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Würdest du

Anyone who has not already asked? I would prefer this or I would prefer that? This app provides you from thousands of hard choices that make you think.

Would you rather fart every time you have to laugh or prefer to laugh at the end of each sentence that you ausprichst?

Whether alone on the train or at a party, with these questions you've always emulate what.
In a few minutes you you learn to know the people around you.
With this app you are at every party of the King and bring guaranteed mood pure.

We also have a Premium category with issues such. B .: Would you for € 1 million, go to jail for three years in the US?

Now I ask you: Would you download an app for free, with which you have a lot of fun going ?;)
If so, then you now download the free "Would you?" App down and just see for yourself.

Category : Trivia

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