to save my video, it doesn't! it TELLS me that my video has been saved, but it can't be played. When i try to open my video it says that loading has failed and that my video can't be played. this is frustrating coz after exerting so much effort to edit, it all goes to nothing. uninstalling for sure.

Par. Jan 4, 2021     

This is a really good app but I have a problem. When I do a long video such as a montage, in the app everything is syncedto the music I've put in, but when I go to upload to instagram it gradually goes more out of sync. You may be thinking this is instagrams problem not vlogus, right? Well in Vlogu, between every clip there is always a slight hesitation and a slight hesitation is all it takes for the whole thing to be out of sync. So please fix this!! Apart from that I love this app.

Lei. Nov 11, 2020     

This app has allowed me to edit so many videos! The stickers are amazing and it's so easy and cool to edit videos. And you can import text and stickers into the video. However, sometimes things do get a little confusing, but other then that, this app is amazing and I would suggest it to people who want to edit videos!

Ang. F. Apr 16, 2020     

I'm almost done in editing my video and then it just stop working and automatically return to home. As I went back my work is gone. There’s nothing on the draft. I was so disappointed. And one time I always check everything before saving and then it takes more like 30 minutes to download. And when you check it majority of it wasnt in timing. So bad.

Spa. O. H. Oct 11, 2020     

I think the app would have been great, but when I make a video and go to edit it, it never has the full video. It only has the first 1 second and thats it. It happens with your other apps too. I think it sounds great because everyone leaves good reveiws but it just does this with every video. Please fix it!! (I'm on chromebook btw, that might be why)

Emm. B. Aug 12, 2019     

kept on deleting my edited video halfway through, it did it about 5 times. so frustrating. also when i add music, it covers the sound of the person speaking, regardless of putting the music volume down. then after all of that, i finally finisned it after checking it over, saved it. and it saved with the sound missing halfway thru. you really need to sort these bugs out. so annoying. and disappointing.

Abi. S. Jul 30, 2019     

This app seems like it would be very promising, however, depending on how you edit your YouTube video you would have to edit each clip individually. For example, you would have to speed up a video and. export it separately outside of the main project, which seems rather inconvenient.

Evo. T. E. Feb 18, 2020     

Am really comfortable with nagivation & it's user friendly. Your interface is good but upon editing & saving the output video has audio non sysnc issues. I have tried multiple times and it's still the same. It makes me think what's the point when app is good but output is useless. This am experiencing from 2-3 days before that it was fine. But i have to honestly say this is the best app I have seen than any I have downloaded recently. Good job team.

Jan. G. Jul 8, 2021     

This app is super easy to use. i love it. The only problem i have is that if i add 2 diffarent clips at the moment of transitioning to the second video it will start glitching fot about 5 seconds. I tried putting transition effects but it keeps happenening. and this is only with videos. it will pass from picture to picture with no problem.

Sma. S. Jul 13, 2020     

1st no matter how I tried previewed created video to music was out of sync when rendered/saved. However, my celphone was out of battery and turned off. After charge and turning back on, the app rendered my video in sync as expected from preview window. I guess it was a glitch on the phone? Low power on battery? Ill just give it 3 stars for now for passing and maybe rate it later depending on performance.

Lei. P. Oct 30, 2020     

This app is amazing! You have so many optional ways to edit your videos and pitures! You can add pitures and vids together, and even have great background music! And theres options to even add text to your videos, and zoom in and add better lighting! It works perfectly offline. ...its very easy to use the only little issue is that when the videos running, if you add a pic whilst it's running, it will start shaking and juttering. It's just the ticker though, 👍❤ l recommend it!

Mar. G. Mar 16, 2020     

My concern is that when I used the app in editing our Project and saving it, it didn't saved my voice record. And I was about to pass it today since it's the deadliest deadline. What I really mean, all those background music and my recorded audios was gone. When I watched the finished project, the only voice and BM present is in the first part only. It got lag too especially that it reached to 5 minutes.

Yao. G. Sep 16, 2020     

I was only able to use it once. After that the app just kept on restarting and force closing on its own. Too bad it's the easiest out there to use and with a lot of options. Edit: hello developers. When I open the app it would automatically refresh (like as if the app just opened again and again and again). I sometimes will be able to click on projects but no luck. I tried restarting my phone but it still kept on happening. I had to uninstall then reinstall so it would become stable again.

Ale. B. May 21, 2020     

The first edits was good but eventually it got worse. As soon as i exported the video it was not the same as how i edited it. the video and the sound does not sync. and my text edits are different. I wasted too much time editing. I hoped that the app will work better if i cleared all the data but nothing changed. it even got worse. so disappointing

Jen. B. Feb 20, 2021     

I'm a complete editing novice. This is easy and intuitive. Very reasonable subscription price to remove ads if you don't want to watch each time to remove water mark. The only option I'd definitely like to see added is a crop footage feature. Other nice but not needed additions for paid members are more sound effects, some less cheesy sund effects and less cheesy/armature looking stickers

Gen. S. Mar 15, 2020     

It is a great app , it lets me put memes, stickers, music, cool transitions ect. It has worked great for the past 2 weeks. But today I uploaded 2 vids and none of tne music, memes stickers or writing was there. Ift takes a really long time to load so when it finishes loading I am happy and upload it. But I uploaded 2 videos and it was all gons. No transitions. Nothing

Tin. P. Aug 2, 2019     

I love this app! for me it is so useful because I have just started a youtube channel, it's really clever as you can combine clips together to make longer videos so if your phone only takes a 5 minute video if you film 4 5 minute videos you can combine them together to create a 20 minute video! Definitely rate it 5 stars I'm so pleased! Thank you to whoever made this app! Also if your looking for a great editing app definitely choose this one! 😊🌻🌼

Kar. S. Oct 28, 2021     

This is the best video editor app i've ever used. Simple and easy-to-use. Pro features for free by watching ads too is a great idea. But there's one problem, I mostly use my phone landscaped cuz it's much detailed and it makes my experience better. Also I'm used to edit on PCs. If the devs can actually add a landscape feature so I can edit my videos better and see them better. Overall A great Video Editor!