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Vocabulary Builder

Build your vocabulary with Magoosh's free vocabulary game for your Android phone or tablet. Quiz yourself every day to learn the 1200 most important words!
☞ 1200 vocab words picked by an expert tutor☞ Audio pronunciation for each of the words in the app☞ Definitions and example sentences for every word☞ Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced vocabulary sections☞ Beat levels to unlock new words☞ Track your progress as you study

This app gives you free access to all of Magoosh’s general, GRE, SAT, and TOEFL vocab quizzes. Sign in with a Magoosh account (or create a new one) to save your progress to the web.

Created by expertsThe entire wordlist is selected and defined with usage examples by Magoosh’s expert tutors, led by Chris Lele. He has been teaching the GRE for more than 10 years, runs a popular vocabulary series on YouTube and he’s also written an eBook on vocabulary. He is unbeatable in Scrabble, or any other word game for that matter.

Designed for fun and learning that really sticksEach level you beat unlocks a harder one: more words and more advanced vocabulary. Words you don't know will be repeated until you master them, using spaced repetition which has been shown to be a very effective memorization strategy.

About MagooshWe're an online test prep company with a focus on teaching the GRE, GMAT, SAT, and TOEFL through videos and personalized customer support.

In addition to our online course, we blog about words, roots, formulas, grammar, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension along with study guides and study tips. Articles from the blog have been compiled into 3 separate free ebooks with over 6,000 downloads.

Have any questions? Please ask!Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email at [email protected].

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Reviews (28)

Ash. T. Apr 14, 2019     

it's really helping me for an exam. Yet, there are some things I wish could improve: 1. after I don't know an answer or make the wrong choice, the word shows up a lot and too often that I don't get time to practice other words and feel exhausted. 2. I need a word review mode to review what I have learned 3. I need some analytics 4. I need a list of all words to have a look some time or make a favorite list to practice more. I sometimes don't even know the synonym word! I also need a definition.

Nas. V. May 19, 2022     

Thanks for this helpful app. The words chosen are relevant to the GRE test and the way they are presented to the learner makes sense to me but the definitions and examples could be richer to help create a more accurate idea about the new items. Also, more task types (e.g. gap-filling, multiple matching,...) could be used especially for reviewing new items.

Mah. R. Apr 6, 2022     

The best app for vocab building. I came across so many new words which I never knew and yet, it has done nothing but good! I appreciate the way the app has been organized too since it keeps showing our incorrect words again and again. At times it definitely irritates me, won't be denying that 😂, however, for the results, even if you are done with the same words, it still gets helpful and thus this app is great in the long run. Love this app, the best one ever made for competitive exams!!! 😃😃

Mai. G. Apr 11, 2022     

I love this app because it's awesome! It helps me realize how much we change the definition to words we use to help create our own language. The only issue i have with this app at the moment is that they don't make clear if the word is an Adj. Or a Verb or Noun. They had a word "Check" and the best synonym or definition was "(n) a stopping or slowing of progress." When I immediately thought to examine (v). Meh not a big deal but it's would be nice.

Cla. m. Apr 14, 2022     

English is probably my strongest suit academically and I love to write, but I've always felt like my command of obscure vocabulary words has been a bit lacking. This app is excellent at helping you learn those tricky, lesser known words, and it quizzes you over and over until the material actually sinks in. The audio pronunciations are a useful feature, too. Great app for polishing up on those fancy words that will enrich your vocabulary, and it's fun to play!

Ste. B. Feb 12, 2022     

If you're trying to expanded your synonym vocabulary its okay at best. I want to be able to save words, so I can review later. Needs a review mode where I can "learn" prior from guessing and then remembering the answers. It promotes guessing, the "im not sure" is there but its not the same, especially if you dont know what the word or its answers mean. I was often surprised at the "examples" instead of a definitive definition. Overall 4 stars, for ease of use, good words, and interface.

N. P. S. Jan 20, 2022     

Excellent app with a clean user interface, well manoeuvred practice sessions, and most significantly with the provision of engaging gaming experience to master every word. Once you are into it, you can't come out of the loop without improving your vocabulary! Kudos to the team for developing such a useful as well as fun app. Above all, it's absolutely ad-free and device independent. You can carry forward your ongoing lessons and games to other devices with the syncing option. Highly recommended!

Ina. K. May 6, 2022     

I don't really like this app. Few words have different meaning based on which context it is used in. Hence, they should give you the context. Secondly, the vocabulary in this app is quite basic. It's almost as if it's made to please the users when they chose the correct meaning. It should be educational, hence it should have a wider and advance set of vocabulary.

Roh. R. Apr 18, 2022     

App is very good, it keeps repeating if you miss and makes sure you understand it by repeating it multiple times. Only backdrop is you can complete everything of particular section you want to learn within a week. Would be better if it was lengthier or keeps updating. Rest all good, loved it.

Saa. s. Aug 5, 2021     

Absolutely love it. One addition I would like to see is an option to see a rundown list of all the words you have done in a particular section (e.g SAT words, beginner, level 1). Sometimes I see a word very similar to one I had just previously done in some section, and I would like to go back and see the spelling so I can properly learn to differentiate between the two but going through 60 words or more, for one, is a huge hassle.

aji. m. Jul 22, 2019     

Just one suggestion. Introduce a feature where we can review the last viewed word by swiping right or something. The synonym options not just lets you learn two words at a time, but also makes you the context. Also, this lets you navigate between the options, and you can analyse why other options aren't correct. Also, the online game makes it competitive and fun. The organization of levels is good as well. I personally prefer learning through a game like this, instead of flashcards or a book.

Dia. O. Apr 12, 2021     

It's a great app to learn new vocabulary! I like it when you answered one wrong and you have a chance to go over it again later to correct it. What a good way to memorize and understand it! Just a little problem (though I already mentioned this thru email feedback), sometimes I cannot comprehend the voice app for pronunciation. Hopefully someday they add options to change the voice. It's a great app, nevertheless!

Far. A. Sep 18, 2021     

I've been using this app for an hour or two and it provides a nice and clean learning environment without ads. Please look into the example for the word "negligible", it seems there's a problem with it being shown, also in the example of the word "catalyst" Rosa Parks' is spelled "Rosa Park's". I also think you can provide part of speech for each item to further enrich the app experience.

Rob. D. Nov 25, 2018     

Great app love it overall. If i choose "replay this level" I will be given a randomly-sized fraction of the whole level. If i wish to replay the entire level, I have to do that random portion before given the opportunity to complete the entire level. Suddenly it's taking 30 seconds to load a pronunciation, if it will load at all, often only after several button presses. Sometimes the pronunciations will play after having given up and moved on to another word. Sometimes it's possible two pronunciations will play simultaneously when the play button is pressed on a new word. The pronunciations have never loaded swiftly. The files should exist in the app to eliminate any lag. The reliance on the internet for the pronunciations is an absurd design choice for 2018 moving forward that would be easy enough to remedy.

Cha. R. Aug 9, 2020     

Good one! The number of words increase with each level and if you give a wrong answer to a word, the question is repeated randomly to make you aware of the correct meaning. The examples sentences help in understanding the application of a word in a sentence. And the same set of words are given whenever you attempt a level, so it's easy to go back to any word you have learnt through the app.

Con. K. Aug 17, 2019     

I'm not studying for the GRE, but this has been a useful app for strengthening my vocabulary. But I don't believe there are obvious opportunities to go back and study specific words without studying everything in a given section, though, so it could be improved. EDIT: More specifically, if there were a way to see which words you got wrong in your online matches, this app would be perfect for me. I love the matches, but I wonder if I'm really learning much when I forget which words were wrong.

Joa. T. Feb 13, 2020     

This app does an excellent job of vocabulary building. It challenges the player to choose the best word usage amongst other possibilities and uses sentences to illustrate how the word can be used in a sentence. To eliminate the possibility that the player randomly guessed the correct answer, the game is randomized and bring up the same word multiple times with the answer choice in different order.

Bis. I. M. Feb 22, 2021     

This is an Excellent Platform for harnessing ones vocabulary! It doesn't only give you the correct answer for incorrect words, but it brings it up until you have mastered it. Therefore, Making it an amazing learning experience for you. Moreover, there are different levels of English for people with different proficiencies in the English Language. I would definitely recommend this application to someone else, If Asked.

Bar. B. Jul 7, 2019     

This app is awesome for learning new vocab words. The feature where you can play others in a match is also quite fun if you want to test out your skills. The only problems I have with this app is that the parts of speech for each vocab word isn't given when learning it and the lack of a review for all the vocab you've studied already. These problems don't interfere with learning, but it would make it much better with these improvements. Besides that, I like the app and I'm learning quickly.

Pur. W. Jul 30, 2020     

This is one of the best apps out there for anyone looking to improve and expand their vocabulary. It comes with simple yet efficient user interfaces, making it very easy to use and follow. The lessons/lists are well organized and the example sentences are all really top-notch, helping learners memorize new words faster by providing relevant, easy-to-understand contexts.

Kat. D. Jul 9, 2019     

This App will change your approach towards learning yhe words. The App provides a list of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced words. There are several sub levels in each of these major ones. You keep progressing over these levels one after the other. They have a revised pattern as well. so if you choose a word right, you will get the same word again in that specific level just to test your memory. On top of that, you can even compete with othwr online users, indulge in a word battle.

ydo. e. Nov 17, 2020     

Multiple choice is quick and addictive. It makes the learning easy. It gives the learner a sense of success. However, it will be nice to have another set of tests where the vocabulary is shown in a sentence and the learner needs to write the meaning. I don't know whether the technology can handle the various options that come in and evaluate the acceptable ones to give a positive reward. Nevertheless, the learner will eventually learn the acceptable answers and type in the proper words.

Jos. H. Feb 11, 2020     

Quite a few things wrong with this app. The audio of the word takes a long time to load. The audio for the word should be available at the guessing stage. The stand alone definitions are sometime nonsensical in context to the word. The example sentences are also hit or miss in their description of the word. I give this app a pass but there is loads of improvement needed.

Tia. Z. Sep 3, 2019     

the good: 1. free 2. no ads 3. easy to use, 4. good collection of words, 5. nice memory reinforcement mechanism ====== What can be improved: 1. all categories seem to be based on the same set of words. More variation would be good. 2. may want to show context before asking questions since the choices are often ambiguous or even misleading without the context. 3. words with multiple meanings should be tested for each meaning if possible overall, this is a great app. Good job. Well done!

Don. A. Mar 15, 2020     

This app is awesome and has a great methodology of teaching that manages to be simple yet tricky enough to the point where I actually end up learning the meaning of the words (though I'm finding I forget the words themselves even though I remember the definition). It's be nice to have a "hard" review mode where you type in the meaning or something along those lines. I feel that would further reinforce the learning! Great app though and I hope it expands my vocabulary over time.

Pau. K. Jun 18, 2021     

Excellent app,l. Very simple but effective for both English learners, or native speakers looking to improve their vocabulary. The online aspect can be fun and serves as an excellent way to solidify your memorization of the words in the section. Only thing that could be improved, is on rare occasions some of the definitions that you have to choose from a very similar making it a bit of a guess between the two.

Fir. K. Aug 27, 2019     

This is an amazing resource for learning GRE vocab. And it has been helping me immensely to memorise new words in a very effective manner. But the only problem I have, and the reason I have given only 3 stars, is that the amount of words that each level contains is too much! It would be so nice if there were say only 10 words in each level and the no of levels could be increased. The less no of words per level would make it much easier to prepare each level efficiently, 10 words at a time.

애해중. Jul 29, 2020     

It was very educational at the same time its fun so it makes it really easy to retain. However, it's not that it is need but it would be greatly appreaciated, esp. for a non-native speaker like me, if you could also add a function where we could hear the proper pronunciation but over all, it is extremely helpful and accessible for everyone, no need to pay for anything! Thank you!