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The "Workday" app is designed for use by Workday customers and requires authorized Workday credentials.
For Workday customers, the "Workday" app provides secure mobile access to your Workday enterprise cloud applications. The app also enables you to keep your important business transactions with you when you are on-the-go and away from your desk.

GETTING STARTED: To use the "Workday" app, your company must be a Workday customer and you must be an authorized user for the app. See the Application License Agreement for details.

ABOUT WORKDAY: Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for human resources and finance. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers human capital management, financial management, and analytics applications designed for the world's largest organizations. Hundreds of companies, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises, have selected Workday.

Category : Business

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Reviews (22)

Vam. Y. May 4, 2022     

While the app is functional, there is a very basic function that it does poorly. Periodic feedbacks and appraisals take time. As you key in the feedback, the app times out the session and loses the content that is typed in. It could be executed in way the typed content is not lost. This happened to me several times over the years and it is very disappointing experience to lose all the feedback that took several minutes to key in.

Bri. C. Mar 31, 2022     

This app has been buggy since I first downloaded it, but at least it used to mostly work. It won't even let me clock in or out anymore, just says the session has expired even if it just started. Please get this fixed, it's so annoying having to whip out my laptop every single time to connect to the web and clock in or out. Sometimes I'm not in a secure enough area to do that!

Tan. C. Apr 7, 2022     

Major technical issue. App was working perfectly until the last update. Now everytime myself or one of my co-workers try to log onto it, we get as far as entering the authentication code and it freezes. Nowhere online with a customer support number to find out what is going on or how to fix the issue. Very, very frustrating for those of us relying on the app for all our work related needs.

Eri. S. Mar 27, 2022     

Can't check work schedules. It keeps kicking me out with a "session expired" message and the app constantly freezes. It worked fine before the update, but now it seems to be garbage. I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times, changed settings on my phone, and it still does not work properly.

Kyl. M. Mar 18, 2022     

Useless app. Makes you change your password more then all other things I login into combined. No bank or credit card or medical records, you know, real things that would need you to change you password make me do it. After that, it tells me my security questions are wrong which they aren't. Makes you jump through so many hoops that they can't even keep them straight. Maybe if I could consistently get in without having to change a password....

eri. r. May 18, 2022     

Not very intuitive or user friendly. Lots if connection issues. I never use it for actually clocking in and out, as connection delays keep me away from my job when starting, and keep me there when ending my shifts. Also, staff schedule format table is not practical nor effective for viewing. Picking up shifts function is ok if manager follows through with approval. Took rating down from 3 to 2 stars.

Max. V. Mar 30, 2022     

This app is horrible. Its very buggy and inconsistent. Despite having great reception at my job, it often fails to load due to a "connection issue" glitch. While this would ordinarily be a minor inconvenience, it becomes an issue when depending on it to clock in and out. Switching to this for timekeeping was a very dumb call.

Joh. Apr 19, 2022     

Crashes about 20% of the time upon entering PIN. Every button press takes 5 seconds to respond. Checking in and out takes several button presses, making the most common use case a real slog. It randomly forgets your credentials. Then it will suddenly expire your credentials without any warning and refuse login. Terrible app, full of bugs, and awful design.

Dil. A. Apr 21, 2022     

Constantly requires updating "expired" passwords. Sometimes it's after 1 week, sometimes after a month. No rhyme or reason. You go through the process after updating it, which then tell you are accepted changes, then do not let you log in, telling you it's not the right password. Only letting you back in randomly after re-setting the expired (AGAIN) password umpteen times.

Jon. M. Apr 1, 2022     

Lowering my review each time the app asks me to review it and they still haven't fixed the problem of frequently forgetting who I am. Both PIN and biometrics just stop working. I promise my fingerprint hasn't changed. I don't deal with this anywhere else. Even my bank is fine with my fingerprint indefinitely. Some great features here but failing to log in when I have work to do and need to clock in is inexcusable. It's 2022. Figure it out already!

Hol. G. Apr 10, 2022     

Sorry but this is truly a garbage app. If you're going to limit sign in functionality to the app alone, then for the love of all that is good in this world, make sure your app actually works. Keeps crashing just as I try to submit my hours worked to payroll. I've cleared cache and storage, restarted my phone, and uninstalled then reinstalled the app. It makes no difference. Now my manager is going into the office on a Sunday afternoon to fix this mess. Ridiculous.

Mbi. May 13, 2022     

Completely useless!! When I use the correct login information it gives me a weird incorrect login information error screen. When I purposely enter the wrong password it gives me a normal looking incorrect login information screen. This leads me to believe that this app is so broken that it won't let me log in, AND I'M SUPPOSED TO USE THIS APP FOR WORK!! Don't even bother downloading this app. It's a paper weight of what is supposed to be a useful tool for work.

Dom. R. May 20, 2022     

You can do almost nothing in the app compared to the website version. You can't even see how many PTO days you have left. How is such a basic thing not on the app? The login pin in the app is always expired when I want to use it. Why even have it at all then? In Namely I was always just able to login via fingerprint. Whenever I wanted to use the app I was annoyed so far.

Mic. W. May 23, 2022     

I mostly use the app for clocking in and out which works nicely. Only complaint is that the selection of the work center is a bit tedious, as there's no recent items. And the app is a bit on the slow side.

Byu. K. May 26, 2022     

This app Time Off option is confusing. AM and PM options were not straight forward. Why not highlight them as option instead of the bold lettering under the boxes. I think I have a better interface if this app was a wet noodle.

Tia. C. May 25, 2022     

The app opens up a web tab for me to log in but then only lets me veiw my account in that web tab, which limits the things I can access. The only time I'm using the app is when it's loading before asking me to login. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that would get it to let me veiw everything in the actual app.

Jon. May 26, 2022     

SLOW SLOW SLOW Why does it take 8 minutes to log in? It doesn't allow me to save my passwords to device properly. I have to type my email and password everytime I log in. It doesn't remember my device even though I click remember device everytime. By far the worste part of my day when I have to get on this forsaken app.

AM. May 11, 2022     

Constantly crashes. As of now, I can't even sign in to my account without the app crashing immediately after verification. Needs serious technical work because it is not in a functional state right now.

Mic. H. May 4, 2022     

This app constantly forgets my fingerprint. This app constantly forgets my password. The buttons on this app do not register in time. This app clips some icons out and I cannot tap on the icons. This app has major connectivity issues when I'm on my 50mb/s home WiFi. Please read our comments and fix. Bucket loads of money has been put together to make this app. You have the resources.

Deb. B. May 23, 2022     

It has worked well to keep me informed about work related things. It has been easier to navigate. I use my phone most of the time, which means screen is small and tricky. But over all, it is faster getting to where I want to go.

Tif. C. Apr 29, 2022     

It is confusing, the features for changing tax info are not availble,it is not user/elderly friendly, and it does not release our paychecks on time to our banks. This is a very poor app. If I could I would give it 0 stars!!!!

Kei. M. Mar 8, 2022     

Extremely annoying, having to log in every time you check in/out for meals or normal shifts. The 'remember device' and 'reduce logins' feature doesn't work at all. The reminder to clock in/out feature is handy, and you have most access to workday areas but the constant login inputs is overkill!